Campus Master Chapter 133-134

Chapter 133

Looking at the extremely surprised eyes of Qin Shujie and Uncle Hai and Old Wang, Ji Feng could only shake his head and smile bitterly, “That, I’m somewhat related to Ji Shaolei, but I’ve never met each other before, today is the first time I’ve seen …… Sister Qin, I’ll go first, let’s contact each other often in the future. Go to see the net .”

Qin Shujie a few people then relieved, she nodded and said, “So it’s like this …… sister owes you a favor, it’s all because of that Zheng Haoyu, a good meal was ruined by him like this ……”

Her speech seemed a little confused, even if she was a strong woman, seeing Ji Shaolei in front of Ji Feng with such an attitude, she was also shaken.

Ji Feng, however, understood what she meant and smiled, “Sister Qin is polite.”

After greeting Uncle Hai and Old Wang again, Ji Feng walked out of the clubhouse.

Just after leaving the door of the club, Ji Feng saw Ji Shaolei and Zheng Haoyu standing in front of a black BMW X6. Zheng Haoyu was nodding to Ji Shaolei with a bitter face, not knowing what he was saying, while Ji Shaolei was also helpless, spreading his hands from time to time, showing that there was nothing he could do.

Seeing Ji Feng come out, Ji Shaolei waved his hand at once: “Older brother, this way.”


Ji Feng laughed indifferently and walked over with big strides, teasing, “This Jian An Group’s old boss is just different.”

“How so?” Ji Shaolei asked with a smile.

“Public money is more comfortable to spend than your own, Mr. Qin works so hard to make money and the car he drives is still not as good as yours ……” Ji Feng said with a smile, not even looking at Zheng Haoyu, for this kind of scum, he really couldn’t bring himself to talk to him half-heartedly.

If I don’t have this car to support my face, no matter what my status is, I may not be useful in the competition for some big projects. With this car, others will believe that you have the strength ……”

Ji Feng glanced at him with a wry smile, and when this was said, only a three-year-old child in a kindergarten would believe it.

“Oh …… that what, old brother, let me introduce to you, this is Zheng Haoyu, you’ve already met just now.” I don’t know what happened, but Ji Shaolei was actually a little uncomfortable by that glance from Ji Feng, this feeling only appeared in front of his old man, Ji Shaolei couldn’t help but be amazed and hurriedly changed the subject.

“Young Ji, just now I didn’t know your identity, I have offended you a lot, please forgive me.” Zheng Haoyu seemed to have adjusted his mind long ago and nodded his head and came up, wanting to reach out to shake hands with Ji Feng, but he was a bit afraid to do so.

Ji Feng glanced at him indifferently and stood right in front of the car without saying anything.

Zheng Haoyu’s back was immediately soaked with cold sweat, his heart was even more drumming, this Ji Feng Ji young man refused to forgive him ah, this will be a big trouble.

It was not because Zheng Haoyu was timid, but what Ji Shaolei said to him just now really scared him.

He was kicked out of the box by Ji Feng without any mercy, Zheng Haoyu was extremely angry, but he was a bit confused, he didn’t know why Ji Shaolei suddenly made a 180 degree turn in his attitude after just looking at that kid’s ID card, from being slightly towards himself at first, to suddenly and completely siding with that kid, that was a complete change of colour.

Although his heart was irritated, Zheng Haoyu could not get angry, either Ji Shaolei or that ordinary but somewhat masculine and handsome boy was not something he could mess with.

The son of the secretary of the Jiangzhou municipal party committee, and rumored to be the third generation of the Yanjing Ji family, is definitely a TZD with the right roots, which is definitely not something that a small businessman like Zheng Haoyu can mess with. What’s more, Zheng Haoyu was able to get to this point, and Ji Shaolei’s occasional promotion has a great relationship, how dare he go to blame Ji Shaolei? He has to work hard to maintain his relationship with Ji Shaolei!

