Campus Master Chapter 127-128

Chapter 127

Ji Feng has his eye on a raw stone, and it’s a ma*sive one at that. Go to see the net .

This piece of raw stone, which was half a person high, was barely enough for one person to hug. Moreover, it was a piece of raw stone that did not reveal any semblance of character. From the outside, this piece of raw stone did not look half different from ordinary stones, and even, the surface was a bit rough, and there were some signs of weathering, how this looked like a random stone thrown by the roadside.

However, there was a huge jadeite inside the stone!

The size of the jadeite in it was bigger than two basketballs, and, again, it was a water jadeite!

When Ji Feng saw the jadeite in it, he was almost taken aback, where on earth did these raw stones come from? Could it be jadeite from some old pits? How could such extremely fine jadeite appear?

However, after the surprise, a wave of excitement instantly filled Ji Feng’s whole body.

A jadeite the size of two basketballs!

If one were to calculate the price of the small piece of jadeite that Ji Feng had just sold, such a large piece of jadeite would cost tens of millions of dollars. What’s more, a jadeite of such a large size was far more valuable than those fractional jadeites, even if they weighed the same, they couldn’t be compared.

You know, fragmented jadeite can be made into small objects like bracelets and pendants, however, no amount of bracelets and pendants can make up a complete object. A large piece of jadeite, on the other hand, can be carved into a number of ornaments in addition to making small objects such as bracelets, and this is where the real value lies!

Especially for some big rich people who are attached to elegance or seek for taste, or for the rich and famous, a complete carved jadeite piece is enough to cause crazy bidding!

The jadeite in the stone in front of Ji Feng’s eyes, if carved into a large object, not to mention ten million, I’m afraid tens of millions are very normal!

After taking a few deep breaths, Ji Feng struggled to look away, and it was only after a few moments that he could barely calm down.

However, Ji Feng did not dare to look at that original stone again, but looked at other original stones instead.


Ji Feng’s gaze went to the other original stone and he couldn’t help but frown, and then he lost his smile dumbly.

The reason why he acted so out of shape was really because this piece of raw stone was somewhat cute. This piece of raw stone was about the same size as the one before, both being half a man’s height, yet the jadeite in this piece of raw stone next to it was surprisingly smaller than a baby’s fist.

Yet, on the contrary, there was a layer of green mist on the skin of this original stone, and it was not bad in quality!

Ji Feng pointed at the ‘cute’ piece of raw stone and asked, “Boss, how can I sell this piece of raw stone?”

The boss was a man in his thirties, and seemed to be quite brisk. .com He looked at Ji Feng and smiled, “Little brother, this piece of raw stone is the most expensive one I have here, four million for a bite.”

Ji Feng was stunned, four million …… for a jadeite smaller than a baby’s fist, unless one is crazy.

“Boss, it’s too expensive, isn’t it?” Ji Feng shook his head slightly and laughed bitterly, “Do I look like someone who has four million to you?”

“Humph, don’t nag here if you don’t have money, what kind of big money are you pretending to be!” A sneering voice suddenly came as Hu Xueqin swayed over with a mocking look on her face, “Boss, this kid is a poor man, he’ll bring you bad luck if he comes here!”

Wu Changqun and Hu Xuehui also followed, and Wu Changqun said in a grand manner, “Boss, your four million for this original stone is indeed too expensive, how about this, three million, I’ll take it.”

The stall owner frowned, glanced at Ji Feng and then at Hu Xueqin, “This boss, business is always about first come, first served. What’s more, three million is too low.”

Hu Xueqin hurried to Wu Changqun’s side and said in a low voice, “Honey, three million, how can such a broken stone be worth that much?”

“What do you know!”

Wu Changqun glared at him, “The original stone is of very good quality, the green mist is very dense, and the area is very large, the further in you go the more dense it becomes, obviously the jadeite is almost certain to come out inside. Three million, not too expensive!”

