Campus Master Chapter 117-118

Chapter 117

Ji Feng finally knew why this beautiful young woman in front of him had suddenly hit herself. The reason is that he squinted and saw that the big man next to him, who smelled of sweat and had a foul mouth, was leaning forward slightly. Because the big man had a bag on his body all the time, plus the bus was rather crowded, so this leaning forward of his body just happened to block the view of all the others.

And at this time, one of the big man’s hands reached out from the inside of the bag and made a grabbing motion, landing straight on the beautiful young woman’s upturned buttocks in front of him, squeezing it hard, and then quickly withdrew his hand.

“Boy, what a master!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but give a secret praise, to be a pervert to achieve this level, this level, that is definitely not an ordinary expert, he couldn’t help but faintly glance at that big man, but saw a smug and enjoyable look on his face, looking incomparably comfortable.

A few black lines appeared on Ji Feng’s forehead, this big man was definitely a psychopath!

However, the next moment, the black lines on Ji Feng’s forehead turned into anger, and a thick anger rose in his heart.

It turned out that the beautiful young woman felt her sensitive parts being attacked again and turned back at once, but could not see the slightest difference, Ji Feng was sleeping with his eyes closed, while the big man made a shocked look and froze looking at the beautiful young woman.

The beautiful young woman’s shy and angry gaze went back and forth between the faces of Ji Feng and the big man, and when her gaze landed on the big man’s face, between that the big man looked at the beautiful young woman and pouted again in the direction where Ji Feng was.


Ji Feng suddenly realized, no wonder the beautiful young woman had to hit herself for no reason before, the reason for the matter was actually because that big man had molested her and framed her for it!

“D*mn it!” Ji Feng was furious and almost wanted to slap this shameless thing to death immediately. However, when he thought about it, he held back his anger.

This was because Ji Feng knew that even if he beat this lustful and shameless big man up now, he would not be able to clarify in front of the beautiful young woman, let alone prove his innocence.

He decided not to take any action and just wait and see what would happen.

This series of thoughts only flashed through Ji Feng’s mind for an extremely short period of time. The next moment, the beautiful young woman’s eyes, which were both shy and angry, glared at Ji Feng, looking like she was about to make a move.

At this time, Ji Feng had a bright idea and deliberately dozed off, sleepily rubbing his eyes, then pretending to sleep unconsciously once again.

When Ji Feng did so, the beautiful young woman gave a start, then gave an annoyed look at Ji Feng and the big man and cursed, “Shameless!”

Then, she turned her head away. .com

Because Ji Feng was pretending too much, it made the beautiful young woman instinctively think that Ji Feng was really sleeping and had no time to molest herself, while the big man was also acting like a moral man at this time, so the beautiful young woman could no longer say anything and could only leave it at that. Without evidence, you can’t just beat people up again like last time!

Ji Feng gritted his teeth, people are not afraid of a woman, what else is a big man like himself afraid of?

Especially the slender legs wrapped under the pencil trousers, as well as the upturned and rounded buttocks, it is really impossible to take one’s eyes off.

Just as Ji Feng continued to squint his eyes and comment on the beautiful young woman’s back, he noticed that the big man next to him had extended his devilish hand again, going straight for the beautiful young woman’s arse.

“D*mn, you still dare to set me up, if I don’t let you make a big fool of yourself this time, I really don’t need to get involved!” Ji Feng cursed angrily in his heart, his eyes fixed on the big man’s hand with a deadly gaze.

The moment that big man grabbed a handful of the beautiful young woman’s arse and was about to quickly withdraw it, he suddenly felt a numbness in his ribs and his arm unexpectedly stiffened there, half of his body was unable to move.


With uncontrollable anger, that beautiful young woman snapped her head around, but just in time to see that obscene and extremely lewd posture of the big man, and then looking at Ji Feng, still sleeping with his eyes closed, standing there swaying as if he might fall down at any moment.

In this instant, the beautiful young woman understood everything at once, and she shouted angrily, “Shameless person!”