Even if the heart how to resent, Zheng Haoyu in front of Ji Shaolei, but also absolutely do not dare to show a hint, otherwise, Ji Shaolei just a word of the matter, is enough to make Zheng Haoyu all these years of efforts instantly ashes.

As for Ji Feng, in Zheng Haoyu’s mind, he seemed to be a guy who didn’t have much to come by. Of course, apart from the guy’s clean-cut looks, coupled with the fact that his exposed arms appeared to be robust and his sharp eyes, made Zheng Haoyu subconsciously think of Ji Feng as a young white guy who was adopted by Qin Shujie. .com

…… is not a white boy, why does he look so clean-cut and masculine and handsome?

However, when Zheng Haoyu saw how Ji Shaolei later treated Ji Feng, he was so surprised that he almost screamed out, and only at this time did he realize that he had inadvertently seemed to have offended a big shot.

Only, what could be the origin of the character who could make Ji Shaolei treat him with such an attitude?

With this doubt in his heart, Zheng Haoyu was driven out by Ji Feng’s faint ‘get out’ and left the box in such a sorry state, not even daring to say a harsh word.

Fortunately, not long afterwards, Ji Shaolei also followed him out, and Zheng Haoyu immediately greeted him as if he had grabbed a straw to save his life.

After being severely reprimanded by Ji Shaolei, Zheng Haoyu only asked with a frightened heart, “Ji Shao, is that man just now ……?”

“You mean Ji Feng?” Ji Shaolei sneered and gave him a look, “Ah Zheng Haoyu, you’ve really grown in ability, even my cousin you dare to threaten to get him killed!”


Zheng Haoyu was dumbfounded in place, for a moment he only felt the sky spinning, his eyes almost falling to the ground as his eyes went black.

How could he not turn around, how could a little white boy in his eyes become some cousin of Ji Shaolei? Besides, how could you, the nephew of the titular municipal party secretary, be dressed so plainly and even mix with Qin Shujie, this was too good at playing with people, right?


Zheng Haoyu suddenly reacted, although Ji Shaolei came from a great deal, but his cousin might not be of any huge origin, otherwise, he would not be dressed so ordinary, otherwise, this Jiangzhou was afraid that there would have been one more less long ago.

If that was the case, perhaps a little bloodshed and a good apology would be enough to gain forgiveness.

With such an attitude, Zheng Haoyu cautiously asked, “Ji Shao, that cousin of yours seems to have a big temper, I wonder what his preferences are, Ji Shao you must give my little brother a lift, otherwise, I will really be dead this time!”

Ji Shaolei was such a shrewd person, he saw through his thoughts at a glance and sneered disdainfully, “Zheng Haoyu, don’t say I haven’t warned you, this cousin of mine is not a countryman as you think, he is my own cousin, if it is in front of the elders in the family, I as an elder brother have to respect his words, even, his opinion is more important than my elder brother’s, you say you should what to do?”

There was a thud!

Zheng Haoyu’s legs went limp and he sat down on the ground, feeling dizzy and almost unconscious.

If Zheng Haoyu could not guess what he was from, his brain would simply be replaced with a pig’s brain.

“So, although that guy is dressed in ordinary clothes, as if he is a student, yet, his real identity is actually a son of the Ji family! And he’s still so highly regarded in the Ji Family.” Ji Shaolei’s words undoubtedly made Zheng Haoyu think about everything, and at the same time, he also felt a chill in his heart.

One had to know that if Ji Feng was determined to deal with him, Zheng Haoyu, even Ji Shaolei would not be able to stop him. Didn’t you hear Ji Shaolei say just now that in front of his elders, even he had to respect Ji Feng’s opinion.

Zheng Haoyu almost fell into despair, since Ji Feng’s identity was so important, Ji Shaolei would definitely not stand on his side, which could be seen from Ji Shaolei’s expulsion of himself in the box just now.

