Campus Master Chapter 121-122

Chapter 121

Seemingly because she was taking all of Ji Shaolei’s calls, Qin Shujie’s face was a bit gloomy. Go to see the net -.7-K–o-m. She spoke into the phone and briefly told what had happened, and finally said, “Ji Shao, you already know what happened, Zhou Dayong is doing things under your banner, how do you plan to deal with it?”

There was a moment of silence on the phone, and then the person on the other end of the line said a few words about something.

A moment later, Qin Shujie had Old Wang hand the phone to Zhou Dayong, who had just gotten it to his ear and heard only a few words spoken inside, when he instantly turned pale and trembled, about to go limp on the floor.

At this moment, everyone knew that Zhou Dayong’s backer had given up on him, or rather, his backer did not intend to stand up for him. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t have had this expression on his face.

The person standing outside the crowd, Ji Feng, could not help but nod slightly, it seems that this Qin Shujie’s origin may not be as big as Ji Shaolei’s, but also absolutely can not let Ji Shaolei worry, or maybe, this Zhou Dayong is simply not on stage, not worth Ji Shaolei to step in to protect him.

But no matter what, Ji Shaolei’s performance today was barely acceptable. In fact, since he knew that Zhou Dayong was the department manager of Ji Shaolei’s Jian’an Group, Ji Feng had already decided that if Ji Shaolei insisted on using the power of the Ji family to press Qin Shujie this time, he would step in and talk to Ji Shaolei directly.

He wanted to see just how far the three children of his second uncle could run wild in Jiangzhou!

Fortunately, it was enough that Ji Shaolei did not step in to protect Zhou Dayong, no matter what the reason was, he did not do so. The only thing he cared about was that what Zhou Dayong had done today had aroused his anger, especially because the sultry woman had called him a ‘wild child’, which made Ji Feng furious.

However, Ji Feng was also a bit surprised to find out what Qin Shujie and that old Wang were up to, how come they called so many big men with one phone call and acted so recklessly.

Obviously, this question will not get any answer for a while, but Ji Feng’s origin for Qin Shujie, another point more important.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. At this moment, even the arrogant demon woman beside him knew that they were in big trouble today, they had messed with the wrong person!

The demonic woman’s face instantly changed, she was trembling with fear, but because she was being held by those few big men, she didn’t even have the chance to go limp on the ground.

The demon woman trembled in horror, “Husband ……”

Zhou Dayong slowly shook his head and suddenly took a few steps forward, only to be stopped by the alert Old Wang. Zhou Dayong clenched his teeth and fiercely threw himself on his knees in front of Old Wang and turned to Qin Shujie, begging, “This lady, what happened today was our fault, please be noble and spare us a horse.”

At this time, the young boy Zhou Xiaogang’s face was similarly devoid of the kind of arrogance and smugness he had learned from his father, becoming awe-inspiring and finally crying in fear.

In fact, if you think about it, a three or four year old child is still looking at the faces of adults and imitating them? Even if he was bad, how bad could he be?

The character of a child, in the end, lies with the parents.

Qin Shujie looked indifferently at Zhou Dayong who was kneeling in front of Old Wang, without the slightest expression on her beautiful face. The people around him could not help but sympathize with Zhou Dayong, but when they remembered how domineering he was before, and his arrogant face, they could not help but gloat, or rather despise.

Why should I have known that?

Before, he said ‘wild seed’, not only did he ask the mother and daughter to apologise, he even wanted 100,000 yuan to pay compensation.

Now, the mother of the little girl has to pay for the damages, and even apologize to the other side together. Then, they were about to start settling scores again, but Zhou Dayong was a coward.

There were some people who understood the situation and could not help but shake their heads in secret.

The mother of that little girl was a person of some status at first glance. Such a person, seeing her daughter being beaten up, not only did she not get angry, but even brought her daughter along to apologize to the other party, which meant that the other party either did not care for her daughter at all, or, was really angry. The news was a bit of a surprise, as he casually browsed through it.

Ji Feng searched mainly for news about Jiangzhou City, and after a general look, there was not much that was new, so he was ready to close the webpage.

Suddenly, an advertisement came into Ji Feng’s eyes. It was a news item about an upcoming jadeite and jade exhibition in Jiangzhou City, and Ji Feng immediately remembered that the Qin Shujie he met today was not the boss of the jewellery company.

He was slightly intrigued and skimmed through the news in general.

It turned out that in three days’ time, the exhibition centre in Jiangzhou would hold a jadeite and jade exhibition, and there would be a trade fair for raw jadeite stones in addition to the exquisite jadeite and jade stones on display.

Ji Feng immediately came to the spirit, jadeite raw stone?

