Campus Master Chapter 103-104

Chapter 103

soon as he got on the police car, Han Zhong immediately dialed the phone at home, told what happened today, and asked the family to help. Go to see the net –.7-K–om. Although the Han Group did not dare to provoke Ji Shaoyun, the family would definitely not die for Han Zhong now.

The sound of angry rebuke coming from the phone was clearly audible throughout the police car, obviously, Han Zhong was reprimanded by the family for provoking Wu Qi Jian, and it was still a very harsh reprimand.

However, even though he was scolded, his son could not be saved. After a few moments of contemplation, Han Zhong’s parents immediately said, “Han Zhong, you should follow the police to the police station first, and my father will go and ask for connections so that at least you will not be treated unfairly. That Wu Qi Jian is just one of Ji Shao Yun’s dogs, even if we can’t afford to mess with Ji Shao Yun, we don’t have to be afraid of Wu Qi Jian. I just don’t believe that Ji Shaoyun will completely turn against our Han Group just for a small Wu Qi Jian, after all, we have dealt with Ji Shaoyun’s big brother before.”

Han Zhong immediately put his heart down, but when he remembered that he still had Ji Feng and the others with him, he hurriedly said, “Dad, not only me, but also a few of my friends, you have to find someone to bail them out.”

“I can only try my best, after all, the other party’s power is really too strong, dad doesn’t dare to guarantee that he will be able to bail you all out!” Han Zhong’s father let out a long sigh and added, “What are you guys doing messing with Ji Shaoyun’s people for nothing, who doesn’t know that’s a little ancestor of Jiangzhou!”

Han Zhong hung up the phone with a bitter smile and said, “Who would mess with them if they had nothing to do, now they are the ones who are unrelentingly messing with us, they have bullied us, if we don’t fight back, what’s the point of living?

However, he didn’t dare to explain this to his dad, because he knew very well that his actions today were actually already causing trouble for Han’s group, and if he still dared to say these words that he didn’t know how to live or die, he would definitely be severely reprimanded.

“Han Zhong, thanks a lot!” Ji Feng said with a smile.

He patted Han Zhong’s shoulder, no matter if Han Zhong was looking for help because he himself was involved, or because he was in the way or really wanted to help, at least, he mentioned himself and the others on the phone, such a person could still at least be a friend.

The first day of school and this kind of thing happens, this time Old Du beat up Wu Qijian, it was too reckless, that Wu Qijian will not be willing to give up. I didn’t dare to tell my father all about this matter, otherwise …… alas, what will be the final result, now I can’t say!”

“No matter what the final result is, thanks in advance!” Zhang Lei took over from the side and laughed lightly, “It’s really unexpected, this Ji Shaoyun is really quite arrogant in Jiangzhou!”

“Not just arrogant, that’s simply lawless!” Han Zhong shook his head and laughed bitterly. .com

The eyes of Zhao Kai and Du Shaofeng and others in the car looked over, and Ji Feng couldn’t help but frown and ask, “How do you say this? Is there really no one who can cure Ji Shaoyun? His father and family don’t even care about him?”

Han Zhong glanced at the few policemen in the car and saw that they all seemed to be a bit drunk and not paying attention to the movement in the vehicle, before he said in a low voice, “To tell you the truth, I don’t know much about the Ji family, if it wasn’t for Secretary Ji being the secretary of the municipal party committee in our Jiangzhou, I’m afraid I wouldn’t even know about the Ji family.”

After a pause, Han Zhong continued, “I can’t say exactly how powerful the Ji family is, but there is another person that I think you must have all heard of ……”

Han Zhong softly uttered the name of a person, immediately causing everyone in the car to be startled, the person he was talking about was none other than a big shot who had often appeared in the news in the past, namely Ji Feng’s grandfather.