In desperation, Zheng Haoyu begged, hoping that Ji Shaolei could help him, but he knew that a businessman like himself, in the eyes of the big man, it was nothing.

Ji Shaolei could not bear to see Zheng Haoyu being ruthlessly cleaned up by Ji Feng, so he said, “If you want to get out of this, you only have one way out, when Ji Feng comes out later, you admit your mistakes properly, I will plead for you beside him, and hope that he will be relieved of his anger.”

Zheng Haoyu immediately nodded his head in a panic as if he had grabbed a straw to save his life.

Because of this, there was this scene of Zheng Haoyu apologizing now.

As Ji Shaolei watched Ji Feng’s sullen face without saying a word, he knew that this cousin of his was not going to forgive Zheng Haoyu. And Ji Feng did not have many connections available in Jiangzhou, so if he wanted to deal with Zheng Haoyu, he could only use the power of his third uncle or his eldest uncle, and if he alerted their two elders, I’m afraid the commotion would be too big by then.

Thinking of this, Ji Shaolei smiled and said, “Older brother, I’m also at fault for today’s incident, how about just letting it go?”

Ji Feng shook his head slightly and said, “Second brother, why do you need to follow and get involved?”

Ji Shaolei laughed bitterly, “After all, he and I were cla*smates, and as I said, I owe him a favour.”

“Since that’s the case, then let’s forget about today’s matter, but it’s best not to hara*s General Manager Qin in the future, she’s my friend!” Ji Feng said indifferently.

How could Zheng Haoyu dare to have the slightest objection, being able to save his little life was already considered lucky for him, so he nodded his head in a panic and said, “Thank you, Young Ji, thank you, Young Ji!”

“Get lost!” Ji Feng waved his hand as if he was driving away a fly, “If you let me know that you hara*s General Manager Qin again in the future, you will know the consequences!”

Zheng Haoyu’s face froze and a look of resentment flashed in his eyes, but then, he nodded in a panic and left in a wretched state.

“This Zheng Haoyu ……” Ji Feng looked at his back as he left, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled, wanting to say something, but when the words came to his mouth, he wanted to say something but stopped. After careful thought, Ji Feng shook his head again and did not say anything more.

When Zheng Haoyu left just now, the look of resentment in his eyes did not escape Ji Feng’s eyes, especially after the training in the super agent training system, Ji Feng was always very sensitive to the killing aura, although Zheng Haoyu did not have a killing aura, but that kind of unintentional gaze, it could not escape Ji Feng’s eyes.

However, Ji Feng did not intend to explain this to Ji Shaolei. Perhaps, Ji Shaolei himself knew that Zheng Haoyu was not a good person, which could be seen from the way Ji Shaolei treated Zheng Haoyu. What’s more, Ji Feng didn’t need to greet anyone if he wanted to deal with anyone, even if this person was Ji Shaolei’s friend, as long as he dared to have ill intentions towards him, Ji Feng would be equally polite.

“Older brother, don’t think so much about it.” Ji Shaolei seemed to have seen Ji Feng’s thoughts and opened the car door, pushing Ji Feng into the car as he himself sat in the driver’s seat and started the car.

Ji Feng slightly closed his eyes, leaned back on the backrest of the seat and asked, “Second brother, where are you planning to take me?”

“Where? Does it even need to be said? Ever since we knew you would be coming to Jiangzhou to attend university, your second uncle has been instructing us to try not to bother you, but it’s obvious that he wants to see you very much.” Ji Shaolei shook his head and laughed as he drove the car, “I’ll call my father here, he’ll definitely be happy to know that we’re together.”

Ji Feng nodded slightly, he then realised that he would never be able to hide the matter of his arrival in Jiangzhou from his second uncle. The reason why no one had ever come looking for him, and second uncle had never asked about himself, I think it was all because father had instructed second uncle to not let anyone bother him as he had requested, otherwise, I’m afraid that once his identity was exposed, I’m afraid that those who wanted to come close to him alone would have crowded the door of the dormitory.

