Campus Master Chapter 141-142

Chapter 141

“Young Ji!” Just as Ji Feng and Ji Shaolei were going through the formalities together, accompanied by Xiao Liu, a voice suddenly came from the stairway entrance upstairs, and the three of them immediately turned around to see that it was a man of about thirty years old standing at the stairway entrance, looking over with a smile on his face. Go to see the net .

This man was very rich looking, with a big beer belly, a fat head and big ears, two small eyes squeezed together by the fat on his face, almost squinting into a slit, and two gold teeth set in his mouth, if he kept a big back hair and held a big brother from the nineties in his hand, it was simply the standard thug look of that era back then.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but be a little bit impressed, this person was really a superb person too, this kind of look, it was just too chic.

Xiao Liu saw the visitor and called out in a panic, “Boss.”

Only then did it dawn on Ji Feng that this man was actually the owner of this Audi 4S shop, daring to say that the friend Ji Shaolei had mentioned before should be this one.

“You still know to come down, I came to your place, but I’ve received a cold treatment ah!” Ji Shaolei hummed, his tone was very unkind.

That fatty was instantly stunned, “Young Ji, how can you say that, who dares to give you the cold shoulder.” He turned his head to look at Xiao Liu and asked, “Xiao Liu, what is going on, is it because you have a bad service attitude?”

“Du Wen, you’re less likely to come!” Ji Shaolei scolded with a smile and pointed at a few sales ladies standing next to the main desk and said, “My brother and I came over and these few of your employees not only didn’t come over to entertain us, but also sneered at us, Old Du, I don’t think you can keep this 4S shop open for long.”

“I said Ji Shao, so that’s what happened.” This fat boss called Du Wen immediately laughed bitterly, “Ji Shao, you tell me, these few ungodly contact skills?”

He remembered very clearly that he had already learned computer technology before, only, what he learned at that time was only the hardware side of the technology, according to the teaching of the system, what Ji Feng learned was starting from the oldest computer in the Gamma Galaxy, and later on, he learned almost the same stage as the computer technology on Earth, and he did not continue learning anymore. As for those artificial intelligence and other high technology, Ji Feng did not learn, because the previous learning of weapons and mechanical knowledge, he has not yet fully digested, do not dare to learn too fast.


Chapter 142

“As a qualified agent, mastering the most basic communication and network technology is a must, master, you are not considered a qualified agent yet, you need to continue learning!” Ji Feng was looking at the name of that one skill in a daze, and the intelligent brain reminded beside him. Go watch the net .

“That’s right!” Ji Feng nodded, after the cushion of these few months, those mechanical and weapons and other knowledge that he had learned before had been almost digested, “In that case, then let’s start to continue learning. However, I don’t know much about this aspect of communication and networking, which one should I learn?”

The intelligent brain said, “Given that the master has never been exposed to this aspect of knowledge, the intelligent brain believes that the master should develop a benign learning plan and start with the most basic.”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but glare at the Wisdom Brain, this guy was standing around talking, he was still formulating a set of benign learning plan, he didn’t even know what the most basic knowledge was yet, so how could he formulate any plan?

“Master, the intelligent brain has a plan for this in its system, I wonder if the master would like to refer to it.” The intelligent brain seemed to have seen Ji Feng’s thoughts and could not help but say.

Looking at that cautious look of the intelligent brain, Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and smile, thinking, although this guy is an intelligent program of knowledge, it’s not absolutely devoid of human feelings. Perhaps, it is this kind of anthropomorphic state of the program that is called artificial intelligence!

“How about this, according to my condition, you come to help me choose a reasonable set of learning plan, and strive to learn the most comprehensive basic knowledge in the shortest time.” Ji Feng did not intend to be overly ambitious, learning the most basic ones first, just like learning weapons and mechanical knowledge was the same, when the time came, those more advanced knowledge later on, naturally, would be a pa*s.

However, if one learns everything at once, it will not only take a lot of energy, but one may not even be able to learn it.

In fact, what interested Ji Feng most at the moment was the network technology. He had often heard that those legendary Red Hackers, in very distant places, only needed a computer and a telephone line to break through other people’s firewalls and spy on their secrets.

Although Ji Feng did not have a fetish for snooping and spying on other people’s secrets, according to the intelligent brain, this was a way to get hold of information and a relatively quick way too, and as Ji Feng had been moving towards becoming a qualified agent, then this method was something he had to learn.

In fact up until now, Ji Feng had no idea what kind of changes the knowledge he was about to learn would bring him, and looking back years later, he realised that it was his current choices that had led him to those achievements that were hard for others to look up to!

The efficiency of the intelligent brain could not be said to be high, after getting Ji Feng’s order, in just a few minutes, the intelligent brain said, “Master, the plan has been made, please check it.”

Immediately afterwards, a dense piece of text appeared in front of Ji Feng.

The first item was to learn the fundamentals of network and communication technology, and the second item, initial proficiency ……

Looking at the densely packed one item learning plan, Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and smile, this is good, the future life is starting to be full again, but Ji Feng didn’t have the slightest worry about the dullness of learning, because the past facts have proved that the intelligent brain definitely won’t let himself just be dull in learning, every time he learns a new technology or knowledge, the intelligent brain will let himself combine theory with practice.

For example, when he first started learning billiards and chess, the training system just showed him a coach to play against him.

And when it came to learning fighting at the back, it was even more so. The instructor was simply so realistic that it was hard to tell the difference between real and fake. Even, it made Ji Feng forget that the instructor was a virtual character and not a real one.

Of course, this was also related to Ji Feng’s real feelings. Because in the Super Agent Training System, the feeling was too real, as if he had gone to another world.

Ji Feng looked over these learning plans carefully, finally nodded and said, “Very well, let’s follow this plan, we’ll start learning now!”

