Campus Master Chapter 113-114

Chapter 113

Just as Ji Feng shouted out, the black bear that was knocked down by Du Shao Feng, unexpectedly stood up silently, while attacking Du Shao Feng with a fierce punch. Go to see the net .

Neither Ji Feng nor Du Shaofeng expected that Black Bear would still fight back at this time, they both underestimated Black Bear’s resilience. Imagine, in a black boxing ring, it’s all or nothing, and victory is often a matter of holding on for that little bit longer. Even more so, there are black boxers who can even exhaust their opponents to death.

Neither Ji Feng nor Du Shaofeng had ever fought black boxing, so neither knew that the ferocity and tenacity of black boxers were, I’m afraid, incomparable to those in all other competitions. Because, other competitions may be about ranking, glory or money, but in black boxing, the competitors are competing for their lives!

In fact, what caused the current situation was, however, related to the experiences of both Ji Feng and Du Shaofeng. The moves that Ji Feng had learnt were all one-hit kung fu that would not give the opponent any chance to counter or recover, and would kill him at the moment of striking.

On the other hand, the martial arts that Du Shaofeng had learnt were more for the purpose of strengthening his body, not for competition, let alone for killing. It can be said that Ji Feng and Du Shaofeng are two extremes, one learns kung fu specifically for killing, while the other, learns kung fu for strengthening the body.

It was precisely for this reason that the black bear was given the opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

These words were complicated, but in reality, it was only a matter of a split second. In a flash, one could see that Black Bear’s fist had already reached the side of Du Shaofeng’s temple.

Having been alerted by Ji Feng, Du Shaofeng subconsciously lowered his head and turned sideways, dodging Black Bear’s fist.

However, Black Bear was prepared after all, while Du Shaofeng dodged the first blow, Black Bear’s second move also struck out, his foot, fiercely kicked Du Shaofeng in the back.


Du Shaofeng was kicked forward and flew out, landing heavily on the ground.

However, at this time, Black Bear was still gaining momentum, surprisingly his body rushed forward, looking at his hideous and vicious appearance, he simply wanted Du Shao Feng’s life!


Ji Feng shouted angrily, but the black bear turned a deaf ear and charged straight towards Du Shaofeng. Everyone in the room was stunned by this extremely brief but shocking change, forgetting what they were even thinking, just watching dumbfounded as the black bear rushed towards the kicked Du Shaofeng.


Ji Feng was furious, at this time it was already too late for him to attack the black bear, and Du Shaofeng was kicked away and landed just a short distance away from him, so he lashed out with his legs, his whole body was like a hungry tiger pouncing on him, and lightning-like he rushed to Du Shaofeng’s side, grabbed him and took four or five steps backwards, staring coldly at the black bear that suddenly stopped. .com

“Cough ……” Du Shaofeng was kicked in the back and seemed to have shaken his internal organs, coughing uncontrollably.

Ji Feng held him up and handed him over to Zhao Kai and Han Zhong next to him, his icy gaze looked at Black Bear, “Just now he already kind of let you go, why do you still want to lay a poisonous hand on him?!”

Just now, if Du Shaofeng had not shown mercy, just that punch smashed into Black Bear’s chest would have been enough to kill him. However, not only did Black Bear not know how to be grateful, he even took the opportunity to poison him, this was like a farmer and a snake!

“It’s not like I asked him to show mercy. As long as I can still stand up, the cut is not over yet. Since it’s not over, I can do whatever I want!” Black Bear laughed hideously, but a smug look flashed in his eyes, he knew that his kick had definitely injured Du Shaofeng’s internal organs, and he would never be able to heal without a few months of recuperation.

The black bear couldn’t help but smile, the head of Wang just explained that he wanted to give these two boys a good show, now he finally lived up to his promise, it seems that there is money to be made again!

Ji Feng fiercely turned his head and looked at Captain Wang, asking in a deep voice: “Captain Wang, what do you say about this matter? Is Black Bear’s sneak attack on Du Shaofeng still not a loss?!”

He did not admit defeat and there was no referee to rule that Black Bear had lost, which meant that the sparring was not yet over. If you want to blame it, you can only blame Du Shaofeng for being arrogant and not putting his opponent in his eyes because he thinks he is somewhat skilled.”

“Good, that’s just great!” Ji Feng smiled coldly, “Since that’s the case, then even if Du Shaofeng deserves to die, no one can be blamed. So, is it my turn next?”

“If you also want to end up like Du Shaofeng, of course you can!”

Chief Wang said, winked at Black Bear, took two quick steps to him, and said in a low voice, “This kid is very annoying, deal some hard blows later, but don’t cause any casualties!”