“Imagine what kind of power the family of such a big man would be?” Han Zhong said with a face full of admiration, “The old man of the Ji family is said to have a total of three sons, this Ji Shaoyun, is the youngest son of the second Ji Zhenguo, the grandson of the old man of the Ji family, plus Ji Zhenguo is currently the secretary of the municipal party committee in Jiangzhou, and will go one step further and enter the central government next, so you guys say, who else dares to mess with Ji Shaoyun in Jiangzhou?”

The others couldn’t help but be silent, such a power, indeed no one dared to mess with it.

“Actually, it’s more than that.” Han Zhong shook his head and sighed, “Perhaps it’s really true to the saying that wealth doesn’t last but three generations, when it comes to Ji Shaoyun’s generation, it’s starting to become somewhat untalented, especially Ji Shaoyun himself, who is even more stubborn. He is known as one of the four villains of Jiangzhou, along with several other dudes in Jiangzhou. Alas, we have provoked his people today, even if we are fine this time, I am afraid that we will not have a good time in the future. It would be too easy for him to take revenge on us!”

“How old is this Ji Shaoyun?” Ji Feng asked.

“About sixteen `seven years old, it is said that he is still in middle school and will soon graduate from middle school.” Han Zhong said, “I’ve only heard about him, after all, his circle is really too high, not something that someone like me can reach.”

“A little kid, what circle!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh.

Han Zhong was instantly startled and said in a panic, “Ji Feng, you can’t say this nonsense, if it gets to Ji Shaoyun’s ears, don’t look at the fact that your surname is also Ji and there is a possibility that you were in the same family as Ji Shaoyun five hundred years ago, but if you annoy Ji Shaoyun, he won’t recognize you as his own family, and then you’ll be in big trouble!”

Ji Feng waved his hand and laughed, “I’m not his own family.”

“Then you need to be even more careful with your words!” Han Zhong kindly advised, “Ji Feng, you’re from outside the country, you don’t have any roots here, and you don’t have any acquaintances, so if something happens to you, it would be hard to find someone to help. So don’t mess with those people if you don’t have to, it’s not something we can afford to mess with!”

Feeling his sincere concern, Ji Feng couldn’t help but pat him on the shoulder and laughed, “Don’t worry, I definitely won’t mess around!”

“No talking, not to mention no cross talk, all of you be honest with me!” The policeman in front of them heard the few of them muttering, and immediately drank.

Ji Feng and Zhang Lei looked at each other and couldn’t help but smile faintly as they both stopped talking.

“The east wind blows and the drums of war beat, I am a pest and I fear no one ……”

After a few moments, Zhang Lei’s mobile phone suddenly rang, only the superb ringing tone made everyone hold back, Zhang Lei hemmed and hawed and picked up the phone under the watchful eyes of several policemen.

“Hey, little uncle, we’re in a police car right now and are currently on our way to the police station near the university town, well, the one leading the team is a captain surnamed Wang …… Good, then we’ll wait for you at the police station.” After Zhang Lei finished, he couldn’t help but laugh again, “Young uncle, you really need to come quickly, Ji Feng and Lei Lei are with me!”

“What?!” A startled cry came over the phone, followed by a fierce, “I’ll come over immediately!”

Zhang Lei hung up the phone and looked at the puzzled eyes of Han Zhong and Zhao Kai as well as Du Shaofeng and smiled, “My second uncle, he’ll be here to pick us up soon!”

The two policemen in the front pa*senger seat laughed coldly when they heard this, “These kids are really stupid, they offended Wu Qi Jian and still want to walk out of the police station safely? What a joke! You know, Captain Wang and Wu Qijian are both Ji Shaoyun’s little brothers!”


Meanwhile, in the back of a police car, Wu Qi Jian was talking with Captain Wang.

Wu Qi Jian’s nose had already undergone a simple treatment at a nearby clinic, which rushed up, and now it was no longer a serious problem, only that the bridge of his nose had been broken by Du Shao Feng’s punch, and it hurt badly.

So Wu Qi Jian’s face was very ugly, and from time to time he bared his teeth in pain, and in his heart he became even more bitter towards Ji Feng and the others.