Immediately afterwards, a fierce slap was slapped towards the big man’s face, “Pa!”

Next to him, Ji Feng jerked his head up, pretending to be suddenly awakened, looked at the big man and then at the beautiful young woman, and was about to shout.


But the beautiful young woman suddenly said in a low voice, “Don’t make a sound!”

Ji Feng’s wide mouth froze, then he resentfully shut it and gave the beautiful young woman a smiling look. In fact, he really wanted to give that beautiful young woman a hard time, because from the time he was falsely accused of being a pervert when he got into the car, to the time he almost received a slap from her, the relationship between the two of them had been very tense.

The two of them had a very tense relationship, and Ji Feng knew very well that if he opened his mouth and shouted out now, everyone would know that the big man had secretly molested her, and the beautiful young woman would not have the face to stay in the car anymore.

However, seeing the pleading gaze of the beautiful young woman, Ji Feng could no longer get angry and could only shake his head and stop talking.

The beautiful young woman looked at him apologetically, knowing that she had wronged him before, but wanting to say something to apologize, she didn’t know how to speak for a while, and the scene just chilled out, with only the big man, half of whose body was paralyzed, sweating like a mallet and standing there.

“That …… sorry, I was wrong to blame you before, I hope you don’t mind!” Seeing the still red back of Ji Feng’s hand, the beautiful young woman finally apologized in a low voice.

Ji Feng looked at her with a smirk and did not say anything. But he also had to admit that this beautiful young woman’s voice was, indeed, very nice to listen to. Her voice was not the crisp voice of Tong Lei, nor was it the pleasant chirping voice of Xiao Yuxuan that sounded like a nightingale, but a flirtatious voice that seemed to be embedded in her bones that made people’s hearts pound.

Seeing Ji Feng’s expression, the beautiful young woman suddenly blushed with shyness.

Ji Feng pointed at the big man next to her and said, “Now you should know who is really the shameless one, right?”

Since the bus was rather noisy, the two of them were not afraid of being overheard with their whispered conversation.

The beautiful young woman said in a low voice, “Yes, I know, I’m sorry for wrongly blaming you before.”

Seeing that the beautiful young woman apologized twice in a row, Ji Feng’s anger subsided, he was not a petty person, but he was just angry at being hit for no reason. What’s more, when faced with the soft words of such a beautiful young woman, I’m afraid few people can be angry, right?

At this moment, Ji Feng couldn’t help but be a little jealous of this beautiful young woman’s husband, what kind of blessing did he cultivate in his last life to get such a wife in this life!

“Forget it, you are also a victim in this matter.” Ji Feng waved his hand and let out a soft sigh in his heart, once he remembered that this woman in front of him was already someone else’s wife, somehow, he had a feeling of loss in his heart.

He couldn’t help but curse himself for being shameless, how had he become worse and worse now?

“I guess, I was not a good person in the first place, right? Perhaps it was because of the previous family conditions and the suppression of the external environment, which prevented him from liberating his nature at all, and now that he has finally come to the end of his days, his true nature has come out!” Ji Feng secretly said. Thinking of Tong Lei, who was still in military training, Ji Feng’s heart could not help but surge with a touch of sweetness, and then looking at the beautiful young woman in front of him, those complicated thoughts in Ji Feng’s heart were put aside, and what remained was simply appreciation.

“That, if I call the police, can you testify for me later?” The beautiful young woman suddenly asked.

Ji Feng was stunned and then nodded, but in his heart he was secretly praising that this beautiful young woman was not a weak person. He had heard before that there were many women who were molested but didn’t dare to report to the police, either because they were afraid of losing face or fearing retaliation, thus condoning those criminals.

The beautiful young woman in front of him was obviously not one of them.

However, on second thought, the beautiful young woman shook her head and said in a low voice, “Forget it, I have to rush back to pick up my daughter, I don’t have time to waste with this shameless person.”