He seemed to have heard that jadeite grows out of stone, the so-called jadeite raw stones are actually jadeite rough stones, only when the stone is cut, we can know if there is jadeite inside, which is equivalent to a kind of gambling. Only, this kind of gambling relies on eyesight and experience, of course, also has a great relationship with luck.


Chapter 122

“There are three more days to go before the jadeite and jade exhibition is held for four days. Go to see the net . After that, it’s the two-day jadeite raw stone fair, adding up to a total of six days.”

Ever since he saw the information about the jadeite raw stone fair, Ji Feng’s attention was immediately drawn to this information, “The jadeite jade fair for the first four days doesn’t have much to do with me, but if I can go to it, at least I can still have some understanding about the prices of jadeite and jade stones. In this way, it will definitely help quite a bit with the original jadeite trade fair later on.”

Ji Feng was lying on his bed and muttering to himself, secretly calculating in his heart.

In fact, the reason why he was so interested in this so-called jadeite trade fair was because he found out that this trade seemed to be prepared for him by nature!

The jadeite grows in stone, which Ji Feng had heard about occasionally before, and now that he saw the information about this fair, he immediately had a calculation in his mind.

His own gaze could penetrate thin barriers, such as human clothes, the silver pulp-covered area of the scrapers. Then, for this bulky boulder, if the same could be seen through, the huge windfall would be enough to drive anyone mad!

“We can’t be chaotic, we have to be steady!” Ji Feng forced himself to calm down and concentrate on his plan.

As far as it was concerned, the opportunity was there, but it was only an opportunity. Because first of all, Ji Feng didn’t know if his penetrating eyes could see through the stone. The second point was that Ji Feng did not know what kind of qualifications were needed to participate in this jadeite jade exhibition, as well as that jadeite raw stone trade fair that would follow.

To know if one’s own penetrating eyes could see through stones, it was actually very simple, one only had to find a random stone and look at it, so this was not difficult to solve.

Because if you can’t even see through an ordinary stone, then there’s no need to go to any trade fairs, even if it’s a good opportunity, it’s useless to go for it without that ability.

This, at this point, is the most basic requirement.

Apart from that, there is also the qualification to participate in the trade fair.

Ji Feng did not think that he, a small student, could just go to the trade fair in such a big way. Most of the trade fairs of this nature should be initiated by some corporate groups or some businessmen with strong financial resources.

This point, however, is what gave Ji Feng a headache.

“Strong strength ……” Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh bitterly, where did he have any strength anymore?

It seems that even if he can see through the stone, he may not be able to tragically call that trade fair. .com Ji Feng closed his eyes and pondered, if this time the trade fair is really the same as what he thought, then there is only one way to participate in the trade fair, to cooperate with others!

Ji Feng is now without a collaborator, and he doesn’t want to find one for the time being.

So after thinking about it, Ji Feng decided that it would be better to go and have a look first. Anyway, the jadeite and jade fair that started first was all free, so the big deal was to go as a tourist when the time came. As for the trade fair at the back, let’s take a step first and see what happens!

With an idea in mind, Ji Feng took out his phone again and dialed Tong Lei’s number.

“Ji Feng.” Tong Lei’s clear, lark-like voice came out of the receiver, causing a smile to cover Ji Feng’s face.

“Lei Lei, is the training very tiring? Otherwise, come back.” Ji Feng said with concern. Tong Lei, that girl who seemed as delicate as a porcelain doll, clear and beautiful, participating in military training, did make Ji Feng’s heart ache.

“You want me to go back?” Tong Lei smiled cheekily.

Ji Feng rightfully nodded, but remembered that it was on the phone and Tong Lei couldn’t see, so he also laughed, “Of course, your brother deserves a good training, but you are different, you don’t need to participate in that kind of military training, as long as you usually exercise more, it’s equally good for your body!”

“Not for now, I’ll talk to you when I can’t hold out any longer.” Tong Lei thought about it and decided to stay, “I’ve met a few friends here and I think it’s quite good!”

Ji Feng suddenly understood, when she was in high school, everyone knew that Tong Lei was the daughter of the county party secretary, so most of those who approached her did so with some utilitarian purpose, or they were afraid to approach her, leaving her without many friends. Now that she had a new friend, Tong Lei naturally cherished it.

“Alright then, if you can’t hold out anymore, make sure to call me, got it?” Ji Feng was a bit uneasy and admonished again.

“Mmm!” Tong Lei was very well behaved in front of Ji Feng, except for the occasional naughtiness.

Next, the two of them chatted idly for a while, although Ji Feng rarely tried to coax a girl, his concern for Tong Lei came from his heart, which made Tong Lei very happy and worked better than any flowery words.

Listening to Tong Lei’s giggles over the phone, Ji Feng’s mood also lightened up.

Time flew by, three days pa*sed in a flash, and the Jiangzhou Jadeite and Jade Exhibition officially opened at 9am on September 23rd.

