Campus Master Chapter 125-126

Chapter 125

“I can’t afford it, can you afford it?!”

Ji Feng frowned and turned around and asked in a cold voice, “If you want to act like a big spender, you have to have the ability to act like a big spender!”

Wu Changqun was instantly furious, “Brat, you dare to say I’m acting like a big spender?”

“Isn’t it?” Ji Feng sneered back. Go watch the net -.7-K–o-m.

“Hey, kid, do you know how much a piece of clothing costs on Laozi? You can’t make that much money in a year by selling vegetables!” Wu Changqun said disdainfully, “A vegetable seller who dares to come to the jadeite raw stone trade fair, what a laugh!”

Ji Feng opened his mouth and wanted to retort, but on second thought, he took his words back.

In fact, Ji Feng knew that there was no jadeite in the two jadeite stones he had just negotiated with that boss, and he had wanted to provoke Wu Changqun into buying them so that he could undermine him. But Wu Changqun’s arrogance had completely enraged Ji Feng.

Therefore, Ji Feng was not going to do that, to con him, he had to con him hard, and believed that a few hundred thousand to Wu Changqun could not hurt his vitality.

“Humph! A bumpkin, you dare to come here and pretend to be a big spender too?” Seeing that Ji Feng wanted to say something but stopped, Wu Changqun immediately thought he was afraid and immediately sneered back at him.

“That’s right, kid, seeing that you’re carrying a bag, you’re not trying to take sheep by the hand here, are you?” Hu Xuehui’s sister also followed, saying disdainfully.

Ji Feng smiled coldly and stopped paying attention to them, but turned to that boss and said, “Forty thousand, I’ll buy this jadeite raw stone!”

“Just kidding!” That boss almost jumped up, 130,000 turned into 40,000 in the blink of an eye, that was a bit too big a difference.

He shook his head and said, “Little brother, if you sincerely want to buy it, take it for 120,000, if it’s less than that, there’s no need to talk about it!”

“Yo, this is simply an open robbery!” Hu Xuehui’s sister sneered disdainfully from the side.

Ji Feng was not angry, he had already decided that if he did not move, he would have to take Wu Changqun’s life. Therefore, he simply ignored Wu Changqun and his wife’s sneers.

Ji Feng’s gaze fell on a small stone on the edge of the stall. This was a piece of jadeite stone almost the size of an adult’s fist, on the surface, there was only a faint green mist, in fact, according to Ji Feng’s understanding, such a jadeite stone, there were obviously already cut marks on it, obviously just a waste stone.

Perhaps it was because of this hint of green mist that the stall owner took a chance with it.

“Boss, how do you sell this piece of raw stone?” Ji Feng squatted down, a little annoyed in his heart. He was certain that there was jadeite in this small piece of raw stone, and it was still of good quality, it should be a water jadeite, and this piece, if all of it was pulled out, should be able to make a few pairs of bangles and a few pendants, and at the current price, it would cost almost two million or more. .com

Ji Feng originally did not intend to ask the price of this piece of raw stone directly, but only wanted to buy a scrap stone, thus incidentally buying this small piece of raw stone away, so that it would not attract attention. But Wu Changqun suddenly intervened, making Ji Feng’s original intention fall through, so he could only ask for the price directly.

“This piece well …… three thousand!” The stall owner said, and although he looked serious, Ji Feng still saw a ‘full of care’ look in his eyes.

Obviously, the stall owner did not attach much importance to this piece of waste stone.

Ji Feng frowned: ”Three thousand is too expensive, isn’t it? Boss, as you know, I’m just a vegetable seller, I came here just to have some casual fun and grow up, how about this, five hundred!”

“Five hundred …… good!” The stall owner waved his hand, “Open for business, even if it’s to make a friend!”

Ji Feng immediately took out five large bills and handed them to the boss, and then he took the scrap stone into his hands.

“Ai yo yo~~~”

Hu Xuehui’s sister instantly stretched her voice, “Look, a poor boy selling vegetables is just not ordinary, buying jadeite raw stones for hundreds of dollars!”