Ji Feng nodded indifferently, the other party was the one in question, she didn’t even want to call the police, so naturally she wouldn’t say anything more herself.

“Count yourself lucky this time!” The beautiful young woman glared at the big man who still had no half-hearted response and said indignantly.

That big man was lucky?

Ji Feng shook his head and laughed, he didn’t think so. When the big man tried to withdraw his hand just now, Ji Feng pointed his finger at the big man’s rib cage, which was a numb point that could paralyse half of his body continuously if he was right. And with the force Ji Feng exerted, I’m afraid that the big man would have to spend the next half month in bed, even if he went to the hospital, it would be useless.

You know, this was the combat technique of the Gamma Galaxy, and there was certainly nothing one could do about it now.

“By the way, my name is Qin Shujie, thank you so much for today, and for misunderstanding you, I’m very sorry.” The beautiful young woman suddenly remembered something and hurriedly took out a business card from the bag she had with her and handed it to Ji Feng.

“My name is Ji Feng!”

Ji Feng smiled faintly and looked down, only to see that the business card read: Shu Yao Jewellery Company Limited, General Manager Qin Shujie.

Seeing this line, Ji Feng couldn’t help but be astonished. The boss of a jewellery company, I really couldn’t see that this beautiful young woman owned a jewellery company!

Ji Feng couldn’t help but think that a young woman so young owned a jewellery company, thinking that this young woman’s background was, I’m afraid, extremely uncomplicated.


Chapter 118

Although Ji Feng was a little surprised at Qin Shujie’s identity, he didn’t show it on his face and just smiled, “Ms. Qin is really something, owning a company at such a young age. Go see the net .”

Qin Shujie laughed lightly, “It’s nothing, it’s just some good luck.”

The two people didn’t have much of a friendship in the first place, and it was their first time meeting, so after just a few casual words, Qin Shujie turned around and stood back up.

Ji Feng was naturally the kind of person who couldn’t leave when he saw a beautiful woman, and when the conversation between the two ended, he continued to sleep with his eyes closed, leaning against the gla*s of the car door. In fact, this time Ji Feng was really asleep. Sleeping standing up may seem a bit unbelievable to say, but Ji Feng was actually sleeping standing up.

The reason for this was that, in the Super Agent Training System, Ji Feng had received sleep training. For an agent, sufficient sleep was a prerequisite to ensure sufficient energy. Therefore, if one wanted to be a good agent, one had to learn that one could sleep peacefully under any circumstances, and that too in a deep sleep.

You know, a minute of deep sleep is worth an hour of subconscious sleep, a saying that Ji Feng learned from his instructor in the training system, so for him, maintaining abundant energy at all times had become a habit.

Of course, even in the process of sleeping, Ji Feng’s body still remained instinctively alert and on guard, which had become a subconscious action for him, an instinct of sorts.

The bus was still very noisy, but Ji Feng slept peacefully, however, it was the nasty big man next to him who suffered.

Being nudged in the ribs by Ji Feng had paralysed half of that big man’s body, and after a few moments, not only was half of his body paralysed, but he even started to gradually lose consciousness. By now, that half of his body was completely unconscious, as if the whole man knew half of it.

This made him unable to speak, and it was as if his whole body had been cast in a stance, and he could not move at all. Because he had to use the other half of his body to hold on, otherwise he might fall to the ground at any moment.

He couldn’t understand why his body had suddenly become like this, what was wrong with it?

However, no matter how anxious and fearful his heart was, the big man would never know that he had become like this because he had framed Ji Feng. If he had known that this innocent and gentle looking kid beside him was actually a bogeyman, he would not have framed Ji Feng, no matter what he said.

After sleeping for a while, Ji Feng’s eyebrows suddenly furrowed, it turned out that the nasty big man next to him was paralyzed because half of his body was paralyzed, making his mouth unable to close at all, that saliva dripped down the corners of his mouth, wetting all the lapels on his chest, moreover, making the air around him filled with a strange and incomparable smell.

