Campus Master Chapter 1-2

Chapter 1

The September sun, still blazing hot, that hot sun shines on the streets and people are in a hurry, sweating, not wanting to stay outside for a second longer.

However, for Ji Feng, this season is even colder than winter!


“Let’s break up!”


“Hui Hui, you, what did you just say?” Ji Feng asked in a trembling voice.

“I said, I want to break up with you!” The girl named Hui Hui said indifferently, “Also, from now on, please don’t call me Hui Hui, my name is Hu Xuehui!”

“Why?” Ji Feng asked with an ashen face, “Hui Hui, why is that?”

Ji Feng’s heart felt a twinge of pain and he was almost about to fall over.

Just two months ago, the two of them had made a vow to never part, but a summer had pa*sed and he had heard the decisive words of breaking up, how could he be willing?

The two of them had vowed never to part.

Hu Xuehui and Ji Feng were both senior year students at the same time at the Second Middle School in Mang Shi County, and were in the same cla*s.

Ji Feng is a real person and does not talk much, although his family is in the county, but does not have the flair of those other county students, only slightly worse grades, in the cla*s can only be considered moderate to low.

Hu Xuehui, on the other hand, has a lively personality, is pretty, likes to talk to people, and is the vice president of the cla*s, so she is liked by her male cla*smates, and a few of them even fight over her.

But in the end, it was Ji Feng, who had always been a man of few words, who got the girl’s heart.

Because they were at the same table, they grew fond of each other over time and secretly developed an underground romance.

However, Ji Feng did not expect that as soon as senior year started, he heard Hu Xuehui’s request to break up.

“Why? You still have the nerve to ask me why?” Once Hu Xuehui heard this, her voice couldn’t help but raise quite a bit, causing the students pa*sing back and forth around her to turn their heads to look over and sweep up a few times. .com

“Did I do something wrong?” Ji Feng asked with a pale face, his tone almost taking on a pleading tone.

“Ji Feng, it is impossible for us to continue because our future paths are different!” Hu Xuehui said coldly and condescendingly, “Do you think that with your family’s condition, you can support you to go to university? With your grades, can you get into university? I’m going to university, and I’ll be living in the city in the future, so being with you will only ruin my future!”

“Family?” Ji Feng’s face instantly turned pale, still undeterred, he asked, “Didn’t I tell you a long time ago that my family was poor, why did you not propose a breakup until now?”

“Why?” Hu Xuehui sneered, her tone full of mockery, “Ji Feng, do you know, I went to my sister’s house in Jiangzhou during the summer holidays, do you know how much the house where my sister and brother-in-law live is worth? You just can’t even afford a toilet if you work hard all your life, do you know how much the car my sister drives is worth?”

Ji Feng shook his head with difficulty and said, “I will work hard to earn money!”

Ji Feng had heard Hu Xuehui talk about her sister, it was said that her sister was working in Jiangzhou, how come she suddenly became rich now?

“Hmph, hard work?” Hu Xuethui laughed mockingly, “Work hard for how many years? Ten years, twenty years? Or fifty years? I don’t want to follow you until I’m about to die of old age before I can afford a house in a big city and drive a car, Ji Feng, in the future you should stop pestering me, but I’m definitely going to go to university in Jiangzhou, by then, we won’t be in the same world!”

Ji Feng stared at her blankly, originally that pretty face, was the one that would always blossom the most beautiful smile to him, but now, this beautiful face, was written with condescension, and those moving eyes were filled with indifference.

“Okay, let’s break up!” Ji Feng finally nodded his head. Hu Xuehui had already shown the indifference of rejecting people, and his efforts to salvage her were just futile.

In this situation, Ji Feng, who had an inferiority complex inside, chose to preserve the last bit of dignity for himself!

“Also, I’ve already asked the teacher to transfer the seat, and we are no longer at the same table in the future, nor do we have any relationship!” Hu Xuehui said indifferently and turned around condescendingly to leave, not even looking at Ji Feng anymore.

