Campus Master Chapter 123-124

Chapter 123

Ji Feng stood in the square while waiting, listening to Hu Xuehui’s brother-in-law bragging smugly there, with a mixture of amusement and good humour. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.

What amused him was how Hu Xuehui’s brother-in-law, who was also considered a businessman, dared to talk big so recklessly in this square. One should know that almost all the people who came today were industry insiders, and although these people were not invited to the opening ceremony, they were, at least, considered to be people of some strength.

Hu Xuehui’s brother-in-law was also not invited to the opening ceremony, which meant that he was not as strong as he could be. If he dared to speak in such a way under such circumstances, being laughed at was a small matter, but if he was belittled by others, it would have a great impact on his voice in the future.

“It seems that this is also a thug!” Ji Feng gave a secret disdainful smile.

At the same time, he also learned that Hu Xuehui had indeed come to Jiangzhou, only that the universities in Jiangzhou were all in military training now, and he himself had only come out of the military camp for special reasons, so how come Hu Xuehui had not participated in military training either? In theory, she shouldn’t be available at this time.

It seems that Hu Xuehui must have used some special method to not go to military training as well.

Because of the close proximity and Hu Xuehui’s brother-in-law’s incessant raucous bragging, Ji Feng could only smile bitterly and endure the torment of his ears.

Fortunately, Hu Xuehui’s brother-in-law’s bragging didn’t last long and the opening ceremony was over. At this time, the crowd in the square began to gradually enter the exhibition hall, and Ji Feng also walked in with the crowd.

However soon Ji Feng found something wrong, those who went in front of him, had a ticket to the exhibition hall in their hands, or rather, that was a kind of invitation like the pictures seen on it as opposed to the real thing on the spot, and one by one, Ji Feng recognized various grades of jadeite, such as violet jadeite, watery jadeite and other jadeite of some lower grade. As for the old pit variety, Ji Feng also saw a few of them. As soon as he saw them, Ji Feng couldn’t help but be attracted to them.

The kind of gla*sy jadeite that seemed like an emerald was really something that one could not take one’s eyes off.

Of course, in addition to the appearance of these superb jadeite, what was also striking was the price. The gla*s jadeite, which was only the size of a fingernail, was as high as 600,000 to 700,000 yuan, which made Ji Feng simply unbelievable. The prices of these things were too outrageous, weren’t they?

A small pendant, I’m afraid, could buy a house!

Ji Feng couldn’t help but sigh, although the price of this jadeite had also been speculated up, but something so beautiful and expensive was indeed very attractive.

After a look around the exhibition hall, but for some of the varieties introduced online, Ji Feng had mostly seen them all. Of course, he mainly looked at jadeite, as jade was hard to grasp and was of little use to him for the time being.

“The ticket money wasn’t spent in vain!” Ji Feng said secretly in his heart. Today, when he came to visit, not only did he gain insight, but he also learned about the prices of various grades of jadeite, especially the description boards next to those jadeites, which made Ji Feng see a lot of things.

Then through some of the knowledge he learned online, Ji Feng knew almost everything about the jadeite market and some basic trading rules in his mind.

After another round, after making sure that nothing was left behind, Ji Feng walked out of the exhibition hall and prepared to wait for the trade fair two days later.

Ji Feng thought of Hu Xuehui again, and since her brother-in-law had also come here to visit, this proved that the fat-headed man must also be in this business. So, at the trade fair two days later, would he run into them again?

Ji Feng really didn’t have any half-hearted feelings towards Hu Xuehui’s trio, and he didn’t want to fight with them at the trade fair, let alone have them sneer at him.

“It’s just as well if you guys don’t come and mess with me, otherwise ……” For the first time, Ji Feng had the idea of bullying Hu Xuhui’s trio with his family history, and this was the first time he intended to bully others with his power!

Because, Ji Feng didn’t want to put up with it anymore!

For the next two days, Ji Feng stayed in the dormitory and didn’t go anywhere, just reading books at ease. He was studying Economics and Management, and his first-year course was very shallow, with some of the most basic theories, and some explanations of terms and such, which Ji Feng then memorized in his head to death.

Soon, the trade fair came officially, and Ji Feng was cautious. This is the first time he embarked on his own business, absolutely can only win, not lose.


Chapter 124

After the exhibition, the trade fair finally arrived as scheduled, and Ji Feng arrived at the gate of the fair with a carry-on satchel containing all the funds. Go to see the net .

The trade fair and the exhibition were not held in the same place. The exhibition was held in the exhibition centre of Jiangzhou City, which was built like a palace, leaving an extremely deep impression on Ji Feng.