“For the time being, I’ll let you cheapen this shameless guy for once!”

Ji Feng cursed in his heart, pretending to doze off, his finger moved slightly and nudged at the big man’s body.

A moment later, that big man suddenly let out a miserable cry, “Ah!”

He then spun around in place, wiping the saliva from the corners of his mouth in a panic as he cursed angrily, “****, who the hell is that B*****d to screw me?”

The carriage suddenly fell silent as everyone looked at the big man, and Ji Feng likewise looked at him with a puzzled expression.

When the big man took a look at the situation, he couldn’t help but curse, “What the **** are you all looking at? What’s there to see!”

This big man was stout and his face was already somewhat fierce and vicious, and when he got angry at this moment, he suddenly looked a bit hideous.

Most of the people riding the bus were ordinary citizens, and no one would stand up for themselves because of this, so the crowd cursed this big man for his lack of quality in their hearts, but they also turned their heads back and pretended that they had not seen this rude guy.

Ji Feng, however, secretly sneered, still so arrogant now, it seems that he really can’t just let him go.

That big man’s body has not yet fully recovered, half of his body still feels a little uncomfortable, can’t help but move around there, as if ants on a hot pot, watching Ji Feng can’t help but secretly laugh.

Because the car was really already full, so the driver only opened the back door for a few stops in succession to let some of the car’s pa*sengers off, and only after half an hour did he sort of open the front door. .com

And at this time, that big man cursed and muttered a word of bad luck, and also got off from the front door.

A sinister smile suddenly appeared on Ji Feng’s face as he touched his body and eventually found the business card that Qin Shujie had just given him from his pocket.

After taking a look at Qin Shujie, Ji Feng found that she had already taken advantage of the effort to get off behind her and walked to the back of the carriage. Ji Feng then quickly tore the business card into two pieces, just leaving the piece with the phone number, and the remaining piece, which he quickly balled up into a small paper ball, flicked it out violently at the big man who had already gotten out of the car.

“Bang!” The sound.

The moment the car door closed, the paper ball was flicked out of the car.

Ji Feng, through the car window, only saw that the big man had just reached the station sign, and before he could take a step up, he suddenly froze there, with a look of extreme fear on his face.


Ji Feng couldn’t help but snicker, this wasn’t the first time he had done this kind of shady thing, but it was the first time he had done it with such gusto.

He could not afford to feel any better about this nasty big man, especially when the other party not only molested a woman in the car, but even framed this act on himself, which was simply unforgivable.

Ji Feng believed that with that blow just now, it would be enough to put that big man in bed for 20 days, and it would be absolutely useless to go to the hospital. Because this time was different from the one in the car, that time, Ji Feng had punctured the acupuncture points between the big man’s ribs, while this time, he had used the technique of cutting off the veins, pinching the meridians in the big man’s torso, which was even more powerful than puncturing the acupuncture points.

The first time I saw him, I was so upset with him that I was able to get him to do it.

However, Ji Feng did not know that at this moment he was considering whether it was appropriate for him to lay a heavy hand on the big man, while at the back of the carriage, a pair of beautiful eyes were staring deadly at him, with an uncontrollable anger in their eyes.

The owner of this pair of beautiful eyes was no other than Qin Shujie, who had some misunderstanding with Ji Feng before.

She stared deadly at Ji Feng’s hand, and in his hand, he was holding a business card that had been torn into two halves. Although only one half of it was there, this half was enough for Qin Shujie to instantly recognise that it was definitely her own business card!

An uncontrollable anger surged in Qin Shujie’s heart, he had torn his own business card?

As the boss of a jewellery company, not to mention her background, her looks and her own ability alone were enough to run the market, and no matter where she went, no one would dare to tear her business card.

No matter where she went, no one would dare to tear her business card. But now, a student-like kid had torn up her business card just like that!

The more Qin Shujie thought about it, the more furious she felt, and she couldn’t even help but secretly wonder, did she just misunderstand him and let him hold such a grudge?