Although the two people spoke in very soft voices, Ji Feng could hear them clearly. He couldn’t help but shake his head slightly in his heart. In fact, if we extrapolated according to general common sense, Wu Changqun was right, the original stone was indeed of very good quality, and under normal circumstances, three million was definitely a solid profit.

All these reasoning and experience, Ji Feng got through the internet, but Wu Changqun obviously wasn’t, because he said it with such certainty, obviously after quite a few times of practice.

However, Ji Feng knew that this time, practice and experience were actually of little use, and there was only half a baby’s fist-sized jadeite in this original stone.

This is also quite normal, experience and eyesight, in fact, do not have too much to do with the result. Luck is equally important, if it wasn’t there would be no ‘one cut in heaven, one cut in hell’ to speak of.

“Boss, this kid can’t afford it, three million, I’ll take it!” Wu Changqun said with a big grin.

Ji Feng sneered, “Boss, three and a half million, I’ll take it!”

“Brat, I’ll see where you come up with three and a half million from!” When Wu Changqun saw that Ji Feng dared to bid against him, he became angry and said with a cold smile.

Ji Feng also ignored him and smiled lightly, “Boss, how about it?”

That stall owner’s heart suddenly snickered, selling things, most like to see this kind of thing bidding against each other, so that they could definitely sell for a price far higher than the heart price.

“This ……” The boss made a difficult face, looked at Ji Feng and then at Wu Changqun, said with difficulty, “How about this, I am in business, naturally, the item will be given to whoever offers the highest price! ”


Wu Changqun coldly snorted and said disdainfully, “Boss, four million.”

Ji Feng said indifferently, “Four and a half million!”

“Five million!”

“Six million!”

“Six and a half million!” Wu Changqun was furious, his face red and neck almost jumping up.

“It’s yours!” Ji Feng smiled faintly and gave up decisively.

In fact, if it were any other person, Ji Feng would not have continued to fight with the other party, because Ji Feng knew very well that he did not have that much money and, moreover, others might not bid with him.

However, Wu Changqun was different. Through just two or three contacts, Ji Feng already knew that this guy was reckless, arrogant and had a very thuggish air about him. Such a person, and a bit too much to drink, how could he still control his brain when he was drunk?

“First, I’ll let you take out six and a half million, which is considered interest. As for the principal, I’ll get it from you later!” Ji Feng coldly snorted in his heart.

“Swipe the card directly!” Wu Changqun snorted coldly and said condescendingly, only his face didn’t look very good, he also reacted now that he was being counted on by Ji Feng!

But for the sake of face, Wu Changqun was unwilling to admit it, and besides, more than six million was not an unbearable figure for him.

“Boss Wu, how about it, do you want to continue?” Ji Feng pointed at the largest raw stone again and asked with a cold smile, “Boss, how do you sell this piece?”

“This piece …… three million!” The stall owner was overjoyed when he saw the two bidders topping the bull. The original intention was to ask for two million, but surprisingly, he added one million to the raw deal.

Ji Feng glared at that boss, thinking, this guy is surprisingly also looking at people under the noodles, a turn of the eye to call a lot more.

“Three million ……,” Ji Feng shook his head, “Boss Wu, let you have it!”

Wu Changqun snorted coldly and didn’t say anything. This piece of raw stone had no character at all, it looked as if it was a roadside stone, the gamble was just too big.

What’s more, Wu Changqun had already spent more than six million, his a*sets were not very large in the first place, and this six million might not even be a sure win, if he lost another three million, I’m afraid the company wouldn’t even be able to run.

Ji Feng shook his head slightly and sneered, “So our big money Boss Wu is just a big money on the outside.”

“Kid, your mouth had better be honest!” Wu Changqun instantly became ashamed and angry.

Ji Feng looked around and found that not far away Qin Shujie and the middle-aged man were looking at the raw stones at a stall, while Old Wang seemed to sense Ji Feng’s gaze and looked over at once, and the two of them exchanged glances, both nodding in greeting.

