Campus Master Chapter 135-136

Chapter 135

Ji Shaodong instantly reacted, “Little Feng, you mean to say that this divine doctor Lu came to the house for another purpose?

He was already extremely intelligent, and as a person in the officialdom, how could his mind not be meticulous? It was only because he was worried about his father’s illness and his concern was confused that he had overlooked many important things, allowing Divine Doctor Lu to exploit the situation. Now that he suddenly recalled it, many things were clear to him. Looking at Ji Feng’s performance and the flash of panic in Divine Doctor Lu’s eyes, he instantly understood that this so-called Divine Doctor Lu was not only a fake divine doctor, but more importantly, he probably had ill intentions.

“What kind of divine doctor is Lui, I think he is clearly a Lui liar, no, it should be a Lui criminal!” Ji Feng shook his head and laughed coldly, and said to Second Uncle, who was still lying on the bed with cold sweat on his forehead, “Second Uncle, from the few strokes this so-called divine doctor gave you just now, you can tell that he doesn’t know how to cure at all, or even if he does know how to cure, he definitely doesn’t know anything about your lumbar spine problems. Otherwise, you definitely wouldn’t be in that much pain.”

Ji Feng walked over in two steps, reached out and gave several consecutive presses on the second uncle’s waist, and kept pushing back and forth.

Immediately afterwards, Ji Zhenguo had to tighten his teeth, and Ji Shaodong immediately frowned, clearly able to see that Ji Feng was treating his father, but did Ji Feng know the means of treatment?

However, after a few moments, the cold sweat on Ji Zhenguo’s forehead gradually dissipated, and his face gradually eased up, no longer suffering as much as before, obviously, his pain was rapidly easing.

At this moment, that divine doctor Lu’s face suddenly changed.

After giving Ji Zhenguo a few nudges again, Ji Feng raised his body and gave that divine doctor Lu a cold look: “Is this the effect of the treatment you gave to my second uncle? You simply have evil intentions!”

At this moment, even Ji Shaodong understood that this divine Doctor Lu was not only posing as a divine doctor, but more importantly, he seemed to have done something to his father that he shouldn’t have done.

Ji Shaodong’s face instantly turned iron blue as he immediately took out his phone and dialed a number: “Young Uncle, this is Shaodong ……”

A pleased smile appeared on Ji Zhenguo’s face, as he watched his son properly handle these matters, his heart pleased, watching his son grow up, this was happier than anything else.

“Dad, I ……” Ji Shaodong looked at Ji Zhenguo who had already stood up, a guilty look appeared on his face, just because of his recklessness, not only did he fail to cure his father’s illness, but he even made him suffer, which made him sad.

Ji Zhenguo patted his son’s shoulder and smiled, “It’s no big deal, just remember, don’t trust any miracle doctors again, and do your job with peace of mind, that’s enough.”

Ji Shaodong nodded and turned his head to look at the so-called divine doctor Lu again, a harsh light shooting out from his eyes.

Divine Doctor Lu trembled in fear and lowered his head in trepidation, afraid that Ji Shaodong would pounce on him and tear himself apart. However, Ji Shao Dong did not make the slightest move, but merely stared at him with a gloomy expression, as if he wanted to see into his heart.

After a few moments, Ji Shaolei walked up, “Dad, mum has already made the meal, let me come up to see if you are ready ……”

Just as the words came out, he noticed that something seemed wrong with the situation, and immediately asked, “What happened?”

Ji Shaodong said with an iron face, pointing at Divine Doctor Lu, “This man, posing as a divine doctor to treat father, ended up not knowing what tricks he had gotten up to, causing father to sweat coldly in pain, if Xiao Feng wasn’t here, father would definitely have to suffer even more.”


When Ji Shaolei heard this, he was instantly on fire, that dude’s nature immediately exploded, and he violently kicked over, knocking Divine Doctor Lu to the ground, “Whoever you dare to count, I’ll get you killed today!”

“Shao Lei, it’s just that!” Ji Zhenguo waved his hand, stopping the furious Ji Shaolei, “I’m not sure about this matter, Shaodong has already called your little uncle, someone will come later, give this person to your little uncle, there will be a way to make him tell the truth!”

“Tell the truth?”

Ji Shaolei was stunned, “Dad, you mean to say that this guy was instructed by someone?”

Ji Zhenguo didn’t answer, he just turned around and patted Ji Feng’s shoulder and walked out of the room.