“Brother Wang, I’m counting on you in this matter, those little B*****ds dared to lay a hand on me, if I don’t kill them today, I’ll find it hard to get out of this bad temper!” Wu Qi Jian gnashed his teeth in hatred, “And that little girl, I’ll play with her too, D*mn it!”

Next to him, Wu Junjie was startled and said in a panic, “Cousin, you said you’d leave that beauty to me.”

Wu Qijian waved his hand with disinterest and said, “Don’t worry, you’ll definitely get your share. We two brothers can go together, haha.”

Wu Junjie was a little uncomfortable in his heart, but when he saw his cousin’s scowl, he didn’t dare to retort, so he could only be silent.

“Don’t worry old brother, it’s just a woman, when my nose gets better, I’ll take you to see it, beautiful women, as long as you have money and power, what kind of beautiful women do you want?” Wu Qi Jian laughed openly and wildly.

Wu Junjie also followed suit and laughed, seeing his cousin so powerful in Jiangzhou, he couldn’t help but get excited too.


Ji Feng and the others were piped into an interrogation room, and Captain Wang stood at the door, pointing at Du Shaofeng, who was the tallest, and said, “You, come out!”

“Don’t go out!” Han Zhong pulled Du Shaofeng’s arm, “They must have called you into an interrogation room alone, they will definitely lay hands on you then, bear with it for a while, when my family has asked for connections to bail us out, it will be no big deal.”

“Brother Wang, what’s the point of wasting words with them, let’s just put them all down here and teach them a hard lesson.” Wu Qijian, whose nose was still wrapped in gauze, rushed in, holding a baton in his hand, but an electric baton in his left hand, and said hideously, “I’ll see how you can still be proud of yourselves today, I’ll make sure to kill you all!”

“Blatantly beating people in the police station, do you all not care?” Ji Feng turned his gaze to Captain Wang at the door.

Who knew, that Captain Wang snorted coldly, “You’re arrogant, how dare you talk to me like that here.” He fiercely pulled out a baton from his waist and also slowly walked over, “I just like arrogant people, it makes it more comfortable to fight!”


Chapter 104

Ji Feng shook his head and said unhurriedly, “Even if we are arrogant, we are no better than you two, Captain Wang and Wu Qi Jian. Go to see the net –.7-K–o-m. One was drunk and enforced the law, even following the command of a punk and trying to lynch us, while the other was arrogant enough to dare to openly beat someone up in the police station, really impressive!”

Hearing Ji Feng’s seemingly complimentary, but actually thick sarcasm, Captain Wang’s face froze and he said angrily, “D*mn, you little son of a B*tch even dare to sarcasm Laozi, Laozi get you killed!”

“Hold it!” Zhang Lei raised his hand violently and bellowed, “You want to get us killed, this is in your territory, we have no way to resist. But there has to be a context to the matter, there has to be who is right and who is wrong, right?”

“Nonsense, the right one is of course Laozi, and the wrong one is naturally you!” Before Captain Wang could say anything, Wu Qi Jian next to him couldn’t help but scold.

“You are clearly being unreasonable!” Zhang Lei said with a smirk, but a cold cold aura flashed in his eyes.

“I am being unreasonable, what’s the matter?” Wu Qi Jian hummed disdainfully.

Ji Feng just smiled next to him, quietly listening to Zhang Lei lead Captain Wang and Wu Qi Jian into a trap step by step, he knew that Zhang Lei did not only want to solve this matter, he also wanted to make Wu Qi Jian and Captain Wang plant a big heel in this matter.

Otherwise, at the Heshun Hotel, all Zhang Lei had to do was to dial his second uncle’s number and put Captain Wang on the phone. I believe that even if Captain Wang had the guts to do so, he would not dare to disobey Zhang Lei’s second uncle.

