Campus Master Chapter 105-106

Chapter 105

“This ……” A dozen police officers were suddenly dumbfounded, not knowing how to reply, and a few were even nervous as cold sweat broke out on their foreheads. The first thing you need to know is that the person standing in front of you is the executive deputy director of the Jiangzhou Police Department, a person of absolute power, even the mayor of the economic development zone where the university city is located has to politely call out to Chief Zheng when he sees him, so how do these small police officers dare to say more than half a word?

On a normal day, it was not easy to meet this Chief Zheng, but it was unexpected that they had met under such circumstances today.

All the policemen looked cautious, not even daring to breathe, for fear of touching Chief Zheng’s brow and getting themselves into trouble.

“What’s going on here?” When Chief Zheng saw the unconscious Captain Wang and Wu Qi Jian on the ground, he frowned and asked in a cold voice.

A policeman next to him whispered, “Captain Wang was interrogating the prisoner, and as a result, a fight broke out inside, when we came in, we’re not sure exactly what happened.”

Chief Zheng waved his hand and said, “Wake them all up!”

A few policemen rushed forward and shook Captain Wang and Wu Qijian, while pinching them to wake them up from their coma.

“Ah? Zheng, Chief Zheng?” Captain Wang had just woken up and the first thing he saw was a majestic looking Chief Zheng, his face suddenly changed and he struggled to stand up in a panic, asking carefully, “Chief Zheng, why are you here at this time?”

Chief Zheng snorted coldly, “If I hadn’t come, these students would have died at your hands, right? As a security captain, not only do you not take the lead in obeying the law, but you even took an electric bat against a few students, who gave you the guts?!”

At the end of the sentence, Chief Zheng was already stern in voice and roared so violently that he frightened that Captain Wang almost sat down on his buttocks as his legs went weak.

At this time, Wu Qi Jian, who had also come to his senses, also changed his face, he had also heard of the power of this Chief Zheng, even Ji Shao Yun was a bit afraid of him, let alone this small role of himself?

Wu Qi Jian did not dare to speak, wanted to give Ji Shao Yun a call, but worried that Ji Shao Yun will not pay attention to this small minion, and put the phone down.

In fact, Wu Qijian claimed to be one of Ji Shaoyun’s men, but in reality he had only met him a few times. The reason why Wu Qi Jian could be so rampant was that on the one hand, he was using the banner of Ji Shaoyun, and on the other hand, it was also because the boss of the company he worked for had some friendship with Ji Shaoyun, so he dared to pull the tiger skin to make a big banner.

Now that the really powerful people are here, how can he dare to continue to pretend to be a tiger, he immediately stayed aside in anxiety, not daring to speak.

Captain Wang’s heart was pounding, but he did not dare to tell the truth, otherwise, how could he be spared by Director Zheng!

He said carefully, “Chief Zheng, the thing is, someone reported that these people had stolen someone else’s mobile phone, so I took my men over to inquire, but when I arrived at the scene, I found that these people had actually beaten up the informant, so I ordered my men to bring them all back. .com”

“Since they were brought back, why did you take batons and electric rods against these few students?” Chief Zheng asked in a cold voice.

“Chief Zheng, you said they were students?”

Captain Wang deliberately pretended not to know and froze for a moment before saying, “Chief Zheng, they don’t look like students. I had just brought them back and before I could start interrogating them, these students suddenly took action and knocked me and the informant unconscious, and when I woke up, I found that you were already here!”

“Is that so?” Chief Zheng’s face remained unchanged, but his gaze looked at Zhang Lei and the others.

“Of course it’s not like that!” Zhang Lei snorted coldly and said, “This Captain Wang is arrogant and is very good at turning black and white upside down. The truth of the matter is that we met a dude on the train to report to school ……”

Zhang Lei told the story in detail from beginning to end, especially those words that Captain Wang and Wu Qijian had bluntly said in the interrogation room that they would deal with themselves and others, Zhang Lei repeated them in full and complete.

“Where is that Wu Junjie?” After listening to this, Chief Zheng’s face remained unchanged and he only asked indifferently.

“In, in the other interrogation room.” When Captain Wang finished speaking, he immediately raised his head and gave a dark wink to a policeman at the door, “Go to interrogation room number five and bring in Wu Junjie!”

Before that policeman could come to his senses, Chief Zheng stood up at once and said indifferently, “It’s better for me to go and meet him!”

After saying that, he glanced back at Ji Feng and the others and said, “Bring them here too!”

“Zheng, Director Zheng, this is not appropriate, right? How can we let you meet Wu Junjie, it’s better for us to bring him here!” Captain Wang said and hurriedly winked at the two people next to Chief Zheng for help.