“Find a place with a supermarket to stop!” Ji Feng smiled and nodded, “Going to pay a visit to second uncle, you can’t bring nothing with you, right?”

“You kid, what else does a family need to bring? Just go straight away!” Ji Shaolei said with a smile, while stepping on the accelerator, a huge push-back force came quickly, and the BMW X6 quickly drove into the traffic.

In the end, Ji Feng still did not buy a gift, although the first time to visit the second uncle, but under the persuasion of Ji Shaolei, Ji Feng also think that the family does not need to be too polite, not to mention, the second uncle as the secretary of the Jiangzhou municipal party committee, what good things have not seen, Ji Feng can not think of what he bought to be more meaningful.

After thinking for half a day, Ji Feng didn’t come up with anything, so he just closed his eyes as if he was asleep.

Ji Feng’s second uncle, Ji Zhenguo, lived in the Jiangzhou Municipal Party Committee’s family compound, which was in the downtown area of Jiangzhou, but the family compound was not noisy at all, but had a rare clarity in the middle of the downtown area.

At a place about a few hundred meters away from the family courtyard, Ji Shaolei parked the car on a side road and then walked with Ji Feng to the house.

“Can’t we park in the family compound?” Ji Feng asked with a frown.

Ji Shaolei shook his head and laughed, “Your second uncle is the secretary of the Jiangzhou Municipal Party Committee, I am the boss of Jian’an Group, my elder brother is just under two years older than me and is already a division-level cadre, which is already eye-catching enough, if I drive a BMW to wander around the family courtyard again, there is no guarantee that no one will say anything.”

Ji Feng nodded slightly at once: “Trees attract the wind!”

“That’s the truth.” Ji Shaolei nodded and said, “Just now I spoke to your second uncle on the phone, he happened to be at home today and said that there was some kind of divine doctor coming over to treat him, usually you can’t see him at this time.”

“A treatment?” Ji Feng was stunned, “Is second uncle’s health not good?”

“Yes, there’s a problem with the lumbar spine, it’s been an old problem for many years, it’s said that when grandpa was criticized in the past, eldest uncle and the others didn’t like it, and youngest uncle’s age was small, so my father and eldest uncle both fought with those people, and they both ended up getting beaten up, that’s when your second uncle’s problem fell down.”

Ji Feng frowned slightly, he couldn’t comment on the previous matters, after all, he hadn’t experienced it himself, and he didn’t want to say anything bad about it.

The two arrived at the family courtyard, the gatekeeper knew Ji Shaolei and did not say anything to stop them, only that many people greeted Ji Shaolei. After all, it is the son of the secretary of the municipal party committee, who all want to get on good terms with him.

“These people are like this, from what your second uncle said, when they were being criticized in the past, everyone stayed away, afraid to have half a relationship with our Ji family, huh ……” Ji Shaolei had a look of disdain in his eyes, apparently for this kind of worldly phenomenon is very The world is a very uncomfortable place.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Such a person is, in the end, sober.

“Perhaps, this is the reason why he didn’t enter politics!” Ji Feng said darkly.

“This is it.” Ji Shao Lei stood in front of the door and knocked on it.

“Little Lei.”

The person who opened the door was a woman in her forties, looking very amiable, “You’re just in time, your big brother is bringing a miracle doctor to treat your father, your father doesn’t really believe in it and is unwilling to cooperate with the treatment, go and do your father’s job!”

Ji Shaolei smiled at once, “Mom, you take it easy for now.”

He put his hand on Ji Feng’s shoulder and asked with a smile, “Mom, look who this is?”

“This is ……” The woman’s gaze fell on Ji Feng’s body, and her eyes snapped open, “Little Feng?”

“Second Aunt!” Ji Feng instantly revealed a smile and said respectfully.