However, the trade fair was different because all the stones were jadeite stones, some of which weighed several tons, so it would be inappropriate to hold them in the exhibition centre. Therefore, the fair was held in a factory warehouse compound in a suburb not too far from the university town.

Of course, a three-metre-high fence had been temporarily built around the warehouse, and there were a number of security forces, so it was considered safe. In fact, everyone knew that, apart from those raw stones that were too small in size, the vast majority of them weighed no less and it was too difficult to steal them away.

Even so, Ji Feng was still unable to find the location of the trade fair in time, after all, it was already considered a suburb, so Ji Feng could only take a taxi directly there.

When he arrived outside that factory warehouse, it was around nine o’clock in the morning. At this time, there were already many people at the fair looking back and forth at the raw stones that were placed in the courtyard.

Many of these people were together in twos and threes, and many of them even had magnifying gla*ses in their hands, as if they were trying to look at the raw stones carefully.

In fact, the so-called raw stone fair is a huge gamble, or what people in the industry call gambling on the stones.

If a stone shows some of its features, you may be able to gamble on it, but for those that don’t show any signs, just a big stone, it’s really a gamble to buy.

It is said that up to now, there is no instrument that can detect whether there is jadeite in the stone or not, therefore, it is obviously not too safe to rely on eyesight and experience alone, but also rely on a certain amount of luck, which is no different from gambling.

The first time he attended such a fair, Ji Feng looked inevitably a little excited. Anyone who could possess the penetrating eye to see through stones and encounter such opportunities could not remain completely calm.

However, Ji Feng was as calm as ever on the surface, wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt, jeans, a pair of casual leather shoes under his feet, a sports watch on his wrist and a satchel on his body, at first glance, he looked like a no more ordinary student, inconspicuous in this bustling crowd.

This is exactly the effect that Ji Feng wanted, he did not want people to notice him, at least, not to notice his unusual behavior, otherwise, it might lead to some trouble. .com

In order to avoid letting others see that he was an amateur, Ji Feng looked at the courtyard almost full of raw stones and did not rush up to check them out, but quietly paid attention to the movements of the others.

Ji Feng noticed that there were many boss-like people in the courtyard, all with a few henchmen, leisurely checking out the raw stones. Most of the time, it was one or two of the slightly older men under them who first looked around the jadeite rough stones to check the general condition.

If they come across a stone that might produce jadeite, they will use a magnifying gla*s to take a closer look before negotiating a price with the owner selling the original stone.

After watching several people do this in succession, it dawned on Ji Feng that these people responsible for looking at the raw stones should be experts hired by those owners, or people who were more experienced in this area, so that the raw stones bought in this way would have a higher chance of producing jadeite.

According to Ji Feng’s understanding, if the original stone bought produced jadeite and was worth more than the price of the original stone, it meant that it was gambled up, and vice versa, it was gambled down.

These bosses obviously did not want to gamble themselves into collapse, so they brought in these experienced people.

Seeing this, Ji Feng couldn’t help but secretly breathe a sigh of relief, fortunately he didn’t wait to see the original stones, otherwise, others would have seen at a glance that he was an amateur, and then in terms of price, it wouldn’t be so good.

The first time he came in, he remembered that there seemed to be someone selling magnifying gla*ses at the entrance, and even if he was pretending, he had to act like it, so that at least when it came time to bargain, he could say something.

However, when Ji Feng bought the magnifying gla*s and just returned to the entrance, he suddenly noticed a fat figure slamming right into him, Ji Feng reacted keenly and took a step back fiercely long next to him, dodging.


The obese figure stumbled and swayed a few times before stabilising itself.

“Honey, are you all right?” A voice so whispery that it gave people goosebumps suddenly rang out from the side, followed by a woman with a full head of red hair who quickly walked over and held the obese figure.

Ji Feng was stunned, these two people, weren’t they Hu Xuehui’s sister and brother-in-law?

He immediately turned his gaze to the side, just in time to see Hu Xuehui, who also looked stunned.

“It’s really …… unjust!” These words popped up in Ji Feng’s mind as he gave Hu Xuethui a faint glance as if he was looking at a stranger, and then walked towards the courtyard.

“Kid, stop right there!” Hu Xuethui’s brother-in-law shouted angrily and took a few steps to Ji Feng, blocking his way.

Ji Feng’s eyebrows instantly furrowed as he immediately smelled a puffy smell of alcohol; clearly, this man seemed to be hungover.

“Kid, why didn’t you hold me up just now? D*mn it, if I fall down, you’ll be responsible!” Hu Xuehui’s fat-headed brother-in-law cursed.