These two people, who had not dared to speak, were the chief and instructor of this university city police station, and these two people’s hearts immediately lifted from the sudden arrival of Chief Zheng at the police station with a gloomy face. Especially the chief, once he heard that Chief Zheng had come directly to Captain Wang, he was even more nervous.

He was originally just a street gangster, but because the chief had taken a liking to Wang’s sister and made her his lover, he was able to take the position of police captain at the police station on the strength of his connections.

The Chief of Police, Zheng, directly approached Captain Wang, and looking at his face, he was sure that it was not a good thing. Needless to say, this B*****d Wang Liansheng must have caused trouble again, and the matter was not small, and had alerted the big leaders of the municipal bureau.

Now that he saw Wang Liansheng asking for help, how could he not understand what was going on, he could not understand this nominal brother-in-law better.

Thinking of this, the chief hurriedly said, “Yes, Chief Zheng, there is no need to bother you personally with this small matter, just let the people underneath bring the people.”

“No need, it’s better for me to go in person!”

In fact, given his status, usually the chief didn’t even have the chance to talk to him, so naturally he didn’t need to give him face. What’s more, Chief Zheng had come to take out his anger for Ji Feng and his nephew, so how could he be willing to give up so easily?

The chief was choked, but he saw that Chief Zheng had already lifted his leg and walked out, so he glared fiercely at Wang Liansheng and hurriedly followed him.

“Which interrogation room?” Chief Zheng asked in an unkind tone.

Wang Liansheng was immediately frightened and stammered, “But, maybe I misremembered, Wu Junjie is the informant, he should be in the office now!”


Director Zheng coldly snorted, “Bring everyone to the office!”

However, when the crowd arrived at the office, the scene inside made everyone freeze. Wu Junjie, who was supposed to be waiting in the security office, was actually playing with his computer at a desk in a grand manner, so engrossed that he didn’t even notice the crowd coming in.

“You are Wu Junjie?” Director Zheng scanned the scene in the office and found that Wu Junjie was the only one, so he asked out loud.

“That’s right, I am, and who are you?” Wu Junjie froze, and immediately asked impatiently.

“Is this the attitude you have in handling the case?” Chief Zheng, however, ignored Wu Junjie, but turned to look at the chief and the instructor.

At this time, the chief and the instructor had long been ashen, and their hearts were in their mouths to kill Wang Liansheng.

“What the hell is going on, don’t give an honest explanation yet!” Chief Zheng glared at Wang Liansheng and said in a cold voice.

Although Wang Liansheng’s legs were weak, he knew that he could not admit what he had done today, or else he would be unlucky in the future.

He said stiffly, “Zheng, Chief Zheng, what I said is the truth.”

Director Zheng’s face turned gloomy, but without evidence, there was nothing he could do about Wang Liansheng, at most he would just find a reason to dismiss him later, but today it was impossible to take it out for his nephew and niece.

However, at this moment, Zhang Lei suddenly laughed: “Chief Zheng, this Captain Wang was very powerful before.”

“Oh? How is that? You guys can tell me, I’ll make up your mind!” Chief Zheng waved his big hand and said in a very imposing manner.

“Chief Zheng, you must not listen to these people’s nonsense, they are all suspected people, naturally they will defend themselves.” Wang Liansheng hurriedly said.

“Oh, to argue or not to argue, it’s better to listen to a recording first!” Zhang Lei had a cold smile on his face as he took out a mobile phone from his pocket.

“So, in that case, you haven’t lost your mobile phones either? You guys say you lost your phones, but you’re actually just looking for a fight with us?”


“That’s right, I didn’t lose my phone, I just want to pick a fight with you, what can you do to me?”

“I can’t do anything about it, but with the People’s Police here, I believe they will do justice for us!”

“Kid, you’re an idiot, right? Old Wu and I are buddies, and you’re asking me to arrest him? Not to mention that he has wronged you, even if he kills you, I will proceed to whip you to death, and you still want me to administer justice?”


Hearing this, both Wang Liansheng, the chief and the instructor were all pale, without a trace of blood, while Wu Qijian was even more filled with disbelief and shock, muttering, “This, how is this possible ……”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but dumbly laugh, this kid Zhang Lei learned very quickly, his own previous moves against Xu Mo’s father and son were learned by him so quickly.

However, the effect is very good!

“Come on, men! Arrest all these scum!” Chief Zheng bellowed, and at once dozens of police officers poured in from outside, and at once black holes of guns pointed at Wang Liansheng and the others.