Shaking her head, Qin Shujie couldn’t help but laugh again in her heart, what was she bothering with a student, she and he were not from the same world at all, she had to learn to control her mood and temper well ……

Qin Shujie consoled herself, and when she looked at Ji Feng again, she did not feel how annoying he was anymore, only that her gaze changed, it was as if she was looking at a complete stranger, as if she was walking down the street, her gaze sweeping aimlessly, occasionally seeing a person and just pa*sing by, nothing happened, not even a half impression.

The current Ji Feng was such a person in Qin Shujie’s eyes. Since the other party has already torn up his business card, the two sides will never have a half-hearted encounter from now on.

In Qin Shujie’s mind, she had already marked Ji Feng as a ‘stranger’ and would always do so.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. After putting it in, Ji Feng solemnly smoothed out the wallet again before putting it back into his pocket.

Qin Shujie was stunned for a moment, she really couldn’t understand how this little guy, who had just torn up his own business card, could put it away so solemnly again?

Qin Shujie could be sure that Ji Feng had not looked at himself during the whole process from tearing the business card to putting it away. This means that he did not notice the change in his expression, so why did he suddenly change again?

As a company boss, Qin Shujie immediately and instinctively speculated that there were only two possibilities for such a thing to happen.

The second possibility is that Ji Feng tore up the business card, but definitely not because he held a grudge against himself, but for other reasons.

For these two possibilities, Qin Shujie felt that the latter was more likely, which could be seen from Ji Feng’s action of putting away the business card just now. Being able to control a jewellery company, Qin Shujie definitely did not lack an eye for people, and through Ji Feng’s actions just now, Qin Shujie knew that Ji Feng should not be the kind of person who was petty.

“What an interesting little guy!” Qin Shujie couldn’t help but shake her head and smile, and regardless of the reason why Ji Feng tore up the business card, since he had now put it away so solemnly again, Qin Shujie decided to forgive him.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

At this moment, Ji Feng did not know how many thoughts had flashed through Qin Shujie’s mind because of this one action of his. Of course, even if Ji Feng knew about it, he would only shake his head and laugh at most, he didn’t think he would have any dealings with this jewellery company’s boss in the future.

What’s more, by tearing up the business card, Ji Feng was actually taking revenge for Qin Shujie. Since he didn’t have anything else on him to pop out, there was only a business card, and Ji Feng rightfully chose that. Otherwise, he couldn’t just let him throw out his keys or wallet, right?

With this little episode, the carriage became a lot quieter, perhaps because the pa*sengers were afraid of another madman like the one who had just appeared out of nowhere, or perhaps because the weather was too sultry to make people want to talk.

Ji Feng also simply opened all the windows next to him, and a wave of heat came over him, so he cursed and closed the windows again.

In fact, this kind of heat was nothing to Ji Feng, back in the Super Agent Training System, the intelligent brain used bio-current to simulate that kind of environment like a steam cage, which made Ji Feng suffer a lot, the current temperature could be compared to that time, it could be said that he was blowing cold air.

Twenty minutes or so later, the bus wobbled and slowly arrived at the university town, which was also the last stop of this bus.

As soon as the door opened, Ji Feng stepped down with his luggage and looked up to see that he was still about four or five stops away from his school. According to the rules of Jiangzhou, one stop is about one kilometre, and these four or five stops are nearly ten miles.

The four or five stops would be nearly ten miles. Looking at the baggage in his hand, although it was not a lot, walking ten miles in this hot summer, even Ji Feng, who had undergone all kinds of training, was a little bit bitter.

Ji Feng shook his head, it was better to take a taxi.

He went to the side of the stop sign, looked at the pa*sing taxis and prepared to hail an empty one.


Suddenly, a car whistle sounded next to him, followed by a bright pink Cadillac stopping at the curb next to the bus stop sign.

“Hey, Mr. Ji, where are you going, I’ll give you a ride?” The rear window of the Cadillac came down, revealing a rather unexpected face of Ji Feng, but it was the Qin Shujie that he had met on the bus.