But Zhang Lei did not do so, he only informed his second uncle privately, in fact, he wanted his second uncle to come directly to the police station, in order to let him see this scene, the evidence of the crime of Captain Wang and Wu Qijian will be confirmed, so that no matter how strong the background of Captain Wang and Wu Qijian, they will definitely eat!

As expected, after hearing Wu Qi Jian’s arrogant words, Zhang Lei laughed lightly: “So, in that case, you haven’t lost your mobile phones either? You said you lost your phones, but you were just looking for a fight with us?”

“You’re not stupid!” Wu Qi Jian laughed coldly, “That’s right, I didn’t lose my phone, but I just want to pick on you, what can you do to me?”

“I can’t do anything, but with the People’s Police here, I believe they will do justice for us!” Zhang Lei had a cold look in his eyes as his gaze turned to Captain Wang, “Captain Wang, now that you have heard his words, you can tell who is right and who is wrong at a glance, I hope you can detain him according to the law.”


Captain Wang and Wu Qi Jian looked at each other and laughed out loud at the same time, with Captain Wang laughing and scolding, “Kid, you’re an idiot, right? Old Wu and I are buddies, and you’re asking me to arrest him? Not to mention that he wronged you, even if he beat you to death, I will proceed to have you flogged, and you still want me to administer justice?”

“If you don’t do justice for the people and solve their problems, why are you still a policeman?” Zhang Lei asked, there was no longer any peace in his voice, there were only morose and cold words.

“I became a police officer to keep myself from being bullied and then bullying others, can’t I?” Captain Wang’s face reddened at Zhang Lei’s sarcasm, and he instantly became angry, “D*mn it, talk so much nonsense, I’ll scrap you first!”


Zhang Lei turned his head to look at Ji Feng and laughed, “This aspect should be your specialty, right?”

Ji Feng nodded and smiled, “Sort of, but I’m sure Old Du is also interested in it.”

When Du Shaofeng, who had been listening to Zhang Lei and that Captain Wang’s conversation without interrupting, heard this, he immediately understood that Ji Feng was inviting himself and Captain Wang both to do it. .com

Du Shaofeng instantly got excited and laughed: “Ji old brother, leave this matter to me, look at your weak appearance, don’t hurt you later, you all back off, with me old Du around, no one can hurt a hair on your head!”

“It’s better one for one!” Ji Feng laughed, “It’s good to resist violence!”


When Captain Wang saw that the situation was not right, he bellowed, and then four or five policemen ran in, each with a baton in their hands.

“Teach these B*****ds a lesson first, then we’ll interrogate them slowly!” Captain Wang was so drunk that his speech was starting to slur a little.


Several policemen bellowed, and together with Captain Wang and Wu Qijian, they pounced over, wielding their batons and electric rods.

“This time, it’s going to be the two of us together!” Ji Feng and Du Shaofeng said in unison, as they looked at each other and laughed out loud.

“Let’s compete to see who puts down more people!” Du Shaofeng laughed loudly and pounced forward, that huge body was like a moving hill, but it was incredibly nimble.

He swiftly dodged the electric rods in the hands of those policemen, not allowing the dangerous thing to touch him. At the same time, his fist, as big as a stone roller, smashed fiercely into the bodies of those policemen, instantly knocking them directly to the ground.

Du Shaofeng’s movements were incomparably powerful and looked tigerish, making Zhang Lei and the others couldn’t help but admire in their hearts.

Looking at Ji Feng again, it was a different style.

His moves were almost all seen again, removing bones, splitting tendons, locking throats …… Ji Feng’s moves, surprisingly all of them were one-hit killing techniques, even the mighty Du Shaofeng couldn’t help but have a chill in his heart when he saw them, this was not a fight, it was clearly a ma*sacre!

However, Ji Feng also paid attention to proportion, and only quickly removed everyone’s arms and thighs, leaving them limp on the ground, but other than that, he did not kill a single person.