A girl who had been waiting for Hu Xuethui not far away saw that their conversation had ended, so she walked over to accompany her and gradually left.

“Xuehui, your words just now seemed too heavy, that’s not very nice, is it?” From a distance, came the girl’s voice.

“Hmph, that’s considered polite of me to say that!” Hu Xuehui looked angry, “Thanks to him being a city dweller, his family is so poor that they usually don’t even bother to buy me a present, I was really blind in the past, how could I look at him?!”

“Xue Hui, keep your voice down, don’t let Ji Feng hear you!” The girl seemed to feel a bit bad and discouraged.

“What’s the fear of hearing? A poor B*****d son is just ……” Hu Xuethui said disdainfully.


Not far away, Ji Feng heard these words, instantly as if struck by explosive thunder, the whole person froze on the spot, breathing sharply, his face rose red, his eyes almost to spew fire.

illegitimate son …… illegitimate son …… wild seed ……

Ji Feng’s teeth were about to be gritted, the veins on his forehead rose high, the whole person almost choked, his fists clenched, unclenched, clenched again, unclenched again ……

Until Hu Xuehui and the girl walked away, Ji Feng finally barely calmed down and smiled ruefully: “B*****d …… wild seeds …… huh …… ”

That’s right, Ji Feng is an illegitimate son, to put it bluntly, is a wild seed!

This secret, except for Hu Xuehui, he had never told anyone. Just because Ji Feng was an illegitimate son, his mother was kicked out of the house by his grandparents, and if it wasn’t for the help of good people, their mother and son would have become beggars on the streets, or even starved to death on the streets.

The word B*****d became the best joke for other children to laugh at him as a child and stayed with him throughout his childhood.

It was because of his illegitimate status that Ji Feng became inferior and introverted, and even a mocking look from others could make him die of shame.

It was only when he met Hu Xuehui that Ji Feng’s personality became a little more open. Because of this, he told Hu Xuehui about his family and his identity.

But he could never have imagined that his poor family became the reason for Hu Xuehui’s breakup, while his illegitimate son’s identity became the object of her ridicule and disdain!

“Just, just ……”

Ji Feng shook his head, lost his soul and walked towards the outside of the school, smiling sadly: “Private son, I’m just a private son that people laugh at, even the people I love the most, they all mock me with impunity ……”

In the heat of September, there were hardly any pedestrians on the streets, making Ji Feng look even more lonely. The only thing that made this summer less lonely was the TV in the shop next to it playing music and TV shows.

“The latest broadcast, scientists have recently observed a crab nebula in outer space, one billion light years away from our solar system, which emits a surprising gamma-ray flare, the first time a gamma-ray flare has been observed in a cosmic nebula so far. Scientists speculate that the gamma-ray flare is too far away to have an impact on human life ……”

Unbeknownst to the announcer who was broadcasting the news set, just outside the atmosphere, a gamma-ray flare was streaking towards Earth.


Ji Feng was lost in thought, walking aimlessly on the street, being viciously ridiculed by the girl he loved, leaving him heartbroken as if he were dead, as if he had no soul.

Just then, the sunlight in the sky seemed to flicker and a beam of light, invisible to the naked eye, struck Ji Feng’s head, causing him to faint on the spot and lose consciousness.


Chapter 2

In the white ward that emits the pungent smell of medicine, Ji Feng is lying on the hospital bed, still in a coma.

In fact, at this time, in his mind, it was a voice that kept ringing out.

“Bio-current stimulation activated, looking for fusion opportunity ……”


“Mental fluctuations normal, nerve endings connection complete ……”


“Central nerve fusion in host brain complete ……”


“Smart Brain One and host beginning to fuse ……”


“Fusion complete, database start …… Ding!”


“Host’s body strengthening program started ……”


Not knowing how long had pa*sed, Ji Feng slowly woke up from his coma, and what caught his eyes was a face covered with tears.

“Mom ……” Ji Feng subconsciously called out, then reacted and sat up violently, looking at his surroundings in surprise, “Mom, this is a hospital? How come I’m here?”