Ji Shaolei pointed at that divine doctor Lui, and his gloomy eyes made the latter couldn’t help but shiver, not a trace of blood on his face.

“You’re dead!” Ji Shaolei said coldly with a gloomy face.

Ji Feng sat quietly beside him and stopped speaking. He knew that Second Uncle would definitely handle this matter properly, and all he needed to do now was to watch this impostor divine doctor and not let him take advantage of the opportunity to escape or act inappropriately, and even, prevent him from committing suicide.

Suddenly, Ji Feng’s brow furrowed. He noticed that the divine doctor’s mouth seemed to have opened slightly.


Ji Feng jerked forward two steps, and before Ji Shaodong, Ji Shaolei, and that divine doctor could react, he instantly bullied his way forward, snapped the jaw of that divine doctor Lu, and with a twist of his wrist, that divine doctor’s jaw was dislodged.

“Older brother, what are you doing?” Ji Shaolei asked in astonishment.

“I didn’t see him well and wanted to beat him up!” Ji Feng said with a smile, he didn’t want to tell Ji Shaolei how powerful his body was, moreover, he didn’t want to bring up the possibility about Divine Doctor Lu possibly hiding poison in the crevices of his teeth, these were things that people in general wouldn’t think of, unless they had gone through special training.

Once Ji Shaolei heard this, but he was instantly interested and laughed out loud, “Older brother, this is more energetic, that’s how it is, when you don’t like him you have to beat him up.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Ji Shaolei gave a fierce punch.


Divine Doctor Lu’s face twisted as he bent down, his abdomen was fiercely punched by Ji Shao Lei, causing his body to tremble in pain. However, at this time, Ji Shaolei didn’t stop there, but proceeded to kick Divine Doctor Lu on his leg.


Divine Doctor Lu rolled on the ground clutching his calf, screaming in agony.

Ji Shaodong frowned slightly and said, “Shao Lei, don’t fight, when Little Uncle’s people come, just hand the man over directly!”

“It’s cheaper for you!” Ji Shaolei said with hatred, and couldn’t help but kick Divine Doctor Lu again.

“Ah!” Divine Doctor Lu screamed miserably and rolled on the floor continuously.

Perhaps it was because Ji Zhenguo had already explained downstairs, so although Divine Doctor Lu’s miserable screams were extremely loud, no one came up again.

Ji Feng frowned slightly while quickly pulling all the curtains closed. Originally, because Divine Doctor Lu had to treat Ji Zhenguo, most of the curtains around the house were closed, and what Ji Feng could do now was to try to close all the windows.

Although the house was well soundproofed and most of the surrounding tenants were also far away, however, there was still a chance that Divine Doctor Lu’s screams could be heard.

Therefore, Ji Feng closed all the windows as quickly as he could, and at the same time swept a glance out through the gap in the curtains, not finding anyone watching this way, before he retreated.

Looking at what Ji Feng had done, a surprised look appeared in Ji Shaodong’s eyes at once, then, he seemed to think of something, his eyes immediately widened and he looked at Ji Feng in a daze.

“Big brother, why are you looking at me like that?” Ji Feng asked with a smile.

“Little Feng, did you think of something?” Ji Shaodong asked in a deep voice, “Could it be that someone outside here is spying on our family?”

“Big brother, you’re thinking too much!” Ji Feng smiled and shook his head, “Whether or not someone is spying on this place, I don’t know, except that letting this guy scream miserably just like that will probably be heard ……”

Ji Shaodong heard Ji Feng’s meaning and nodded and laughed, “Yes, this guy screaming like this will indeed affect other people’s rest!”

About half an hour later, Ji Zhenguo came up with two men in black suits, and those two men directly handcuffed Divine Doctor Lu and brought him down.

The room was left with Ji Zhenguo, father and son, as well as a bemused Ji Feng.

“Shao Dong, what do you think about this matter?” Ji Zhenguo still once again resumed his previous calm and steady demeanour, only that there was still some heaviness between his eyebrows.

Ji Shaodong hesitated for a moment before saying, “Dad, I think that this matter might not be simple.”

“Tell us what you think!” Ji Zhenguo lit up a cigarette and took a drag before saying indifferently.

Ji Shaodong said, “According to what Xiao Feng said, that divine doctor Lu is not a divine doctor at all, moreover, he may not even know the most basic medical skills. Then, naturally, all those reputations of his are also false. However, what I have heard is all true, and it was all told to me by my secretary, which means that my secretary is lying to me, and of course, it is also possible that someone has lied to my secretary.”