“It’s really Little Feng?” Second Aunt was surprised and said in a panic, “Hurry up and come in, Little Lei, why didn’t you bring your brother earlier, you kid is really something.”

Faced with his mother’s complaint, Ji Shaolei could only smile bitterly, “Mom, you don’t know my father’s temper, how dare I!”

The second aunt didn’t bother to pay attention to her son, she just greeted him warmly, “Little Feng, you sit down first, I’ll go get your second uncle and your big brother.”

Ji Shaolei laughed, “My mother is like that.”

Ji Feng laughed, “It’s a blessing to have such a mother.”

“That’s right, I think so too!” Ji Shaolei nodded with deep conviction.

Soon, footsteps sounded and three people walked out, the first one was a middle-aged man, about forty or fifty years old, with majestic eyebrows and a very awe-inspiring look, Ji Feng instantly recognised that this was second uncle Ji Zhenguo.

Behind the second uncle, followed by a young man with a calm demeanor, his eyebrows resembled the second uncle, this should be the second uncle’s eldest son, Ji Shaodong.

Behind the two, followed by a man of about forty years old, this man seemed to have a transcendent feeling, the whole person appeared to be mysterious, while his face, however, had a high and superior look, which made Ji Feng frown slightly.

This man, I think, was the so-called divine doctor, right?


Chapter 134

Ji Feng’s surprise visit made both Ji Zhen Guo and his wife very happy, especially Ji Zhen Guo. Go to see the net . All along, the elder brother’s family had been a matter of utmost concern to the elder Ji family and Ji Zhenguo. After all, Ji Zhenhua’s identity was simply too important, and the fact that he had been single to such a high position would likely be used by others to make an issue of this matter.

Later on, the oldest brother, Ji Zhenping, suddenly sent word that he had found his sister-in-law, and only then did Ji Zhenguo learn that his elder brother still had a son in exile, and the brothers were immediately ecstatic, and Ji Zhenguo was also very pleased, especially when he knew that his elder brother’s son was not only calm and steady, but also had extraordinary skills.

He knew that Ji Zhenhua was the eldest son of the Ji family and his son was the first grandson of the Ji family, although he was not the eldest grandson, his status was still extremely important. If being stranded in the folklore made his character become petty, or if he suddenly felt arrogant and arrogant and turned into a fop because of his ancestral recognition, this was not what Ji Zhenguo wanted to see.

Fortunately, Ji Feng’s calm and steady demeanour, as well as the shrewd light that flashed in his eyes from time to time, all indicated that this youngster was not only shrewd, but also had a gully in his chest.

“Second Uncle!”

Ji Feng smiled and stood up.

“You must be Little Feng!” The always imposing Ji Zhenguo revealed a rare smile and walked over quickly, looking Ji Feng up and down with a fond look in his eyes, “Little Feng, you’re finally here!”

Ji Feng was immediately a little embarra*sed and said slightly awkwardly, “Second uncle, I should have come to visit you long ago, it’s just that …… hehe!”

Ji Zhenguo patted Ji Feng’s shoulder and laughed, “It’s good that you’ve come, it’s good that you’ve come!”

Ji Shaolei, who had been standing next to him and had not spoken, opened his mouth and laughed, “Ji Feng, let me introduce to you, this cool guy who looks like your second uncle, is big brother Ji Shaodong.”

“You brat!” Ji Shaodong glared at Ji Shaolei, seeing that their brothers were very close and seemed to joke around together a lot.

“Little Feng, you’re at Union University, right?” Ji Shaodong smiled and steered the conversation back to Ji Feng, asking with a smile.

“Well, majoring in Economics and Management at United University.” Ji Feng smiled and said.

Ji Shaodong nodded and said, “Let’s sit down and talk, Little Feng, you can’t be restrained when you come here, we’re all family!”