Such sarcastic words, I’m afraid that anyone can understand. You know, jadeite raw stones, a few hundred dollars can’t be seen very often. It’s not that the price is too high, but it’s too low. Even if it was an ordinary scrap stone, it was not unusual to see a few tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands.

Now that Ji Feng had bought a five hundred dollar scrap stone, it was inevitable that he would be met with unbridled sarcasm.

“Hey, Xueqin, you can’t say things like that, the boy who sells vegetables buys raw stones, naturally, with the eyes of a vegetable seller, can you still ask him to have a high taste and vision? Wouldn’t that be too difficult for people?” Wu Changqun laughed loudly.

Ji Feng, however, only smiled lightly and glanced at Hu Xuehui’s sister, thinking, “So this woman who seems like a street girl is named Hu Xueqin, what a waste of such a quiet name.

“Sister, brother-in-law, let’s go somewhere else, don’t get bad luck here!” Hu Xuehui spoke more cold-bloodedly and more snobbishly.

“Right! Right! We are also here to buy the original stones, we can’t get bad luck here with the poor boy.” Wu Changqun said this, but had no intention of leaving, he still had to give this poor boy who dared to contradict himself a good sarcasm here, how could he leave so early?

What’s more, Wu Changqun had long had other thoughts about Hu Xuehui, his nominal sister-in-law, and when he remembered that Hu Xuehui had once been in love with Ji Feng, Wu Changqun hated Ji Feng even more.

“Hu Xuehui is Laozi’s, how dare you, a poor boy selling vegetables, mess with her?” Wu Changqun laughed coldly in his heart.

Ji Feng’s face was expressionless, he just glanced at Wu Changqun’s three people indifferently, but in his heart, he had already sentenced Wu Changqun’s three people to death.

He stood up and asked the stall owner, “Boss, where can I solve the stone?”

The cash in Ji Feng’s hand was only over 60,000, and he could not afford to buy any slightly larger original stones, so he had to deconstruct the stone first and exchange the jadeite in this stone for cash so that he could buy more of the original stones.

That boss pointed behind Ji Feng, “See, at the entrance of that warehouse, there is a stone solving machine right there, but if you didn’t buy the raw stones from that boss’s stall, you need to pay for the stone solving.”

Ji Feng smiled faintly and turned around to walk over.

“Haha, let’s go, let’s follow suit and see what that poor boy can unravel!” Wu Changqun laughed arrogantly, put one arm around Hu Xueqin, slapped his big hand on her buttocks, and followed with a laugh.

Because the fair had just started not long ago, everyone was still busy shopping, so there were very few people at the stone solving place, and Ji Feng paid directly when he arrived and started solving the stones.

“Solving stones~~~!”

The owner of the stall shouted loudly, and many people immediately gathered around, as this was the first time the stones were being unsettled at this fair, and everyone wanted to get lucky. Of course, there were also some people who were just watching the fun, not daring to make a purchase themselves, but watching others solve the stones was a great way to get excited.

The last group of people are those who are in the jadeite and jade business. Any time there is a jadeite jade fair, it is a good time for them to purchase raw materials. Especially in the last few years when extremely fine jadeite jade is becoming more and more scarce, these jewellery or jadeite jade merchants have become more active in attending such fairs, and even some companies with a greater demand are directly involved in gambling on the stones.

“Ee? Is that him?” A low voice of surprise rang out from the crowd. The owner of the voice, a charming and peerless woman, was the old president of a jewellery company that had once crossed paths with Ji Feng, Qin Shujie.

Beside Qin Shujie was still the unsmiling Old Wang.

Seeing that the person preparing to solve the stones was actually Ji Feng, a look of surprise flashed across Qin Shujie’s beautiful eyes, she indeed did not expect that Ji Feng would participate in this kind of stone gambling activity.

In a short moment, the crowd gathered around, and Qin Shujie and Old Wang also gazed at Ji Feng. Some jadeite merchants even made up their minds that if a jadeite came out, they would definitely buy it into their hands. If you wait until it’s too late, you’ll have to pay a lot more!