After a pause, Ji Shaodong added, “No matter which possibility it is, it means that someone is trying to beat me up and eventually beat up our Ji family or you.”

“Then who do you think is actually beating us up?” Ji Zhenguo asked again.

Ji Shaodong shook his head and laughed, “This …… is really hard to guess, Little Feng, what do you think?”

Ji Feng was stunned, not expecting Ji Shaodong to suddenly come and ask himself.

After deliberating for a moment, Ji Feng said, “I think that the first thing to consider is the divine doctor Lu. Since they were able to get Divine Doctor Lu to approach our Ji family by posing as a doctor, that means that first of all, he knows that Second Uncle you have a bad backbone, and the person who knows this news and has the motive to deal with us, so to put it this way, the scope should be much smaller, right?”

A pleased look appeared on Ji Zhenguo’s face as he nodded and said, “Yes, the scope is indeed much smaller, Little Feng, you are very good!”

“Second uncle has over-appreciated me, I’m just guessing wildly.” Ji Feng smiled and said, “However, Second Uncle, we can’t rule out the possibility that Divine Doctor Lu deliberately pretended to be a figurehead and actually just wanted to make a little money, although the possibility is very small.”

Although the words were said like this, in reality Ji Feng knew that the possibility was not only small, but pitifully small.


Chapter 136

“Little Feng, if you hadn’t been there today, not only would your second uncle’s waist have been messed up by that divine doctor Lu, but also, I’m afraid our family would have been in quite a bit of trouble, you are truly a blessing. Go see the net .”

After several people finished discussing the matter, Ji Shao

Then, after he came to the municipal party secretary’s house, knowing that he had no solution for Ji Zhenguo’s illness, yet he still acted as if he had a clear idea of what to do, what did this mean?

Even if you think with your heels, you can figure out that this so-called miracle doctor is definitely not here to treat Ji Zhenguo’s illness. However, he was likewise not here specifically to scam money, and no one would scam a municipal party secretary’s home.

So, what had he come for?

During this time, the few people in the living room were silent, as they had all guessed that this matter was very uncomplicated.

Half a long time later, Ji Zhenguo eased his expression and waved his hand, “You young people should go talk together, the first time the brothers met, they should exchange more feelings, you don’t have to worry about my affairs, I will handle it myself.”

Ji Feng then nodded his head, to be able to sit on the throne of the municipal party secretary, such a small means can not deal with Ji Zhenguo? Today, it was only because of Ji Shaodong’s filial piety that he was taken advantage of. After this time, who could deal with Ji Zhenguo?

“Little Feng, let’s go over there.” Ji Shaodong smiled and patted Ji Feng’s shoulder.

Ji Shaolei seemed to laugh heartlessly, “Right, Little Feng, you should be in military training right now, how did you have time to come out?”

“I met an ungrateful regiment leader, so I called my little uncle ……,” Ji Feng smiled.

“Haha, good job, that’s how people from our Ji family should be, whoever dares to find trouble with us, just beat him up!” Ji Shaolei laughed, then remembered something and carefully turned back to find that his father seemed to have connected the phone and returned to the study, he was then relieved.

Seeing this comical look of his, Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh dumbly, dare I say this guy also had someone he was afraid of.

“Little Feng, your second brother is just like this, don’t pay any attention to him.” Ji Shaodong laughed, “By the way, Shaoyun is still in school right now, since he is living in school, so you might not be able to see him for the time being.”

“Never mind, big brother, let’s drive straight to Xiao Yun and also let him get to know Xiao Feng, we can’t make a joke like I did again.” Ji Shaolei suggested.

“What kind of joke are you making?” Ji Shaodong asked with a smile.

“……” Ji Shaolei was instantly choked up, and with a rare blush on his thick skin, he smiled and said, “That what, big brother, let’s hurry over, I’ll call Xiao Yun now, this kid will definitely be happy to know that Xiao Feng is here Of course.”

Ji Feng nodded, in fact, he also wanted to meet this infamous Ji Shaoyun. When Ji Feng first came to Jiangzhou, he had a conflict with Wu Junjie and his cousin Wu Qijian, and at that time, this Wu Qijian claimed to be Ji Shaoyun’s iron buddy.

“Let’s go, I would love to meet this little cousin, hehe, you guys might not know, I just came to Jiangzhou and met Shaoyun’s men, that man claimed to be Shaoyun’s buddy ……” Ji Feng smiled and told them about Wu Qi Jian, so that they would know what kind of notoriety Ji Shaoyun really had out there, and also to remind them that the reputation of the Ji family in Jiangzhou was not very good, or even, one could say, very bad.