Ji Feng instantly felt good about himself, it was obvious that Ji Shaodong and Second Uncle were very much alike, blood relations aside, both of them had an extremely strong affinity that made people unable to resist getting close to them.

Ji Feng was originally unrecognizable, he just didn’t talk much. .com He nodded and smiled, and then sat down on the sofa.

At this time, the divine doctor who had not spoken suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Mr. Ji, it’s almost past noon, if it’s any later, the treatment won’t be very effective, I’m afraid we’ll have to wait until tomorrow.”

Ji Zhenguo frowned slightly at once and was just about to speak when Ji Shaodong hurriedly said, “Mr. Lu, please wait a moment, wait a moment.”

“Second Uncle’s back is not good?” Ji Feng asked pretending that he had no intention of doing so.

“Yes, this is an old problem of your second uncle, this divine doctor Lu is very skilled in medicine and is very famous in the Central Plains, this time I have specially invited Mr. Lu here to treat your second uncle.” Ji Shaodong said with a smile, and then turned to Ji Zhenguo and said, “Dad, let Shaolei and Xiaofeng sit here for a while, we will go up for treatment first, it will be quick!”

Ji Zhenguo deliberated for a moment before saying, “Little Feng, then you can wait here for a while, Second Uncle will be down soon.”

“I’d better follow along, Second Uncle, it’s rare to see a miracle doctor, I’d like to observe from the sidelines.” Ji Feng smiled as he stood up.

Ji Shaodong hurriedly winked at Ji Feng, his heart was a bit anxious, this divine doctor Lu was very difficult to invite, and Ji Zhenguo did not allow his children to bully others, Ji Shaodong had made this appointment for more than a week before he could invite divine doctor Lu to his home, if Ji Feng angered divine doctor Lu with such rash words, his father would have to suffer more.

Who knows, Ji Feng just seemed to be unable to read his eyes and just turned his head and smiled, “Divine Doctor Lu, I am also just a little curious, I wonder if it is convenient for the divine doctor to let the kid observe the treatment process?”

The divine doctor Lu had the look of a master and smiled, “What’s wrong with that, only that you may not understand it even if you watch it, it’s all related to Daoist health care and ordinary people can’t understand the reasoning behind it.”

Ji Feng smiled and said, “As long as the divine doctor doesn’t think the kid is in the way, huh ……”

Seeing that the divine doctor agreed, Ji Shaodong also breathed a sigh of relief and busily said, “Divine doctor, dad, let’s go up!”

Ji Zhenguo’s house was a duplex structure, almost equal to half a villa, the attic upstairs was where Ji Zhenguo usually worked, and next to it was his bedroom.

The second aunt pulled Ji Shaodong out and said worriedly, “Shaodong, is this miracle doctor reliable, your father’s lumbar spine is a bit serious, he has been to many hospitals over the years but he has not been able to cure it.

Ji Shaodong said, “It’s not a bad thing to try, right? If he is cured, that’s good, but if not, it’s just one more visit to the doctor. As long as he is cured, it doesn’t matter if he spends some money.”

Second Aunt nodded, “That’s true.”

Ji Shaodong smiled, “Mom, don’t worry, I’ll be watching over him.”

Only then did Aunt Er feel relieved and said, “Then hurry up and go watch, I’ll go and cook, it’s Little Feng’s first time here, make something delicious.”

Ji Shaodong smiled and nodded his head, turning around and walking into the bedroom.

By this time, Ji Zhenguo had already changed into his pajamas and was lying on his bed.

Divine Doctor Lu said, “Mr. Ji, my treatment method is somewhat unique compared to the usual treatment, there may be some pain later, I hope you can bear it.”

Ji Zhenguo nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I can endure it.”

Divine Doctor Lu took out a short, wide belt from the bag he carried with him, which was filled with dense silver needles.

Subsequently, Divine Doctor Lu took out another bottle of alcohol and soaked a pinch of silver needles in it, and pressed both hands on Ji Zhenguo’s waist. Ji Zhenguo’s face immediately froze and his eyebrows frowned slightly, obviously, Divine Doctor Lu had pressed him painfully.