“Not yet, master.” To Ji Feng’s surprise, the intelligent brain did not agree with him immediately, but said, “Master, while learning this knowledge, master has to lay a good foundation first.”

“What do you mean?” Ji Feng was a little puzzled.

“Master, you have finished learning the first set of moves, it’s time to learn the second set of moves!” The intelligent brain said.

Ji Feng instantly understood, the previous set of aerobics, Ji Feng had completely learned, so although he had not entered the training system in the past few months, his body had not diminished in the slightest, because his practice of the first set of aerobics had formed an inertia, and every night the bio-current in his body would automatically generate, stimulating his body and keeping every cell full of vitality.

But when did the second set of movements come into being?

Ji Feng immediately asked this doubt out, “Intelligent Brain, didn’t you say that once you learn this first set of body-building exercises, you can become a qualified agent? How come there is a second set?”

“Yes master.”

Wise Brain said, “Based on these skills that Master has learnt so far, as long as he learns the network and communication technology again, he can become a qualified agent. However, the system that the intelligent brain carries is a super agent training system, so for the master, a qualified agent is not a goal, but only a stage. The ultimate goal for the master is to become a master that is good enough to rival a super agent.”

“Holy Sh*t!”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but burst out a foul mouth, daring this intelligent brain to learn to say half and leave half, “Am I not considered an expert now?”

Ji Feng was quite confident about his current skills.

“Master, according to the human physique data collected by the system during this period of time, master is indeed already considered an expert. However, compared to a super agent, master is too far behind.” The intelligent brain struck out without mercy.

The corners of Ji Feng’s mouth twitched, the human physique data collected by the intelligent brain? The ones around himself were all ordinary people, okay? If he couldn’t be called an expert among these ordinary people, then wouldn’t his hard training over the past year have been in vain?

What Ji Feng was really interested in was the super agent that the intelligent brain talked about.

He asked, “How powerful are the super agents of the Gamma Galaxy?”

The intelligent brain said, “A true super agent can skillfully use bio-currents, break boulders with a single punch, soar over thirty meters in the air, and be as fast as lightning.”

“Is this still human?” Ji Feng couldn’t help but smack his lips, and at the same time, he was a bit suspicious: “Could it be that the humans in the …… Gamma Galaxy are not really humans, but some kind of monsters?”

Aliens, well, naturally not human! Ji Feng secretly thought, a punch to break the boulder, that can only be seen in the movies, as for say soaring thirty meters in the air …… that and fly what is the difference?

“The only difference is that the humans of the Gamma system learn to control bioelectricity from birth. The only difference is that the humans in the Gamma system learn to control bioelectricity from birth. The intelligent brain said.

Ji Feng was surprised: “So what, aren’t bio-currents controlled by you? I can control bio-currents too?”

Bio-current was indeed a good thing, acting on the eyes, it could make them see through, and on the limbs, it could make the fists more powerful, and the running and bouncing increased drastically. But there was one prerequisite, and that was that Ji Feng could only activate the bio-current if he commanded the intelligent brain in his mind to do so.

As for controlling the bio-current himself, he didn’t even know that the bio-current was there, only when the wise brain activated the bio-current could he feel a hot current flowing through his body, normally he couldn’t feel anything.

“Master can control the bio-current freely once he has learnt the second set of movements.” The intelligent brain explained, “The reason why the master can’t feel the bio-current at the moment is because the master’s physique is too weak and has never learnt any techniques to control the bio-current.”

The more Ji Feng listened, the more confused he became, and he couldn’t help but say, “Let’s put it this way, just tell me directly what level I would reach if I learned the second set of moves!”

It was just gymnastics, he had completed the first set, so he didn’t believe he couldn’t complete the second set.

The intelligent brain said, “In order to give the master a visual impression, please watch a video clip.”

Immediately afterwards, a light screen appeared in front of Ji Feng. On that light screen, images appeared that looked so realistic.

Ji Feng was stunned, “A 3D movie?”

The intelligent brain immediately said, “Master, this is not a 3D movie, but a far more advanced illusory stereoscopic technology than 3D technology, that is, the imaging equipment in the homes of ordinary people in the Gamma Galaxy.”

“You mean, in the Gamma Galaxy, the TVs in the homes of ordinary residents, are like this?” Ji Feng couldn’t help but be shocked and exclaimed, “This technology, it’s really impressive!”

No entity, just a screen of light, was the television in the hands of ordinary people in the Gamma Galaxy, and if this technology was placed on Earth, it was not known how many years later it could be realized.

“Master, if you learn the communication and network technology, you will be able to create this kind of illusory three-dimensional light screen.” The intelligent brain said.

Ji Feng instantly lit up, this was indeed a good choice, when he learned it later, he could simply create one of these light screen TVs himself, it would be much better than a bulky TV.

At that moment, the impact on the light screen changed, and Ji Feng hurriedly collected his mind and stared at the light screen.

A wilderness appeared on the light screen, surrounded by dead silence, just like the pictures of alien planets that Ji Feng usually saw on TV, the ground was pockmarked and without a trace of life.

Immediately afterwards, a young man walked over and in front of him was a small mountain peak. On the small peak, a middle-aged man stood on it.

The two men did not know what they were talking about, but to Ji Feng’s ears they were all jibber-jabbering, and he could not understand a word of it. But it didn’t matter because the next moment, Ji Feng’s eyes suddenly went wide.

Only to see that the young man seemed to be angry, standing at the foot of the mountain, and ruthlessly blasted his fist towards the top of the mountain.


In the next moment, the mountain peak actually crumbled instantly, and that violent explosion was like a missile landing on the mountain peak, the ground shook!

At the same time, the middle-aged man standing on the mountain peak actually jumped upwards violently, a few hundred metres in height!