Looking at Wang Liansheng and Wu Qijian and the others being arrested, Ji Feng just smiled faintly, he knew that if he didn’t get Wang Liansheng down today, he would definitely not have peace in the United University in the future, and Tong Lei would definitely be hara*sed by Wu Qijian and Wu Junjie.

“Wait a minute!”

Zhang Lei walked quickly towards Wu Junjie, fiercely blocking the other policemen’s view with his body, and said in a low voice, “I told you not to mess with me, but you didn’t listen, now you know the consequences, right?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Zhang Lei slammed a fierce fist into the small of Wu Junjie’s back, and in a flash, Wu Junjie’s face turned pale, and the intense pain made him bend down and almost commit to the ground.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and smile, this kid Zhang Lei, he still has this temper!


Chapter 106

Everyone was taken out, Director Zheng walked to the office with a gloomy face, looked at Zhang Lei and the others, and shook his head slightly: “You guys, how come you just arrived in Jiangzhou and got into this trouble?!”

Zhang Lei laughed: “Second uncle, this is not us causing trouble, but Wu Qi Jian and that Captain Wang both looking for trouble from us ah. Go see the net . Rei Lei, don’t you think so?”

Saying that, Zhang Lei winked straight towards Tong Lei between his eyes, wanting Tong Lei to say a few words for him.

How could Zhang Lei’s small movements be concealed from Director Zheng’s eyes? He smiled slightly, waved his hand and said, “Alright, don’t talk too much, I’ll take care of this matter. You guys will take a statement here later and then go back!”

“Second uncle, we’re just going back, what should we do with that Wu Junjie?” Zhang Lei said hurriedly, the culprit of all this was in fact that doggy Wu Junjie, this was something Zhang Lei knew very well, he asked at once.

Director Zheng smiled and shook his head, “You, your cla*smates are all here, and you are not afraid that they will laugh at you.” Saying that, he intentionally glanced at Ji Feng, obviously knowing his identity and was hinting at Zhang Lei not to be so obvious.

Where would Zhang Lei not understand what his second uncle meant, he smiled faintly and didn’t say anything more. In fact, Zhang Lei knew very well that his relationship with Ji Feng, that was definitely different from that of a normal friend, in other words, their relationship was definitely not comparable to that of a normal friend.

“Yes, Chief Zheng, the culprit in this matter is that Wu Junjie, I’m also curious to know how you will deal with him!” Ji Feng immediately voiced his solidarity with Zhang Lei.

Chief Zheng was stunned, then he gave Zhang Lei a deep look, and in his heart he immediately understood that this nephew of his was probably very close to the first grandson of the Ji family’s eldest house, and when he thought about what his brother-in-law had told him, about Ji Feng’s relationship with Tong Lei, Chief Zheng’s mind was instantly clear.

He chuckled, “Don’t worry, we will pursue Wu Junjie’s legal responsibility in this matter, and in addition will send a letter to your school informing the outcome and recommending Wu Junjie’s expulsion from school.”

“Not bad, such an outcome is best!” Zhang Lei laughed heatedly, “Otherwise, if I see this grandson in school in the future, that’s what I’ll get tired of.”

“You brat!” Chief Zheng glared at Zhang Lei, blaming him for speaking unscrupulously.

Chief Zheng comforted Zhao Kai a few more times and had a few people all take statements before leaving.



After leaving the police station, Han Zhong couldn’t help but let out a long breath, his heart glad and shocked. He could not have imagined that Zhang Lei, who came from abroad, had such a powerful background in Jiangzhou.

Other people might not know the identity of Chief Zheng, but he, a native of Jiangzhou, was very clear. Although Chief Zheng was only a deputy chief, even the head of the police department was very much afraid of him. It could be said that Chief Zheng was definitely a heavyweight figure in Jiangzhou.

I didn’t think that Zhang Lei was actually Chief Zheng’s nephew, no wonder he cared so little about Wu Qi Jian. Han Zhong couldn’t help but sigh lightly in his heart, perhaps it was only when Ji Shaoyun came in person that he would make Zhang Lei restrain himself a little.


Just after leaving the gate of the police station, I saw a bright black car drive over quickly and stop with a sharp brake.

Immediately afterwards, two middle-aged men stepped down from the car.

“Young Han!” One of the middle-aged men saw Han Zhong at a glance and quickly walked over, asking anxiously, “Young Han, are you all right?”

Han Zhong shook his head and laughed, “Uncle Li, do I look like I’m alright like this?”

That Uncle Li was stunned, and then asked, “What’s going on, how did you guys get out? Did your father’s connections work?”