Ji Feng’s face sank: “You try cursing again?

Nowadays, Ji Feng had already had an extraordinary aura, and when he sank his face, a majesty was immediately revealed, causing the man to be stunned and look at Ji Feng for a long time, but he didn’t dare to say half a word.


Ji Feng coldly snorted, gave the man a disgusted look and turned to leave.

“D*mn it!”

It was only until Ji Feng walked away that Hu Xuehui’s brother-in-law sort of reacted, and he felt a pang of shame at the thought that he had been intimidated by a look from Ji Feng.

“D*mned brat, if you dare to mess with me Wu Changqun, you’re dead!” The fat-headed man, Wu Changqun, became furious with shame and anger and couldn’t help but curse.

“Honey, that man just now seems a bit familiar, have we seen him somewhere before?” Hu Xuehui’s sister asked suspiciously.

“Sister, brother-in-law, that man just now was Ji Feng!” Hu Xuethui spoke up.


Hu Xuethui’s sister immediately shouted, “That’s that poor kid? He dares to speak to your brother-in-law like that?”

“I can’t spare him!” Wu Changqun snorted angrily.

In Hu Xuehui’s eyes, however, a look of deep thought appeared, the kind of aura Ji Feng had just displayed was really impressive!

However, in the blink of an eye, Hu Xuehui shook her head disdainfully, so what if the momentum is strong, it can’t be a meal, money is the most important thing.

Just like herself, because her brother-in-law was rich, she didn’t even have to participate in military training, while the other students were still suffering from training!

Hu Xuehui was so proud of herself, but at the same time she was also baffled, how could Ji Feng appear here? According to reason, he should also be in military training now, right?

Without thinking much, Hu Xuethui followed her sister and brother-in-law into the trade fair.

What happened just now didn’t affect Ji Feng much, at this moment, he was holding a magnifying gla*s in his hand, looking carefully at a raw stone, while in fact, his gaze had already seen through the magnifying gla*s and the outer skin of the stone, and saw the inside.

Ji Feng shook his head slightly in his heart, inside this stone, it was just a green mist like stuff, obviously the stone was dug out too early, the jadeite had not yet formed inside.

Ji Feng also did not move, and looked at the other raw stones again.

There were hundreds of stalls like the one Ji Feng was looking at now, in the whole factory warehouse compound, and the scope of the compound was enormous, so it was impossible for Ji Feng to look at them one by one, he just let his intelligent brain activate the bio-current and came to a stall, first sweeping through it with a glance, and only when there was a stone worth noting would he take a few serious looks at it.

“Boss, how do you sell this raw stone?” Ji Feng pointed to a piece of raw stone in front of him that was half a man’s height. There was a thin layer of green mist on the outside of this piece of raw stone, and it looked to be of good quality, but Ji Feng knew that there was actually nothing inside. In fact, what he was looking at was the one next to it, which was the size of a millstone.

Although he had never done business before, Ji Feng knew that the more he looked at a piece of raw stone, the more he must not reveal any hint of it, otherwise the boss would be asking for a lot!

The boss was a man in his forties and dressed in a very ordinary way. He took one look at Ji Feng and immediately frowned and said, “Little brother, you’re still a student, right? This piece of raw stone is not cheap, you ……”

Ji Feng naturally understood what he meant, he was worried that he couldn’t afford it.

“The boss always has to say a price first!” Ji Feng smiled and said.

“Seven hundred thousand!” When the boss saw that Ji Feng was undeterred, he couldn’t help but shake his head slightly and said with a smile.

Ji Feng was speechless, the money he had with him was not even a tenth of this price.

“I indeed can’t afford it!” Ji Feng hung his head somewhat, and somewhat undeterred, pointed to the smaller raw stone next to him, “What about this one?”

“One hundred and thirty thousand!” The boss was a little impatient, in his eyes, Ji Feng definitely could not afford it.

“Boss, this is too expensive, isn’t it? That original stone just now came out green, so it’s not too much for you to ask for 700,000, but this one, it’s nothing, it’s too much of a gamble, and you want 130,000?” Ji Feng argued at once.

“I say, little brother, are you going to buy it or not, don’t make trouble if you don’t buy it, okay?” The boss didn’t even bother to argue with Ji Feng.

Ji Feng was just about to speak when he heard a voice next to him suddenly ring out, “Boss, this is just a poor boy, usually his family still lives on selling vegetables, how can he possibly afford it!”

Ji Feng’s brow furrowed and without turning around, he knew who the speaker was.

Hu Xuehui’s brother-in-law, Wu Changqun, walked over with a slightly shaky look of disdain.