But Ji Zhenguo did not say anything, after all, pain was inevitable in the treatment process, and he was not a delicate person.

However, after a few more presses, Ji Zhenguo’s body stiffened and a cold sweat immediately broke out on his forehead, obviously in severe pain.

Divine Doctor Lu frowned and said, “Mr. Ji, your illness is very serious, one treatment definitely won’t do, I’m afraid it won’t even be able to alleviate your pain, I think it will take at least two months of continuous treatment.”

Ji Zhenguo was in so much pain that he was unable to answer him, but next to him, Ji Shaodong hurriedly said, “Divine Doctor Lu, as long as my father’s back can be cured, feel free to mention any conditions you have.”

Divine Doctor Lu shook his head and said, “I walk in the world and offer help to the world, so I don’t need to ask for any conditions. It’s just that I have been studying medicine with my master in the mountains since I was a child, but I don’t have a license to practice medicine, so I often don’t dare to call myself a doctor at all. If it’s convenient for Mr. Ji, this license to practice medicine ……”

“This ……” Ji Shaodong is also in a difficult position, the license to practice medicine is easy to do, with his status, at most a phone call can be done, and there is no trouble. However, this is not a question of whether it can be done, but simply can not do so, this is undoubtedly a violation of the principle of things, he is in the system, the principle is very strong, if he takes the lead to violate the principle, he has a guilty conscience.

However, if this delayed his father’s treatment, he would be equally ashamed.

Ji Shaodong was still in a difficult position, but Ji Zhenguo, who was lying on the bed, had slowed down and let out a stifled cry, “Mr. Lu, don’t mention this matter anymore, if you want to get a license to practice medicine, I can write you a letter of recommendation, as long as you have real skills, you can definitely get it.”

“In that case, there is no way for me to practise medicine now, sorry, I see that I have to leave.” Divine Doctor Lu shook his head and said, “It’s just that Mr. Ji’s back is very troublesome ……”

“If it’s not troublesome, I won’t bother Divine Doctor Lu!” Ji Feng, who had been standing by the side quietly watching, suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Divine Doctor Lu, I think what you should be concerned about now is how you should spend your time in prison in the future.”

When these words came out, everyone was shocked.

Divine Doctor Lu was even more furious as his face turned red with anger and said, “What did you say?”

Ji Shaodong hurriedly pulled Ji Feng’s arm and said softly, “Little Feng, don’t talk nonsense.”

Ji Zhenguo, however, looked at Ji Feng thoughtfully and asked out loud, “Little Feng, why would you say that?”

Ji Feng looked at that divine doctor Lu and sneered, “You’re right, you indeed don’t have a license to practice medicine, if people like you had a license to practice medicine, then I don’t know how many patients would have to be killed by you!”

He turned his head to look at Ji Shaodong and asked, “Big brother, this so-called divine doctor Lu, his name of divine doctor, must not be too loud, right?”

Ji Shaodong gave a beat and thought for a moment, he nodded slightly, “Indeed, it was only my secretary who told me before that there was a divine doctor there in his hometown who was very skilled in healing …… all this information. Why, is there any problem with that?”

“Is there a problem? Hmph! Of course there’s a problem, and it’s a huge problem!” Ji Feng’s face turned cold as his harsh gaze stared at that divine doctor Lu: “Let me ask you, how do you plan to treat my second uncle?”

“Do I have to tell you? Even if I tell you, can you understand?” Divine Doctor Lu grunted in exasperation, “Since you don’t believe me, then please ask another person for higher education, goodbye!”

After saying that, Divine Doctor Lu was about to walk out, but Ji Feng took a step to the door, and his sturdy body immediately blocked Divine Doctor Lu’s way: “You want to bail out after things have been exposed, you are too naive, right?”