Uncle Li knew that since Han Zhong had offended Wu Qi Jian, ordinary people would not dare to intervene in this matter, otherwise, it would be like indirectly offending Ji Shaoyun. .com Most of the people the Han family knew were businessmen and officials, but none of these two types of people would be willing to cross paths with several families.

Han Zhong shook his head and laughed: “Uncle Li, it was my friend who asked for Chief Zheng’s connections, and this was set right. Don’t worry, this matter is completely finished, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Uncle Li was immediately surprised and glanced at Han Zhong, and then at Ji Feng and the others. He naturally knew very well who Chief Zheng was, and he couldn’t imagine that these youngsters could even get through to him, so they must have come from a very small background.

Uncle Li wanted to arrange a few words for Han Zhong to get on good terms with these few friends, but in front of Ji Feng and the others, he couldn’t say anything, so in the end, he could only smile and say, “Since you’re fine then I’m relieved, I’ll go back and explain this matter to your father.”

“Uncle Li take care!” Han Zhong said with a slightly respectful voice.

Only after Uncle Li got back in the car and left did Han Zhong turn his head and explain to Ji Feng and the others, “Uncle Li is my father’s friend and also the second largest shareholder of Han’s Group, so I think he came here on my father’s commission this time. But I didn’t think that he had made a trip for nothing, huh!”

Zhao Kai also gave Zhang Lei a deep look, the nephew of the deputy director of the Jiangzhou Municipal Bureau, this came from a really big and scary place. One should know that Jiangzhou was a municipality directly under the central government, and it was also the economic centre of the country. If placed in other provinces, Chief Zheng would be the equivalent of a powerful deputy director of the provincial police department, a provincial leader!

Although Zhao Kai also came from an official family, there was still a bit of a gap between his family and this Chief Zheng.

In this way, the little sense of superiority that was left in Zhao Kai’s heart instantly disappeared without a trace. Just kidding, to have a sense of superiority in front of such a figure, it would have to be at least a crown prince, right?

Han Zhong was even more excited, since Ji Feng’s friend came from such a big place, at least in future, he would not have to worry about being bullied in Jiangzhou. Of course, Han Zhong also knew that Zhang Lei was Ji Feng’s friend, although he himself had dinner with him, but their friendship was very shallow, and it was almost impossible to ask Zhang Lei for help after encountering things.

“It seems that I have to find a way to make a good friendship with Zhang Lei!” Han Zhong said secretly in his heart. Coming from a merchant family, he immediately began to make calculations.

“Let’s go back!” Ji Feng said indifferently, seeing that it was already getting late and looking at the people with different minds, Ji Feng couldn’t help but smile bitterly in his heart. Fortunately, the one who revealed his identity today was not himself, otherwise, I’m afraid the atmosphere would be even more wrong now.

However, Ji Feng did not blame Han Zhong and the others for being snobbish. This is how society is now. Think about it calmly, if it were yourself, such a powerful figure suddenly appeared around you and there was a possibility that you could become friends with him. It would be strange if he or she was not moved.

Therefore, in response to the meaning shown by Han Zhong’s expression, Ji Feng acted very plainly.

Because of Zhang Lei’s strong performance, when they went back everyone had their own thoughts and were no longer interested in talking. Only the hot-tempered and brash Du Shaofeng was talking non-stop, and he couldn’t help but dance around when he got excited, as if it was him who had defeated Captain Wang and Wu Qijian.

“Old Zhang, I really didn’t see it coming, you’re still a man of great power!” Du Shaofeng laughed, “But you’re not like those other fops, you don’t have that pride in you, you’re to my old Du’s liking, you’re a friend I’ve made for sure!”

Zhang Lei smiled faintly, “Aren’t we already friends?”

“Haha, that’s right!” Du Shaofeng laughed out loud.

For this kind of brash character of Du Shaofeng, Ji Feng also found it very much to his liking, he couldn’t help but laugh, “Don’t say so much, Old Du, on the contrary, you, it seems that you have practiced?”

Du Shaofeng did not hide, nodded and said, “That’s right, I’ve been practicing martial arts with the elders in my family since I was a child, and I kind of know some Zhuangjia handles. However, I can’t compare to this guy like you, your hand of splitting tendons and bones is terrifying to watch, you kid is simply a pervert!”


Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh, this is the tendon splitting technique I used in the army, okay, how come it’s related to the word pervert?

Silence fell, and Ji Feng’s brow furrowed again.

Through today’s incident, Ji Feng could see that the Ji family’s reputation in Jiangzhou was actually very bad, and could even be said to be very bad. This Ji Shaoyun, in particular, was surprisingly notorious, and it was frightening to mention. Moreover, it seemed that there were quite a few people around Ji Shaoyun who were doing some bad things under his banner, just like Wu Qijian today, which was simply unlike anything else!