However, when these people saw the original stone in Ji Feng’s hand, they immediately revealed a disappointed look.

This was not a raw stone, it was clearly a waste stone. Moreover, it was also a waste stone that had almost no gambleability whatsoever. It was only the size of a fist, and it was still a waste stone, so the chance of a jadeite coming out of it was not even one in ten thousand.

Once they saw it, most people lost interest, but since it was the first stone to be solved today, most of them didn’t leave despite their disappointment.

“Haha, this poor boy who sells vegetables is really ignorant!” In front of so many people, Hu Xueqin ridiculed without sparing any effort, “Spending five hundred dollars, buying such a waste stone, and still coming to this trouble, really anyone wants to get involved in the jadeite jewellery business.”

“Sister, don’t say more, it will hurt people’s pride!” Hu Xuehui was ‘persuading’ from the side, in fact, it was her words that were more sarcastic, just more subtle.

Qin Shujie, who was standing in the crowd, frowned slightly and glanced in the direction where Hu Xueqin was, obviously a little displeased.

Ji Feng, however, was not affected in the slightest, his face remained calm, and only after asking the stall owner about the usage of the stone solving machine, he fixed the raw stone in his hand.

After starting the machine and slightly cutting off a small piece, Ji Feng stopped.

The raw stone was already very small, so it would be very dangerous to use a cutting machine, in fact, Ji Feng was just looking for speed.

Next, Ji Feng started to pick up the grinding wheel and polished it, and everyone shook their heads slightly, not intending to watch any longer.

“Haha, if this waste stone can still produce jadeite, I’ll eat this one up!” Wu Changqun laughed loudly, but said what was on everyone’s mind.

“That’s what you said oh!” Ji Feng suddenly raised his head and gave him a cold look, while the small polishing machine in his hand suddenly started.


After a few short seconds, Ji Feng stopped, picked up the clear water next to him and poured it on the raw stone in his hand.

“Out, it’s green!” The stall owner was the first to see the change in the original stone in Ji Feng’s hand, and immediately lost his voice and exclaimed.

“What? The bet has risen?!” Everyone was in disbelief when they heard this, what a joke, how could that kind of waste stone be gambled up?

However, when the eyes of the crowd landed on the original stone in Ji Feng’s hand, they instantly narrowed their eyes, and a glint of greed flashed across everyone’s eyes.

On the original stone in Ji Feng’s hand, a crystal and soft green colour that made people’s hearts beat violently and dazzled them!


Chapter 126

No one would have thought that a jadeite stone, which could not possibly produce jadeite, would actually rise in gambling!

Moreover, judging from the side we see now, it should be a water jadeite, and the quality is really not low. Go to see the net . You know, in recent years, when old pit gla*s jadeite is almost extinct, water jadeite is already considered to be the very best jadeite.

What’s more, this was a water-grain jadeite cut from a ruined stone!

Everyone had to exclaim that this kid’s luck was really ……

Especially Wu Changqun and Hu Xueqin, who had been sneering, were green in the face that a poor kid who seemed to them to be nothing more than a vegetable seller had actually gambled on a water variety jadeite!

On the other hand, Hu Xuehui’s mouth was wide open as she stared blankly at the calm Ji Feng, unable to believe that this poor boy had casually bought a scrap stone and turned it into a treasure!

What made it even more difficult for Hu Xuethui to accept was the reaction of some of the other onlookers.

Seeing the piece of jadeite in Ji Feng’s hand that had not yet been completely removed, some jadeite jewellery merchants’ eyes instantly lit up, as this was an extremely fine jadeite when gla*s jadeite was extinct.

One merchant immediately said impatiently, “This little brother, judging from the current quality, you don’t need to keep polishing it, how about this, I’ll offer you 200,000, how about you sell it to me?”

“Two hundred thousand?” Upon hearing this price, Hu Xuehui’s heart immediately felt as if she had been ruthlessly seized, a poor boy had made two hundred thousand in the twinkling of an eye?