“Understood!” Black Bear said in a low voice.

Ji Feng didn’t pay any attention to what the two of them were actually saying, he took a big step to the open space, looked at Chief Wang and said, “According to what you said just now, if you want to rule that a party has lost, you have to make him unable to stand up, or admit defeat, or the referee will decide, is that right?”

“Hm!” Headmaster Wang made a nasal sound, not even bothering to talk to a student.

“Since there is no referee on the scene and everyone else is a spectator except the two people who are fighting, the item of having the referee determine the winner and loser can be cancelled!” Ji Feng held back the anger in his heart and said indifferently, “Then, there are only two possibilities left, one, one side is completely unable to stand up, and the other side, is to directly admit defeat, right?”

“Hmph, do you want to just admit defeat?” Headmaster Wang acknowledged the two possibilities.

“Admit defeat?” Ji Feng smiled faintly, “Not only will I not concede defeat, I won’t give you guys that chance either.”

Saying that, he took two steps forward, “Come on, I’d like to see how you guys can win!”

A cold light flashed in Black Bear’s eyes, after this moment’s rest, the damage that Du Shaofeng had inflicted on him was already insignificant, so he was completely confident that he could defeat Ji Feng in a very short period of time, and definitely make him hurt even more than Du Shaofeng.

“Kid, you asked for this!” Black Bear said hideously.

Ji Feng coldly glanced at him, causing Black Bear to be stunned. Because he saw that Ji Feng was looking at him as if he was looking at a dead man!

“D*mn it!” Black Bear was instantly enraged, even if it was the King of Black Fists that he had once met in the black boxing ring, he had been able to get that appreciative look from him despite his defeat. In all these years, Black Bear had never been looked at like that before.

“Kid, today I will show you what kung fu is all about and what pain is all about!” Black Bear held back his anger and said in a cold voice.

“Such a coincidence?” Ji Feng smiled faintly, “That’s exactly what I want to tell you!”

“Cut the crap, let your horse come!” Black Bear roared.


As soon as Black Bear’s words fell, he saw Ji Feng’s body suddenly move, and immediately afterwards, he only felt a blur before his eyes, and found Ji Feng had arrived in front of him, and at the same time, his fist was actually right in front of his shoulder.

“Bang!” Ji Feng smashed his fist on Black Bear’s shoulder, instantly shattering his shoulder blade. At the same time, Ji Feng’s hand grabbed the black bear’s arm and shook it so violently that the arm suddenly drooped limply.

A punch that shattered the shoulder blade and dislocated the arm at the same time!

Intense pain instantly filled Black Bear’s limbs, and at the same time, a thought that made him feel fearful rose up in his mind – this kid, was definitely a fatalist.

At that moment, the murderous aura that erupted from Ji Feng’s body actually made Black Bear feel scared, which meant something that Black Bear knew only too well.

As his mind turned rapidly, Black Bear thought of admitting defeat. He knew that if he did not admit defeat, he would definitely end up in a miserable situation.

However, before Black Bear could say anything, Ji Feng moved his feet quickly and came to the other side of Black Bear, and he grabbed Black Bear’s other arm.


As if by the same method, with one punch, he once again smashed the other shoulder blade and removed his other arm at the same time.

The black bear’s mouth opened wide to scream, but the pain caused his body to tremble, and in that instant, he couldn’t even scream out.

But Ji Feng did not have the slightest bit of pity, and the next moment, he saw him lunge forward again, while kicking out viciously with his left and right feet.

Bang! Bang!

“Ka-chow! Ka-chow!” With two sounds, both of Black Bear’s thighs were unexpectedly broken by Ji Feng’s kicks, and even, the more seriously injured left leg, the sore white bones were exposed, penetrating the muscles on the thighs.


Ji Feng snapped the black bear’s throat, with a faint smile on his face: “Now, do you admit defeat? Let me snap your neck as well?!”

The pain was so intense that Black Bear could no longer speak, his body was trembling violently, and his body was already soaked with cold sweat and blood, his whole body was like sieve chaff.

And at this moment, everyone present was stunned, how could they have thought that Ji Feng, a seemingly gentle student, had defeated that guy who was simply like a polar bear, and, moreover, with such cold tactics!

Headmaster Wang was even pale and his legs were trembling a little in fear, he couldn’t have known better how powerful the black bear was, yet he was hard-pressed to be beaten into this miserable state by Ji Feng.

So when Ji Feng’s gaze moved to him, he couldn’t even help but step back.

“Chief Wang, I should be winning now, right?” Seeing Chief Wang’s scared look, Ji Feng couldn’t help but despise it in his heart.