After hearing Ji Feng’s words, both brothers, Ji Shaodong and Ji Shaolei, couldn’t help but feel a little embarra*sed and looked at each other with a bitter smile.

“Little Feng, Little Yun is still a child, don’t be ordinary with him ……,” Ji Shaolei said with a bitter smile, “In fact, your second uncle also has a headache for this kid, and has exhausted all methods, but as a result, this guy still doesn’t show any signs of repentance.”

Ji Feng laughed: “Well …… if you guys hand him over to me, I can make him repent.”

Seeing the cold aura dancing in Ji Feng’s eyes, Ji Shaolei was instantly startled, “Little Feng, don’t do anything reckless.”

Ji Feng looked at him with a smirk, “Can you make him repent with such an attitude?”

Ji Shaodong and Ji Shaolei were instantly a little embarra*sed, in fact, their father, Ji Zhenguo, was rather strict with all three of them, especially with the younger son, Ji Shaoyun, who was very strict. The two brothers, Ji Shaodong, on the other hand, were more affectionate towards their younger brother, Ji Shaoyun, so they would protect their younger brother once he was chastised on a regular basis. It was also because of this that they had developed Ji Shaoyun’s domineering personality.

“Little Feng, what are you going to do?” Ji Shaodong pondered for a moment and could not help but ask out loud. He also knew that if he let Ji Shaoyun continue to be domineering like this, it would definitely not work, and he would definitely become a super dude in the future, which would definitely not work. Whether it was Ji Zhenguo or Ji Zhenhua, or the Ji family’s old man, there was no way they would allow a super dude to appear in the Ji family.

Ji Feng smiled: “Two ways, first, directly send Ji Shaoyun to the army, first wrestle for six months before letting him come back to school, I believe that under the arrangements of little uncle, he will definitely get the ‘most special’ care in the army, if half a year can’t change, then one year, if one year doesn’t work, then two years, the army is the best place to train people.”

The bitter smile on the faces of Ji Shaodong and Ji Shaolei had not yet fully blossomed when they heard Ji Feng say again, “The second method, it is even simpler, in the future, whenever I see Ji Shaoyun doing bad things, I will beat him once I see him, and none of you should protect him, and then I will finally train him, I believe that in half a year’s time at most, I will let this kid turn his fop character around. ”

The two brothers, Ji Shaodong, looked at each other and laughed bitterly at the same time.

“Little Feng, undeniably, what you said is indeed a very good way, but …… little Yun is still young after all, only fifteen or sixteen years old, isn’t this a bit too …… much for him,” Ji Shaolei said with a bitter smile, Ji Feng’s words, they had to pay attention to, they had to know that in the Ji family, Ji Feng’s status was the first grandson of the eldest family, if it was in ancient times, he was the future heir to the family head.

Although it was no longer ancient times, many of the traditional rules of China had been kept intact, especially among some large families. This was how the two brothers, Ji Shaolei, had been educated since they were young, and it was impossible for them to ignore Ji Feng’s words in this regard.

If Ji Feng told these things to the old man, then not only would Ji Shaoyun be reprimanded, but I was afraid that even their father, Ji Zhenguo, would be reprimanded by the old man. If this caused the old man’s thunderous anger, it would be a big trouble.

Therefore, when Ji Shaolei spoke to Ji Feng, he could only try to speak in a consultative tone.

But Ji Feng shook his head: “Isn’t it better to be younger and more malleable? Big brother, second brother, we have to do this while Xiao Yun hasn’t turned into a real dude yet, unless you guys want him to become a vicious young man that everyone will have a headache in the future.”

Both Ji Shaodong and Ji Shaolei fell silent, obviously, Ji Feng’s words had touched them very much, they both loved and felt a great headache for Ji Shaoyun, their little brother.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about this for now, wait until we meet Shaoyun and ask him about his wishes before we talk!” Ji Feng saw that Ji Shaodong and Ji Shaolei were unable to make a decision, so he said with a smile, “Maybe, this kid himself knows how to get ahead, even if we don’t say anything, he still wants to go to the army!”

“Fine, then let’s go now!” Ji Shaodong couldn’t help but shake his head and smile helplessly, obviously there was nothing he could do about this younger brother either.

The three of them once again arrived at the hutong not far from the family compound, where Ji Shaolei’s BMW6 was quietly parked.