Of course, if these people’s arms and thighs were not able to be put back together in time and remained in this dislocated state, the blood would coalesce in the bone cracks and by then, even if they were put back together, I was afraid that there would still be after-effects left behind.

The corners of Du Shaofeng’s eyes twitched as he watched. Since ancient times, medicine and martial arts are not separate, and most people who practice martial arts know some medical skills. Du Shaofeng had been taught kung fu by his family since he was a child, so he could naturally see at a glance that although Ji Feng had been merciful, he was still ruthless, and he could not help but feel his heart jumping wildly when he looked at him.

This kid, he looks so gentle, why is he so ruthless! Du Shaofeng couldn’t help but mutter in his heart.

Not only was Du Shaofeng stunned, but even Captain Wang, who was drunk, and Wu Qijian, who was arrogant as hell before, were equally stunned by Ji Feng’s ruthlessness.

Their arms and thighs were dislocated, the kind of pain that could not be described as excruciating but was definitely not pleasant, causing both of their faces to turn blue and the veins on their foreheads to rise high, as the two men fell limp to the ground, their bodies trembling and twitching violently, showing exactly what kind of pain they were experiencing.

“Ah~~” Wu Qi Jian was lying on the ground screaming miserably, but all his limbs had been removed by Ji Feng and his dislocated arms and thighs could not use any strength at all, he could only lie on his back on the ground and cursed angrily, “How dare you sons of B*tches do this to me, today you will either kill me, if I don’t die, I will make you guys regret it!”

Ji Feng said indifferently, “If you dare to continue cursing, I guarantee that your head will be removed!”

It was common knowledge among modern humans that a person’s spinal column bone was always connected to the back of the head and could not be removed in the middle. But Ji Feng had learned in the Super Agent Training System that he could take apart segments of a person’s spine, and as long as he wanted to, he could completely take off a person’s spinal column section by section, even including the head!

Hearing Ji Feng’s cold words, Wu Qi Jian could not help but shiver and subconsciously shut his mouth, not daring to make any more noise.

Captain Wang also couldn’t help but winced, his heart snapping. He suddenly realised that since these boys dared to make a move here, and they didn’t feel any tension after beating up the policeman, and even after hearing Ji Shaoyun’s name, they were still indifferent.

Could it be that these few people were even bigger than Ji Shaoyun?

When Captain Wang thought of this, he suddenly became nervous and subconsciously glanced at Ji Feng, his heart continuously sinking.

The first thing he did was to take a look at Ji Feng, and his heart sank. Captain Wang knew very well that if these student-like guys were really bigger than Ji Shaoyun, then it meant that he had not only kicked the bucket, but also gotten into a lot of trouble.

Captain Wang opened his mouth and wanted to beg Ji Feng for forgiveness, but before he could speak, he heard Wu Qi Jian next to him say with resentment, “You guys really have guts, good, very good! If you dare to treat me like this, then you are not giving face to Ji Shao, just wait for Ji Shao’s revenge!”

“Ji Shaoyun is it?”

Ji Feng hummed unconcernedly and said indifferently, “The reason why I didn’t scrap you on the spot today is that I’ve already given face to Ji Shaoyun, so you tell him for me that if he still dares to condone a group of dogs under him like this and go around doing mischief, not only will you dog-legged people be unlucky, even he will be unlucky with you by then!”

Ji Feng’s words were so powerful that for a moment, Wu Qi Jian was actually subdued, and he didn’t even know how to answer the words for half a day. He had always relied heavily on Ji Shaoyun, but now, the other party didn’t even give Ji Shaoyun face, so what did that mean?

It meant that the other party was either a reckless person who wasn’t afraid of Ji Shaoyun, or, they were even bigger than Ji Shaoyun’s origin!

At the thought of these two possibilities, Wu Qi Jian’s heart immediately beat violently, as if it might jump out of his chest at any moment.

But very quickly, Wu Qi Jian denied his guess, what a joke, who was Ji Shaoyun, that was a person from the Ji family in Yanjing, in this China, at most, there was only someone who could be similar to his origin, but there was absolutely no way that someone could be even bigger than him.