“Humph! Go!” Only then did Leader Wang react to the fact that he had been frightened by a student and his mind went blank, he instantly became furious with shame and left with a brush of his sleeves!

The political commissar, who had been following next to him, hurriedly lifted up Black Bear with Instructor Hu and ran towards the infirmary in the barracks.

All the remaining students were staring blankly at Ji Feng, with a little fear in their eyes, even.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but smile bitterly, he blamed himself for striking too hard, and now, well, I’m afraid that he has become a god of evil in the eyes of others.

However, soon, Ji Feng noticed something was wrong, these students, it seemed, all had a fervent admiration in their eyes?


Chapter 114

“D*mn Ji Feng, I won’t let him go!”

In the barracks infirmary, the head of the military camp, Wang looked through the gla*s at Black Bear who was in surgery, his face was blue and he gritted his teeth, “A little student, how dare he beat up my driver into serious injury, D*mn him!”

Chief Wang was really annoyed, especially when the doctor saw the seriously injured Black Bear, he told Chief Wang straight away that even if Black Bear could recover, his kung fu would not be able to return to its previous level. Go to see the net .

Black Bear’s injuries were really frightening to the doctor, and the person who did it was just too ruthless.

Although the injuries to the black bear were all in the limbs, however, it was the injuries to these limbs that were so severe that the scapulae on both shoulders were almost completely shattered and even if they were reattached, they would never be able to perform strenuous movements again.

The injuries to the two thighs were even more serious, the bones had been cut off raw and even pierced through the muscles, exposing them in an extremely appalling manner.

From this, one could imagine how ruthless the person who did this was.

The moment he thought of this, Captain Wang’s heart was filled with hatred. He knew that he had used his privileges to get Black Bear from a black boxer to the army, not just because he appreciated Black Bear’s skills. Rather, it was because recently, the Southeast Military Region was going to conduct a big competition, in which apart from military skills and confrontation competitions, there were also individual competitions.

If Black Bear could achieve a good ranking in the competition, he, Wang Weijun, would definitely be credited with nurturing talents, and when the time came, as long as the top and bottom were well taken care of, he would be promoted.

But now, his hope was unexpectedly cut short by Ji Feng. Black Bear was even broken limbs and turned into this miserable appearance, just ask, how could Grand Master Wang Weijun Wang not hate?

“Hu Tiejun, when you go back, you immediately tell Ji Feng and Du Shaofeng both to pack their bunks and get lost!” Wang Weijun gritted his teeth and said.

“Headmaster Wang, you’re firing them?!” Hu Tiejun was stunned, hadn’t Wang Weijun said before that as long as Ji Feng and Du Shaofeng won, the previous matter would be written off, how come now he had gone back on his word?


Grand Master Wang Weijun sneered and said hideously, “I’m not just going to expel them? Those two little brutes beat up my driver like this, not only will I expel them, I will also inform their school and strongly demand that they be expelled from school, or else I will have them court-martialed!”


Hu Tiejun was immediately shocked, going to a military court, that meant something Hu Tiejun could not be clearer. If Ji Feng and Du Shaofeng were to be court-martialed, not to mention whether they could keep their academic records, I’m afraid they would have to spend time in prison in the future!

“Captain Wang, don’t be angry, Ji Feng and Du Shaofeng are both students, if you let them go to a military court, I’m afraid the school won’t agree, right?” Hu Tiejun said cautiously, “I think how about this, I’ll go and inform them now and tell them to leave the barracks within three days. After they leave the barracks, we will inform the school. Do you think that will work?”

“Then why don’t you go now!?” Headmaster Wang bellowed.


Hu Tiejun bellowed and hurriedly headed out, but his heart was bitter: “Three days, this is the longest time I can buy for you, I hope you can get your connections to settle this matter within these three days, otherwise …… alas ……”

Hu Tiejun really can’t bear to watch two such excellent students being fixed by Wang Weijun, but his position is too low, his words simply don’t carry much weight, he can’t help Ji Feng and Du Shaofeng, he can only secretly sigh. .com


And at this time, on the barracks training ground, it was a different scene.

The reason is that Hu Tiejun left and did not give an order not to interrupt the training, so these students pretended not to know, sitting cross-legged on the ground, enjoying the rare rest time.

In fact, the majority of their eyes were focused on Ji Feng, who was already sitting back in the back left row.

You know, these students are now mostly at the age of bloodlust and have great fantasies about heroes and beautiful women, so how could they not be excited to see Ji Feng so powerful now?

Only Zhao Kai and Han Zhong were a little worried.