“Mr. Qin, Mr. Ji is over there!” Old Wang whispered to Qin Shujie who was looking at the original stone, “He might be in trouble.”

Qin Shujie was stunned for a moment, then stood up and said, “Go over and take a look!”

“Mr. Ji.” Qin Shujie and her group of three walked over.

Ji Feng nodded slightly in greeting, “General Qin.”

Wu Changqun, however, looked at Ji Feng in a daze as if he had seen something unbelievable.

How could this poor boy know Qin Shujie? Wu Changqun was shocked beyond belief.

“Mr. Ji, what can I do for you?” Qin Shujie asked with a smile.

Ji Feng hesitated for a moment before saying, “It’s like this, I want to buy a raw stone, but in terms of funds ……”

“How much do you need?” Qin Shujie asked directly.

“One million three hundred thousand.” Ji Feng was not polite either.

Qin Shujie nodded slightly and said, “Old Wang, transfer it over to Mr. Ji.”

“Thanks.” Ji Feng nodded and reported his account number to Old Wang.

And at this time, Wu Changqun, who was in shock, only managed to react and said in a panic, “Qin, General Manager Qin, hello!”

Qin Shujie’s eyebrows knitted slightly as she asked, “You are ……?”

“Oh, I’m Wu Changqun from Wu’s Jewelry.” Wu Changqun hurriedly said.

Qin Shujie then nodded her head, as a greeting. In fact, she had never even heard of Wu’s Jewelry, so naturally, such a person would not be placed in her eyes.

Wu Changqun, however, was excited. He knew that Qin Shujie was high up in his eyes, and even if he could say a word to her, his face would be very glowing.

Ji Feng ignored Wu Changqun and just conducted the transaction with the stall owner.

When all the formalities were completed, a smile finally appeared on Ji Feng’s face, a piece of superb jadeite, finally in his hands!


Chapter 128

“Mr. Ji, do you plan to unravel this rough stone directly here, or do you want to transport it away?” When everything was done with the transaction, Qin Shujie didn’t even use to look at Wu Changqun and his wife, who had been standing next to him, and Hu Xuehui, who had a dumbfounded face, and just asked Ji Feng straight away. Go to see the net -.7-K–o-m.

In fact, for Qin Shujie, more than one million is not too much, with the strength of her company, even if Ji Feng completely disavowed, there is no problem. You know, just the Cadillac that Qin Shujie is sitting in is far more than a million.

Therefore, what Qin Shujie was concerned about was the mao stone in Ji Feng’s hand.

“Mao Shi? Isn’t this thing called a raw stone?” Ji Feng was a little surprised. He had looked up information online, as well as from other sources, and found that most of the stones containing jadeite were called raw jadeite stones, and now he was surprised to hear the word ‘rough stone’ from Qin Shujie’s mouth.

Qin Shujie smiled sweetly at once: “It seems that Mr. Ji is not too proficient in this trade. The raw stones that Mr. Ji is talking about are indeed called that, but they are relatively rare. At least, within this trade, people in the industry directly call them rough stones, or rather rough material. Of course, it’s just a different name, as long as the meaning is right.”

Ji Feng listened but his heart jumped, and a rare look of embarra*sment appeared on his face.

The reason why he was embarra*sed was not because of anything else, it was because of the word ‘woolen stone’ that Qin Shujie had said in her mouth. Only now did Ji Feng realise that the real name for a jadeite stone should be called a rough stone or a rough material.

Ji Feng would not naively think that what Qin Shujie said was true. Obviously, Qin Shujie was saving face for herself, estimating that the name of the original stone should be too little to be called, and by this one call, it was enough for people to see at a glance that they were an amateur. It was a shame that he was pretending to be an amateur, what a joke!


Ji Feng laughed awkwardly before saying, “Mr. Qin, I don’t have the strength to carry such a big piece of rough stone back, so I’d better just unravel it here. To be honest, all my money has gone into it, if the bet collapses, I’m afraid I won’t even be able to pay back the money I owe you!”