Ji Shaolei just wanted to open the car door, but he was suddenly grabbed by Ji Feng’s wrist, “Wait a minute first.”

“What’s wrong?” Ji Shaolei was stunned.

Ji Feng frowned and stared at the car door, then looked near the door handle and said, “If I’m not wrong, this car should have been opened after we left.”

“What?!” Ji Shaolei’s eyes suddenly widened and his brows furrowed, “Someone got into the car?”

Ji Feng nodded and said, “That’s right, do you still remember? When we came, we came straight out of the clubhouse, perhaps you didn’t notice when it was your hands that were stained with tea!”

He pointed to the handle on the car door, “Look here, are there some traces of tea stains? Look at the handprint on the closed car door, it’s very complete, and then look at the handprint on the handle, it clearly has traces of being wiped!”

Ji Shaolei’s face was gloomy, obviously, everything Ji Feng said was reasonable, moreover, when he closed the car door was already to the family courtyard side, the tea stains on his hands were almost dry, still left a complete handprint, and at that time just came out from the clubhouse, the handprint left would obviously be more obvious.

But now, the handprint on the car door handle is obviously much blurred, there are traces of being wiped, which means that someone has really opened the car door, if just a casual touch, the alarm will automatically alarm, thought the alarm and Ji Shaolei’s handheld computer connected together, Ji Shaolei will certainly be the first to know.

However, in reality, Ji Shaolei did not hear the alarm, which meant that someone had rendered the alarm inoperative.

“Bang!” Ji Shaolei kicked the tyre fiercely, his face was blue: “Someone has actually moved on my head, D*mn it!”

Ji Shaodong also said with a stony face, “I think this matter should not be a coincidence, I hired a fake divine doctor, and your car was moved, all this, is it really just a coincidence?”

Ji Shaolei’s face was iron blue: “Someone wants to deal with our Ji family!”

“To use such underhanded tricks, it’s simply lawless!” Ji Shaodong’s face was gloomy as he said coldly, “If this matter is really done by our family’s rival, then it is simply heartless, they will end up miserable if they do this, no matter if they can succeed or not!”

From top to bottom, everyone followed a rule that no matter how they fought, no one would make a direct attack on each other, that would not be allowed by anyone. One must know that everyone was a person of status and position, moreover, Ji Zhenguo was a senior leader, if someone were to attack him, it would simply be going against the whole country, no one would be so stupid.

So, who was actually trying to deal with them?

The three brothers of the Ji family looked at each other, and all saw an extremely puzzled look in each other’s eyes, this matter was very abnormal.

“No matter who the other party is, we must find out, otherwise, the entire Ji family will never have peace!” Ji Shaodong said through clenched teeth.

Ji Feng and Ji Shaolei both nodded as well, “That’s right, we must find out.”

“Alright, let’s not talk so much for now, let’s go find Shaoyun first, they will definitely find out the rest.” Ji Shaolei had great trust in his youngest uncle Ji Zhenping, being the captain of the Red Arrow Brigade, doing this kind of thing was simply too big for him.

“Here …… is no problem, right?” Ji Shaodong pointed to the car and asked.

“We won’t know until we get up there, but after we get up there, none of us should talk.” Ji Feng said, while gesturing for Ji Shaolei to open the car door, then Ji Feng quickly stepped into the car and carefully observed it, while saying with his mouth shape, “Second brother, bring the toolbox!”

At once, Ji Shaolei got out of the car and brought the toolbox from the trunk.

Ji Feng quickly took a screwdriver and opened one of the pieces of the dashboard and fished out a black thing the size of a beetle from inside, and when he looked carefully, the small thing was actually a pocket-sized mobile phone, only that it was really too small.

Ji Shaolei’s face immediately changed, he knew this thing, it was a bug.

Ji Feng searched a few other places until he was sure he hadn’t found anything, then he said softly, “Second brother, you’d better give all these things to little uncle as well!”

Ji Shaolei nodded, such a small wiretap and looking so cash, this should belong to the military. Moreover, to be able to crack off the alarm of the BMW and not alert anyone, this was obviously not something that ordinary people could do.

Ji Shaolei got out of the car and went back to the house. Only Ji Shaodong and Ji Feng were left in the car, both of them were silent, seemingly thinking about something on their minds.

Ten minutes later, Ji Shaolei came back, his face with a touch of odd look: “Big brother, little Feng, just now when I returned home, little uncle has called over. Well …… who did this matter has been found out clearly.”