“Ji Feng, you’ve injured that black bear, that Headmaster Wang definitely won’t stop so easily, you have to be careful!” Zhao Kai said in a low voice, “If you really can’t, give up the position of captain to Wang Xiaowu, you can’t not bow down when you’re under the roof!”

Han Zhong nodded and continued, “Kai is right, there’s no shame in bowing down at this time. After all, even Black Bear is no match for you, that’s for all to see. It doesn’t really matter, the key issue is, that Wang is not a good person at first glance, if he gets on his mind, I’m afraid it will be very troublesome. There is a saying that if you are not afraid of a thief stealing, you are afraid of a thief thinking about you!”

Ji Feng was silent, although he knew that Zhao Kai and Han Zhong were saying these words for his own good, he had other thoughts.

Although this four-year university life, Ji Feng gave himself the top goal to integrate into life, but it doesn’t mean that he has to go against the grain, especially this kind of suffocating nuisance, he will not suffer.

“You guys don’t need to say anything, this matter is not Ji Feng’s fault, if that fellow surnamed Wang wants to look for trouble, let him come directly to me!” Du Shaofeng gritted his teeth and cursed, “D*mn it, I hate this kind of person when I see him.”

“Old Du, your temper ……” Han Zhong laughed bitterly, Du Shaofeng’s character was too straightforward, this kind of character was really hard to eat in society, but seeing Du Shaofeng’s angry face, he couldn’t open his mouth to persuade him.

At this time, Ji Feng raised his head and smiled, “Don’t worry, this matter is not as serious as you guys think, it’s not just a mutual sparring match, if that guy didn’t sneak up on Du Shaofeng from behind and laid a vicious hand on him, I wouldn’t have injured him.”

“That’s true, but the guy surnamed Wang is not a good person at first glance, so how would he reason with you?” Zhao Kai shook his head and said, “Ji Feng, how about this, let’s talk to the counselor in advance and say hello to the school first, so that the one surnamed Wang doesn’t make a dirty trick behind his back, what do you think?”

Ji Feng shook his head, “There’s no need for that, let’s wait for instructor Hu to come back first and see what the situation is. If the one surnamed Wang really dares not keep his previous agreement, I will definitely make him regret it!”

These words he said in a firm and resounding manner.

Zhao Kai and Han Zhong instantly remembered Zhang Lei and were relieved. With such a friend who was so powerful in Jiangzhou, Ji Feng indeed had nothing to worry about. Thinking of this, Zhao Kai and Han Zhong couldn’t help but sigh with relief. There was already a certain amount of camaraderie between them and the four of them, Ji Feng and Du Shaofeng, so naturally they didn’t want to just stand by and watch Ji Feng and Du Shaofeng being dealt with.

After another ten minutes, Hu Tiejun walked over quickly from afar.

“Alas, you!” Hu Tiejun looked at the bemused Ji Feng, he couldn’t help but let out a long sigh and said in a low voice, “Ji Feng, you’ve caused trouble this time.”

Ji Feng raised his eyebrows and asked, “How so?”

“Black Bear is Wang Weijun’s driver and is usually most valued by Wang Weijun, you beat him up like this, how could Wang Weijun possibly let you off?” Hu Tiejun shook his head and sighed softly.

“Instructor Hu, did the surname Wang say how he was going to deal with us?” Du Shaofeng asked.

Hu Tiejun then said what Wang Weijun had said and shook his head and sighed, “These three days are the limit I can fight for, if it takes any longer, Wang Weijun will definitely not agree. Ji Feng, Du Shaofeng, the two of you, within these three days, try your best to arrange this matter with your connections, I will also help you find some connections to see if you can make Wang Weijun change his mind.”

Knowing that Hu Tiejun had done his best, Ji Feng couldn’t help but nod his head and say, “Instructor Hu, thanks a lot.”

“Alas, there’s no need to thank you, speaking of which, it’s still my responsibility, if I hadn’t let Du Shaofeng take up the role of captain, and instead appointed Wang Xiaowu directly, there wouldn’t be all these things now.”

Hu Tiejun couldn’t help but shake his head and smile bitterly, “Speaking of which, this Black Bear used to reign in the black boxing ring and was highly valued by Wang Weijun, I shouldn’t have let you guys fight him either.”

Ji Feng, however, was moved in his heart and immediately asked, “Instructor Hu, you just said that Black Bear had fought in black boxing? Did he fight black boxing before he joined the army, or after?”

Hu Tiejun was stunned, not knowing why Ji Feng would suddenly ask this, “He was playing black boxing before he joined the army, and was said to be a famous figure in the underground black boxing scene in Jiangzhou. Then somehow, he joined the army and became Wang Weijun’s driver.”