When these words came out, Qin Shujie immediately gave Ji Feng a big look of deep meaning. She believed that what Ji Feng said was true because there was no reason for him to lie to himself in this regard, after all, no one who could come to this trade fair would just bring a few tens of thousands of dollars with them. However, according to Ji Feng, this piece of wool was three million, and Ji Feng had sold a piece of water jade before, which was almost a million or so. This meant that in reality, the money that Ji Feng really brought to this fair was merely a few tens of thousands of dollars!

A person who brought tens of thousands of dollars with him and dared to buy several million mao stones after gambling up once, was he overwhelmed by the first windfall, or was he really sure of himself?

Looking at Ji Feng’s calm face with a hint of a smile on it, Qin Shujie instantly felt that Ji Feng was sure of himself. .com Although she didn’t know exactly where his certainty came from, Qin Shujie just had this feeling.

The next Wu Changqun heard this, but almost exploded in anger, he really wanted to curse: I X!

This kid only had a million or so dollars on him, but he dared to bid against himself, and he was arguing so much that he wouldn’t even let go!

After all, this B*****d was bluffing!

This also meant that because of Ji Feng’s bluff, he had maliciously bid against himself, causing him to spend a full two to three million dollars more!

Once he understood this, Wu Changqun stared at Ji Feng, his hatred was so strong that he almost wanted to bite Ji Feng to death. 2-3 million, although he could afford to lose, was not a small amount, if it was more, it would have hurt his vitality!

However, no matter how much Wu Changqun hated it, with Qin Shujie present, he didn’t dare to have a fit. Moreover, from the current situation, it seemed that the relationship between Ji Feng and Qin Shujie was still very good, so Wu Changqun could only swallow his anger back into his stomach. It was just that his eyes, which were full of anger, could not be concealed in any way.

“Mr. Qin, I want to unravel the mao stone on the spot.” Ji Feng didn’t pay any attention to Wu Changqun, he just said directly to Qin Shujie.

“That’s a good idea.” Qin Shujie smiled faintly and waved to a service person not far away.

That service staff immediately trotted over and politely asked, “Mr. Qin, what can I do for you, please?”

Qin Shujie said, “Go find a trolley and take this rough stone to the stone solving place for me.”

Only then did Ji Feng understand that at this trade fair, if a customer wanted to have his stone solved on the spot, the organiser of the convention provided a trolley for free.

It seemed that he still had a lot to learn. Ji Feng said in his heart.

The attendant quickly pushed a trolley, and when Ji Feng took a look, he was dumbfounded. This so-called trolley was actually a thick steel plate with four small sliding wheels underneath, with a high handrail on the plate. Because the ground in this warehouse yard was all concrete, it was easy to push up.

“Mr. Qin, please come with me, if you can solve the jadeite, if you don’t mind, I will sell it to you directly. If you can’t solve it, then I’ll have to find another way to raise money to return it to you!” Ji Feng said with a smile, he didn’t say his words to the full, saying that he could definitely solve the jadeite, if that was the case, once the rough stone was solved later, I’m afraid everyone would know that he had a problem. This was not in line with the low-key strategy that Ji Feng had set at the beginning.

Qin Shujie smiled sweetly and said, “Mr. Ji, it’s no fun to keep talking about money.”

Ji Feng nodded and smiled at once, but in his heart he was secretly impressed. No matter whether Qin Shujie’s words were true or not, just by her attitude, it was enough to make people’s hearts feel good, and they also owed a favour to themselves. It didn’t seem like Qin Shujie was able to become the boss of a jewellery company for no reason.

“Husband, should we also follow to the stone solving?” Hu Xueqin couldn’t help but ask in a low voice when she saw that Ji Feng and the others had all left. Seeing Wu Changqun’s gloomy face, she was also a little worried, had she just bought the wrong one?

“Of course I want to solve it!” Wu Changqun grunted and said angrily, “That little B*****d bought a piece of rough stone with no quality at all, which obviously cannot produce jadeite, and he still dared to solve it in public. The piece we bought is of very good quality, so we have to solve it with them!”