Seeing Qin Shujie, Ji Feng was a little surprised as he pointed at himself, “Ms. Qin, are you talking to me?”

Ji Feng’s unexpected and stunned look made Qin Shujie couldn’t help but reveal a smile as she nodded, “Of course I’m talking to you, I see that you seem to be waiting for a bus, do you want me to give you a ride?”

Ji Feng looked at the road, Qin Shujie laughed: “Don’t think about it, it’s the rush hour after work, it’s very that to get a car here, and there’s no bus here, come up!”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

He directly pulled open the pa*senger door and sat on it, only to find that the person driving was a man in his thirties, who had a serious expression on his face and didn’t even look at Ji Feng.

Ji Feng’s heart gave a slight pause, but his face didn’t show it, he just settled down well and put his luggage on his lap.

“Where are we going?” Qin Shujie, who was sitting at the back, asked.

“United University.” Ji Feng replied with a smile.

“Old Wang, drive!” Qin Shujie said to the driver who was driving.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but be a little surprised, this driver was only in his thirties and he was called Old King?

However, Ji Feng also saw that this Old Wang was definitely not Qin Shujie’s husband, otherwise, Qin Shujie would have been sitting in the pa*senger seat, and would definitely not have acted in a businesslike manner and called the driver Old Wang.

I think that this should be the special driver! It was only at this point that Ji Feng’s heart could be considered relieved, no wonder this driver had a serious look on his face, driving for the boss or for the leader, it was natural to be more serious.

“Mr. Ji turned out to be a senior student from Union University?” Qin Shujie asked from the back.

Ji Feng smiled and shook his head, “What senior student, Ms. Qin, you should not bury me, nowadays college students are worthless, many bosses who graduated from primary school have employees under their hands with graduate degrees or above.”

Qin Shujie couldn’t help but smile and said softly, “That’s not exactly true, the really big bosses can all have extremely high academic qualifications, otherwise, it would be difficult for the company to grow and develop!”

Ji Feng nodded and didn’t answer again. In fact, there was always an inexplicable pressure when he talked to this Qin Shujie. This pressure did not come from Qin Shujie’s status, but from her beauty and flirtatiousness.

As a normal man, when Ji Feng heard Qin Shujie’s soft words, he always wanted to involuntarily turn his head back to look at Qin Shujie’s extremely charming face, but he knew that this was extremely rude, so he could only force himself to look straight ahead.

However, he was extremely strong mentally, and even if the fluctuations in his heart were as huge as they were, his face would never show half a difference.

It was because of this that Qin Shujie mistakenly thought that Ji Feng didn’t like talking to himself very much, and she couldn’t help but smile lightly and didn’t say anything.

A student, who did not have much to do with her, had actually only offered to give Ji Feng a lift because she had misunderstood him on the bus before and was more or less apologetic.

Qin Shujie didn’t like to owe people favors, so she found this opportunity to return it.

Moreover, the distance between United University and Qin Shujie’s daughter’s kindergarten was not far, so she could just as well go and pick up her daughter, so it was a two-for-one deal.

The car fell into silence for a while, Ji Feng just watched the scenery outside the car receding rapidly, he was actually a little lost in thought for a while.

Thinking about the old days, Ji Feng couldn’t help but feel emotional, it was time to start looking for a job, he couldn’t always drag on like this, the days had gone by too fast, in a flash, he had gone from being that wild child who had been looked upon with disdain, to this man with a profound background now. However, all these changes were only because of the recognition with his father.

Ji Feng did not want to rely on others, even his own father. He wanted to rely on his own strength and fight for his own world.

I can definitely do it! Ji Feng clenched his fist.

But Qin Shujie, who was sitting in the back row, accidentally saw Ji Feng’s eyes burning with high fighting spirit through the rear view mirror of the car, and all of a sudden, Qin Shujie’s heart strings were gently plucked.

She suddenly realised that this look seemed very much like her own at the time.