“I say, Old Jiang, your two hundred thousand is too shabby, isn’t it?” A merchant next to him picked up, obviously familiar with the previous merchant, he turned his head to Ji Feng and said, “Little brother, I’ll offer two hundred and fifty thousand, as you know, your piece of raw stone is too small in size, if you continue to cut it, it’s likely that the bet will collapse, this price I’m offering is already very reasonable!”

“Hey, Mr. Liu, you are such a big company, and you are still grabbing food from us small individuals, that’s unkind!” The first boss couldn’t help but complain.

Qin Shujie, who had not spoken in the crowd, opened her mouth to speak as well, but seemed to have considered something, and she swallowed back the words that were on her lips.

No matter how these merchants offered their prices, Ji Feng just shook his head and smiled. Immediately afterwards, he started the polishing machine again and continued polishing.

One side of the stone was already polished out, revealing the green jadeite, and then he continued to polish the second side.

Although it was Ji Feng’s first time to cut a stone and he had no experience, it was reasonably easy to destroy the jadeite by polishing it like this, but Ji Feng was different from others, he could clearly see the jadeite in the original stone, so he polished it without any difference. .com

At this time, the other merchants could also see that this young man was definitely not satisfied with the price of $200,000 to $300,000, he wanted to continue gambling until the entire jade head was taken out.

Within a few moments, the stones around the original stone were polished off and a crystalline jadeite, half the size of a fist, appeared in front of the crowd.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes went straight.

Although this piece of jadeite was only of the water variety, however, there was not the slightest impurity in it, and the whole piece of jadeite was so well integrated that it almost caught up with the gla*s variety.

What’s more, judging from the size of the jadeite, it weighed almost four or five catties, and according to the market price, it would cost millions!

In a flash, those bosses gathered around began to bid.

“Little brother, one million, I’ll take this piece of jade!” A boss said impatiently. With gla*s-type jadeite extinct, a piece of water-type jadeite like this was enough to hold up the door.

“One million one hundred thousand!”

“One million three hundred thousand!”


Listening to those merchants bidding, Hu Xuehui just stared at the smiling young man surrounded by people, her face changed dramatically, but she didn’t know what she was thinking.

Wu Changqun and Hu Xueqin, on the other hand, likewise changed their faces. Especially Wu Changqun’s face became ugly. He knew that he was also in the jadeite business, just not a big one. This piece of jadeite was enough to hold up his facade.

Therefore, Wu Changqun was actually eager to follow the bidding.

However, remembering his sneering at Ji Feng earlier, he knew that this piece of jadeite had no chance with him, and could not help but secretly regret it in his heart.

Hu Xueqin, on the other hand, was psychologically sour and muttered, “What are you tugging at? It’s just a blind cat that met a dead rat, it’s only a million dollars, my husband has plenty of money!”

“Mr. Qin, should we make a bid?” Old Wang, who was standing in the crowd, could not help but ask when he saw that Qin Shujie also showed a heartfelt look.

Qin Shujie shook her head slightly and said, “Forget it, such a small piece will still not alleviate our shortage of goods, it’s better to take another look!”

Old Wang then nodded his head and asked no more questions.

Instead, a middle-aged man in his fifties standing next to Old Wang said in a low voice, “Mr. Qin, I see that this young man seems to be very insider.”

Qin Shujie nodded and said, “That’s right, look at the magnitude of his cutting and rubbing of the stone, he is almost sticking to the edge of the jadeite, without a lot of experience, it is impossible to have such a precise technique.”

“Mr Qin, I don’t think we should talk to this young man later, or follow him.” The middle-aged man said, “He must not be satisfied with just buying this piece, they will definitely continue to buy later, so if there is a suitable jadeite, let’s jump ahead of the bidding and buy it first.”

“No need.” Qin Shujie smiled faintly and said, “I know this young man, I will talk to him directly later.”

The middle-aged man was stunned, and then he smiled, since he knew him, it would be much better, at least he could buy it first at the same price.