Obviously, these B*****ds were putting on a show!

With such a guess, Wu Qi Jian suddenly became even more resentful, today these few B*****ds not only beat themselves up, but also dared to ignore Ji Shaoyun so much, he must tell Ji Shaoyun about this matter, so that he could help him take out his anger.

However, Wu Qi Jian also knew that he was only a small servant in front of Ji Shaoyun, so if he wanted him to help him out, he absolutely could not tell the truth, but had to add oil and vinegar to the story. After all, Ji Shaoyun was a child, and it would be too easy to deceive him.

Thinking of this, Wu Qi Jian snorted angrily, “You few can be as arrogant as you like, if you have the guts you can tear down the entire police station, I’ll see if it’s your death or mine!”

Ji Feng smiled faintly, not bothering to pay attention to him.

However, Du Shaofeng and Zhang Lei, two hot-tempered people, could not bear it, and both of them stepped forward at the same time and kicked out with two fierce kicks.

Bang! Bang!

Wu Qi Jian didn’t even have time to scream before he was directly knocked out by these two kicks.

Captain Wang immediately drew a breath of cold air, and the little bit of alcohol he had been drinking instantly sobered him up. This is in a police station. Normally, when people enter a police station, they wouldn’t even dare to speak loudly, but these two guys were so good that they not only dared to a*sault the police, but even openly hurt people.

However, seeing the fierce eyes of Du Shaofeng and Zhang Lei, Captain Wang simply closed both eyes and pretended to faint. At the same time, his hand, however, sneaked in his pocket to feel his mobile phone and dialed a number for help.

“D*mn, really don’t know how to live or die!” Zhang Lei said disdainfully.

Du Shaofeng gave a thumbs up and laughed heatedly, “Brother, that was a painful kick!”

Han Zhong and Zhao Kai at the back, however, were laughing bitterly in their hearts. The kick was painful, but the consequences were not so easy to bear.

Han Zhong only hoped that his father would ask for connections to let him and the others out as soon as possible, otherwise it would be difficult to get out when the police came from behind.

As he was thinking, he heard a rush of footsteps from outside.

Han Zhong’s face darkened and he thought to himself, “Oh no, the police outside have heard the commotion after all.


The door of the interrogation room was kicked open, followed by a dozen police officers rushing in, seeing the scene inside the interrogation room, these officers were shocked and hurriedly pulled out their pistols and pointed them at Ji Feng and the others.

“All of you crouch down and hold your heads with your hands, or else we’ll shoot!” The dozen of policemen were all tense beyond belief, how could they have not expected that these guys would be so bold as to knock the vigilante captain unconscious.

“Squat down!” Ji Feng said indifferently, pulling Tong Lei’s small hand and squatting down, although he was confident that he could knock these guys down before they fired, but he was afraid that if there was a slip-up and he hurt Tong Lei, it would be troublesome.

What’s more, there were still people behind him who hadn’t arrived, and there was no need to force his hand.

After Ji Feng and the others had all crouched down, the police officers were relieved and were about to walk up and handcuff Ji Feng and the others when they suddenly heard a voice coming from them.

“Stop it all!”

An authoritative voice snapped from outside, followed by three policemen walking over, the one in the lead was about forty years old, with a face full of authority.

“What are you doing here? Is there a war going on?” Seeing a dozen or so policemen all holding up their guns, the majestic policeman immediately snorted coldly and questioned.

When those policemen saw the man’s face clearly, they immediately winced in fear and hastily put their strong away.

One of the policemen stammered and said, “Zheng, Chief Zheng, these few people attacked the police and knocked Captain Wang unconscious!”

The majestic man, Chief Zheng, looked at the situation in the interrogation room and couldn’t help but snort coldly, “What a great show of authority, to take a pistol and an electric baton and deal with a group of students who have no ability to resist?!”