“Looks like it’s time to find a chance to meet this Ji Shaoyun!” Ji Feng’s face was gloomy as he said secretly, “If he still doesn’t know how to repent, then he himself will have to go visit Second Uncle directly.”

Originally, according to reason, Ji Feng should have visited his second uncle after arriving in Jiangzhou, but he did not want to do so. On the one hand, he did not want to expose his identity in front of outsiders, just like what his father, Ji Zhenhua, had said, the Ji family was already in the limelight enough, so if there were any more storms, it would be on the cusp of the storm, which was not good for the development of the Ji family.

On the other hand, Ji Feng also wanted to spend these university years in peace and quiet, and at the same time, look for industries he was interested in, enter them and build his own business path.

Ever since he had the Super Agent Training System, Ji Feng had been thinking about his future path.

Perhaps in the view of his father and family, entering politics was the best option and it was an easy path to follow. But Ji Feng didn’t want to take this path, the life of hook and line in the officialdom was not something he liked. What’s more, now that second uncle’s eldest son is already the leader of the third generation of the Ji family, and is talented and humble, such a person has great potential and can definitely continue to keep the Ji family in a superb position.

So what Ji Feng needs to do is to develop towards the business side.


After returning to school and standing underneath the girls’ dormitory, Ji Feng took Tong Lei’s small hand and touched her silky hair again, smiling lightly, “Lei Lei, go up, it’s getting late and you have to get up early tomorrow.”

As university students are now extremely open, some couples even kiss openly in the cla*sroom, and there are even more ambiguous scenes in the grove or on the lawn at night. Although there are university rules against relationships between students, in reality, with the spread of openness, the school is just turning a blind eye and pretending not to see.

It has to be said that society has developed to such a state that it has become a deformed state. The impact of the open culture of the West and the conservative culture of the East has caused the young people of the East, whose cultural and spiritual foundation is far from solid, to form an almost perverted concept.

Ji Feng had heard more than once of the number of junior high school students who were actually openly stalking each other in the cla*sroom, even as the students next to them were roaring with approval.

Moreover, in the current student circles, it seemed that if a girl was still a virgin when she reached high school, she would be looked down upon and made to be despised.

Such a perverted notion could not fail to make people sigh.

Yet now, Ji Feng was also tainted by this notion, making it possible for him to openly take Tong Lei’s little hand under the dormitory building, looking at Tong Lei’s tender red little face and whispering love words.

“Ji Feng, let’s go sit over there for a while before we go back, okay?” Coming to an unfamiliar city, Tong Lei’s heart was more or less adrift, and she couldn’t let go of Ji Feng even more in her heart.

Seeming to feel that delicate change in Tong Lei’s heart, Ji Feng smiled faintly, embraced Tong Lei’s delicate body and went to a rest area next to the dormitory building, where there were a few benches, and the two of them sat down on them.

“Ji Feng, do you think we’ll all be like this in the future?” Tong Lei leaned into Ji Feng’s arms and suddenly asked.

“Of course we will!” Ji Feng said with a smile, “Why did you suddenly remember to ask this question?”

Tong Lei gently shook her head and said, “I just feel that it’s all a bit unreal, the previous you were in a bad situation at home, and I was worried that my family wouldn’t agree to what we were doing. But then, you suddenly changed your identity, and I was really afraid that this was just a dream of mine!”

Ji Feng hugged Tong Lei tightly, he knew that perhaps it was because he had just arrived in an unfamiliar city that made Tong Lei a little uncomfortable that he got sentimental.

“Don’t think too much, it’s all real!” Ji Feng looked at Tong Lei’s clear and incomparable little face and couldn’t help but give her a kiss.


Tong Lei suddenly gave a shy soft cry and said in a voice like a mosquito, “There’s someone next to me!”

When Ji Feng saw that Tong Lei had returned to normal, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Ji Feng, let’s go back, tomorrow after we receive our textbooks and meet the counselor in cla*s, we can start military training.” Tong Lei said softly.

Ji Feng shook his head with a smile and couldn’t help but scratch her cute little nose, “Lei Lei, if you don’t want to go through military training, I’ll find a way to fix it for you, how about that?”

“Still don’t want it!” Tong Lei wrinkled her nose, adorable, “I still want to take this opportunity to exercise, let’s go back!”

Without any further ado, she pushed Ji Feng away.

Looking at Ji Feng’s back as he shook his head and left with a smile, Tong Lei couldn’t help but reveal a sweet smile, “He’s still the same Ji Feng, even though his identity has changed, he hasn’t changed as a person, he still loves me so much!”