During these three days, Ji Feng only did two things. The first was to find a stone, proving that he could indeed see through stones and that his penetrating eye was invincible.

The second thing, was to look up information on the internet, going through some of the cla*sifications of jadeite jade, the varieties, and the corresponding prices of the various grades in detail.

Through a detailed understanding, Ji Feng could not help but be secretly surprised. In recent years, the price of jadeite was skyrocketing, and, because the long-term mining had made some extremely fine jadeite almost extinct, the price naturally climbed by leaps and bounds.

Most of the jadeite on the market now is of the ordinary water variety, but the ice variety or the more advanced old pit jadeite is very rare.

In addition, the price of jadeite also fluctuates greatly, but overall, it still shows an upward trend.

As for jade, it was not easy for Ji Feng to grasp, as there was a big difference between jade and jadeite, and he had no plans to have any plans in jade, so he just browsed casually.

At 10am on the first day of the exhibition, Ji Feng arrived at the main entrance of the exhibition centre on time.

At this moment, the exhibition centre was already filled with cars outside, and the square at the entrance was also crowded with a large number of people, who were obviously all here to participate in today’s exhibition.

In fact, Ji Feng knew very well that most of these people standing outside should be some people whose status was not enough to attend the opening ceremony, and compared to those inside who attended the opening ceremony, most of them were just some small fish and shrimps.

This is exactly what Ji Feng wanted, because now he is also a small fish and a small shrimp, not even a small shrimp, just an unranked student. Those who can participate in the exhibition are at least figures in the jewellery and jade industry, and which of these people do not have a little bit of money?

The total deposit of Ji Feng is only a little over 100,000, of which there are still more than 60,000 in Xiao Yuxuan’s account.

When he thought of Xiao Yuxuan, Ji Feng’s heart was filled with melancholy. The beautiful woman who also made his heart flutter, where had she gone? The figure that he saw on the campus of the United University that day, was it Xiao Yuxuan?

Shaking his head slightly and shaking off all those complicated thoughts, Ji Feng stood at the outermost part of the crowd, waiting to enter it with these people. At the same time, he was also trying to listen to these people chatting, so that he might be able to learn some relevant information.

Sure enough, Ji Feng heard a piece of information that made him laugh bitterly. This time, the first day of the jadeite and jade exhibition was only for people in the industry, and from the second day until the end, it was only for some ordinary visitors. In that case, Ji Feng didn’t have to come so early, he could have come tomorrow and come in as a visitor openly.

But since he was here, Ji Feng naturally did not want to just go back, he made up his mind that he would find a way to blend in later.

“Brother-in-law, your business is so big, you must be one of the main guests at this jade exhibition, right?” Just as Ji Feng was eavesdropping on the others’ conversation, a familiar voice suddenly came through, causing a cold light to flash in Ji Feng’s eyes and his face to sink abruptly.

He slightly turned his head sideways, and the light of his eyes instantly saw that at a distance of about twenty meters from him, a voluptuous figure was standing there, but it was Ji Feng’s old acquaintance, Hu Xuehui!

Next to Hu Xuethui stood two people whom Ji Feng also knew. These two people, one of them was a very sultry woman dressed in a super short skirt with a small vest on top, revealing a snow-white piece, half of her belly showing in the middle and a head of red hair, making it look as if she was a street girl.

The other, a fat-headed man, the sun at ten o’clock was not too hot, but this man was already sweating profusely and seemed very uncomfortable.

These two people, naturally, were Hu Xuehui’s sister and brother-in-law.

Seeing the three of them, a cold light danced in Ji Feng’s eyes. He still clearly remembered that winter break of his senior year, when Hu Xuehui’s three men saw Ji Feng and his mother selling vegetables on the street, that kind of condescending and unforgiving insult.

Before that time, Ji Feng had never had any half-hearted hatred for Hu Xuethui, yet it was that one insult that made Ji Feng really angry. He could be insulted by anyone any way he wanted, but, he just couldn’t treat his mother with any half-hearted disrespect!

Ji Feng turned his head away again, he didn’t want Hu Xuehui’s trio to recognise him just yet.

At this time, Hu Xuehui’s sister’s voice came over, “That’s right, Xiao Hui, your brother-in-law’s jewellery company, it’s very famous in Jiangzhou oh, this time’s jewellery exhibition, your brother-in-law will definitely be one of the main guests.”

“Hey, hey, don’t be too ostentatious!” Hu Xuehui’s brother-in-law waved his hand, but his face couldn’t hide the smug look.

The exhibition started at nine o’clock and the opening ceremony ended at ten o’clock. Those who were invited at the opening ceremony were considered the main guests, while others, at most, could only be considered industry insiders.

This man is so shameless, he is not afraid of being laughed at!