Hu Xuehui, who had not said anything, was staring at Ji Feng’s back in a daze.

She could not have imagined that it had only been a year since she broke up with Ji Feng, but the boy who was so obedient and obedient to her, but who seemed to her to be the most incompetent, was now like a different person, opening and closing his mouth with millions of dollars, and even when he was talking to that magnificent woman like Qin just now, he had a bland face and an equal conversation.

It was even surprising that Ji Feng used only a small tactic to make her brother-in-law, who used to look omnipotent, lose millions. Perhaps her sister Hu Xueqin could not understand what had just happened, but she could.

Was this still the same timid and inferior poor boy from back then? Hu Xuehui was very upset in her heart, and in her opinion, since she was the one who gave up, he must be a piece of trash. But now, Ji Feng had suddenly become a big shot, and she had given up on him, didn’t that mean she had a problem with her vision?

“A poor boy is a poor boy, even if you know more people, you can’t change that fact!” Hu Xuehui thought with hatred.

“Brother-in-law, let’s go and solve the stones too, I haven’t seen you solve them yet!” Hu Xuethui took two steps forward and said in a delicate voice. She wanted her brother-in-law to solve the stone with Ji Feng, according to his words, there was a high possibility of Ji Feng’s rough stone collapsing in gambling, so she would like to see how he would still act like a big money man! At the same time, this would also prove how correct her choice was in the first place.

At this time, Ji Feng had already arrived at a stone solving place with Qin Shujie and the three of them. Because this fair was so big, there were several places for stone solving, and this place that Ji Feng came to now was not the same one as the first one.

When Ji Feng arrived here, there was a man in front of him who had just finished solving, and the piece he had solved was a five or six pound violet jadeite, and looking at the man’s dishevelled face, it was obvious that he hadn’t made his money back.

“Mr. Ji, it’s your turn!” Qin Shujie said with a smile.

Ji Feng nodded, secretly praising Qin Shujie in his heart for being able to talk. Qin Shujie said ‘it’s your turn’, not ‘it’s our turn’, which meant that although several people had come together to solve the stones, in reality, Qin Shujie had no intention of partnering with Ji Feng, even though she had lent Ji Feng more than one million dollars, but if she had said that Undoubtedly there was a sense of robbery while the fire lasted, and Ji Feng couldn’t say anything yet.

But Qin Shujie didn’t do that, apparently divided very clearly, and such a person is, indeed, very generous.

Together with several people from the stone-setting office, Ji Feng transferred the rough stones to the stone-setting machine.

A middle-aged man at the stone solving office asked, “Little brother, how do you intend to solve it?”

Ji Feng thought about it, took a piece of chalk from the side, drew a line on the rough stone and said, “Just cut along this line.”

“Okay!” The middle-aged man nodded and then directed the staff to prepare for the cutting.

Ji Feng didn’t intend to cut it himself because the jadeite in this rough stone was really too big and he only had one experience in stone solving, so he didn’t dare to mess around with it.

The middle-aged man who had been following Qin Shujie, however, nodded slightly and praised in a low voice, “This little brother has good eyesight.”

Qin Shujie asked, “How so?”

The middle-aged man said, “This piece of rough stone of Mr. Ji’s does not have any quality, it is a big gamble, and it will certainly not be easy to solve the stone. Because no one knows whether there is jadeite inside, and how big it is. If one is timid, one would have to cut the rough stone bit by bit from the outside, which would be time-consuming and laborious. If there is no jadeite inside, you may not be able to finish it in a few days. And if there is jadeite inside and you strike too hard, you might destroy the jadeite inside.”

Qin Shujie looked at the chalk line on the bristle stone and was suddenly struck by a sudden realization, “If you cut from this line drawn by Ji Feng, you can ensure that you can save time and effort, but also protect the jadeite inside to the greatest extent?”

“That’s right!” The middle-aged man nodded his head.