Just as a few people were talking, the jadeite in Ji Feng’s hand had risen to one million seven hundred and fifty thousand, which was considered a very high price. This was the price offered by a boss with a Sichuan accent, and when the others saw this price, they all stopped going up.

“Little brother, how about it, one million seven hundred and fifty thousand, sell it to me, right?” The Sichuan boss asked.

Ji Feng said, “Of course I can sell it to you, but I want a cash cheque, or cash as well.”

He had to continue selling other raw stones, and he couldn’t do it without money on him.

The Sichuan boss immediately nodded his head and said boldly, “No problem, I’ll write you a cheque right now, haha! But, little brother, if you have a bank account, I’d better transfer the money to you directly.”

“Can I transfer money even here?” Ji Feng asked.

“Oh, that’s of course, not only can you transfer money directly here, you can also transfer money directly at all the stalls, it’s very convenient!” The Sichuan boss laughed.

Ji Feng suddenly blushed a little, after all the trouble, it turned out that he had made a mistake and mistakenly thought that he wanted to buy in cash at this trade fair. In fact, if you think about it, there are some huge raw stones, I am afraid that millions of dollars are possible, if you use cash, it is a bit too exaggerated.

Ji Feng chose to transfer the money and reported the account to the Sichuan boss.

When both sides finished the transaction, the others saw that there was no more chance, so they left.

“Sh*t-lucky brat!” Wu Changqun cursed and turned around indignantly to leave.

With Ji Feng’s ears, he naturally heard Wu Changqun’s words, and he only smiled slightly before leisurely strolling in front of the other stalls. To him, Wu Changqun’s insults were actually just his last struggle before he died, just like a gra*shopper after the autumn, he couldn’t hop around for a few more days.

“Ee? General Manager Qin?” Ji Feng just turned around and immediately saw Qin Shujie not far away looking at himself with a smile on her face, beside her were Old Wang and a middle-aged man.

“Mr. Ji, you really have good eyesight, such a recognized waste stone can be turned into treasure in your hands, it’s really remarkable!” Qin Shujie said with a smile, her voice seemed to have an indescribable charm that soothed people’s ears.

Ji Feng waved his hand with a smile and said, “It’s just good luck!”

“Oh, in this business of gambling stones, eyesight and experience are certainly important, but luck is also essential, and the good or bad luck directly affects the result, Mr. Ji’s good luck is the biggest advantage!” Qin Shujie’s voice was soft, as if it was a small hand, constantly plucking the other party’s heartstrings.

Ji Feng smiled faintly and didn’t say anything.

Ji Feng was not surprised by Qin Shujie’s appearance here, after all, he knew that Qin Shujie ran a jewellery company and would definitely come to such a jadeite and jade trade fair.

“Mr. Ji, you’re going to buy the original stones next?” Qin Shujie asked with a smile as she walked over.

“Not necessarily, it depends!” Ji Feng snorted, he didn’t want others to notice him, so he spoke a little vaguely.

Qin Shujie seemed to have seen what Ji Feng had in mind and said with a smile, “Mr. Ji, I have an unrequited request, I don’t know ……”

“No problem, as long as it’s something I can do, Mr. Qin, just say it.” Ji Feng smiled and said.

“It’s like this, Mr. Ji should also know that I have opened a jewellery company.” Qin Shujie deliberated on her words for a while before continuing, “But then, recently, because of the tight supply of goods, it has made it a bit difficult for the company to run. What I mean is that Mr. Ji is so lucky today, if you come across another jade of better quality, can you give me priority in selling it to me at the same price?”

“Oh, so in that case.” Ji Feng smiled and nodded, “This is certainly no problem, just that, I can’t guarantee that I will be able to gamble up next, so ……”

Qin Shujie gathered her long hair and smiled, “That’s natural.”

“Then let’s put it this way, I won’t bother Mr. Qin.” Ji Feng smiled and turned around to continue walking towards the other stalls.

Ji Feng was carrying a bank card of over one million dollars, compared to the sixty thousand dollars or so he had when he first arrived here, his heart was instantly fuller and he dared to bargain with the owner for those larger raw stones.