Ji Feng gave a cold laugh at once, but his heart was happy. Originally, he was still thinking about how to fix Wang Weijun, but now he heard the news that Black Bear had fought in black boxing before, this was really a doze that sent him a pillow.

“Instructor Hu, thank you for helping to mediate from this.” Ji Feng smiled and said, then turned away, took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

After making the call, he turned around again and said, “Instructor Hu, where is that Wang Weijun now?”

“The infirmary …… You’re not going to go to him for a theory, are you?” Hu Tiejun was stunned, “That won’t do, you won’t help, and it will inflame the conflict even more, Ji Feng, you need to be more calm.”

Ji Feng shook his head with a smile and said, “How could I seek a theory from him, I don’t have any reason to talk to this kind of person.”

“Then you are looking for him for ……?” Hu Tiejun was confused.

Ji Feng laughed, “We’ll know when we go.”

The three people beside him, Du Shaofeng, however, guessed something from Ji Feng’s face and thought that Ji Feng must have found some kind of relationship to force Wang Weijun to stop pursuing this matter.

None of them had thought that what Ji Feng wanted was not that Wang Weijun would no longer pursue the matter.

“Ji Feng, we will also go with you!” Zhao Kai said.

“You guys will have to ask Instructor Hu to see if he will let you go!” Ji Feng said with a smile.

Hu Tiejun was a bit hesitant, not because he was afraid of taking responsibility, but because he was worried that if these bloodthirsty teenagers got impulsive, they would have to drag Zhao Kai and Han Zhong down again.

“Instructor Hu, don’t worry, we’ll just follow behind and definitely not make a sound easily.” Zhao Kai seemed to have seen Hu Tiejun’s worry and couldn’t help but say.

“Alright then, you guys will follow along, but remember your promise, don’t be impulsive.” Only then did Hu Tiejun nod his head.

“Ding ……” At this time, Ji Feng’s mobile phone suddenly rang, and he immediately walked to the side and picked up the phone.

A moment later, Ji Feng came back and smiled, “Alright, we can go find Wang Weijun now.”

Hu Tiejun was filled with a puzzled expression, but he could not ask more questions, so he could only lead Ji Feng and the others to rush to the infirmary.

When a few people arrived outside the infirmary, they were again taken aback.

Where was this infirmary, it was clearly a small hospital!

The entire four floors, during which doctors and nurses in white coats walked through them, looked very busy, such a scale, even in Mang Shi County, where Ji Feng’s hometown is located, I’m afraid only Mang Shi County People’s Hospital can compare.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but secretly nod his head, no wonder Black Bear could have his surgery here, this place had exactly the right conditions for it.


Hu Tiejun, however, was startled and pointed to a jeep in the courtyard and said, “Why is there a leader here, Ji Feng, you few must be more sincere in admitting your mistakes later, this seems to be our division chief’s car.”

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “Don’t worry, Instructor Hu, you’ve already helped us so much, you definitely won’t make things difficult for you again.”

Looking at Ji Feng’s confident look, Hu Tiejun wanted to say something, but he wanted to stop.

At this moment, Wang Weijun and that fellow political commissar were carefully accompanying a middle-aged man outside the operating room, nodding and bowing, completely devoid of the kind of authority they had when facing Ji Feng and Hu Tiejun and the others before.

Just as he arrived at the corridor on the third floor, Hu Tiejun was instantly startled, and hurriedly ran over with quick steps, saluting, “Good day, Division Chief!”

The middle-aged man only nodded slightly in greeting, as if he had greeted Hu Tiejun.

“The people who cleaned up Wang Weijun are here!” When Ji Feng, who was walking behind, saw the middle-aged man, he turned his head and said to Du Shaofeng and the three of them, walked over quickly and deliberately said loudly, “Chief Wang, I’ve come to apologize to you!”

Leader Wang’s face suddenly stiffened and he frowned, “Can’t you see I’m talking with the leader? Let’s talk about it later!”

“Chief Wang, if we talk later, we’ll be kicked out of the barracks by you.” Ji Feng said indifferently, “This must be the leader, right? It’s just as well, let’s talk things over in front of the leader.”

The hatred of Captain Wang was suddenly born, if he let the division commander know what he had done, he would definitely not have any good consequences. He gave Ji Feng a fierce glare, the threat was unmistakable.

Ji Feng, however, just smiled faintly, not afraid at all.

“What’s going on here?” The middle-aged man finally spoke, and Chief Wang’s face instantly changed.