The person sitting next to the hospital bed was none other than Ji Feng’s mother, Xiao Su Mei.

“Feng’er, you’ve finally woken up?” When she saw Ji Feng do up, Xiao Sumei was surprised and hurriedly wiped away the tears on her face, took her son’s hand and asked, “Feng’er, do you feel better?”

Ji Feng subconsciously nodded his head and asked in confusion, “Mom, what’s wrong with you, what happened?”

Xiao Su Mei wiped her tears and said, “You kid, you just skipped cla*s on the first day of school, and you even fainted on the street because of heatstroke, if it wasn’t for the kind people who brought you here, mum would have lost you as a son!”

Skipping cla*s? Heatstroke?

Ji Feng’s face turned pale as he recalled that the reason he had skipped cla*s and left school was that he didn’t want to stay in that place.

He was afraid of hearing the words ‘illegitimate son’ from Hu Xuehui’s mouth again, and coupled with the pain of the breakup, that’s why he lost his soul and left the school.

Seeing her son’s pale face, Xiao Su Mei immediately said with concern, “Feng’er, why does your face look so ugly, is there something wrong with it?”

“Mom, I’m fine!”

Ji Feng hurriedly pulled his mother who was about to call the doctor. Seeing his mother’s anxious look, he couldn’t help but feel a sourness in his heart and said with immense guilt, “Mom, it’s all my fault for making you worry. I promise you that I will never skip cla*s again, I will study hard and never let you worry again!”

“Good! Good!” Xiao Su Mei couldn’t help but shed tears of joy again when she saw how understanding her son was, “Mom knows that Feng’er is the most understanding!”

Knowing how to behave?

Ji Feng laughed sarcastically in his heart, if he knew how to behave, he wouldn’t forget his mother who had suffered so much, and he wouldn’t forget that his mother relied on selling some vegetables every day to pay for his studies, and instead went to be obsessed with Hu Xuehui’s body.

He was simply a B*****d who was worse than a beast! Ji Feng hated his former self immensely!

Ji Feng’s mother Xiao Sumei’s hometown was in the countryside, and because she was unmarried and pregnant first, Xiao Sumei was kicked out of her parents’ home and became homeless. Considered a bad woman who hurt people’s morals, the ridicule and sarcasm of relatives and friends, and the indifference of the world, Xiao Su Mei could not stay in the countryside anymore and had to live in exile in the county with her pregnancy.

Fortunately, with the help of kind-hearted people, Xiao Su Mei rented a cheap house and gave birth to Ji Feng.

When Ji Feng was small, Xiao Sumei could only carry Ji Feng on her back, helping other people’s families to watch their children during the day and taking Ji Feng along. At night, she would go to the nearby junkyard and plunder some scrap that could be sold for money, and so she lived a hard life.

When Ji Feng was a little older, Xiao Sumei took it easy and with the help of her neighbours, she bought a pedal tricycle and became a vegetable vendor, although the money she earned was not much, but apart from Ji Feng’s school fees, they could barely get by.

He came to the vegetable market in the county after school and helped his mother sell vegetables, which helped Xiao Sumei a lot.

However, since he and Hu Xuehui started dating, Ji Feng would go to the vegetable market less and less after school to help his mother on the pretext that he had a heavy study load, and the vast majority of the time, he was with Hu Xuehui.

Thinking about it now, Ji Feng couldn’t help but feel a twinge of pain in his heart, how could he have been blind and let his hard-working mother go without pain, but instead fell in love with that snobbish Hu Xuehui?

“Mom, I’m sorry!” Ji Feng said seriously, “From now on, I won’t let you suffer anymore, I will make sure you live a good life, I will make all those people who used to laugh at you and look down on you come to flatter you and fawn over you, I will make you proud to have me as your son!”

At this moment, Ji Feng, after seeing his mother’s tears, finally woke up to a new life!

This was the first solemn promise he made after his new birth, for his mother who had suffered so much!

“Good, good!” Xiao Su Mei fiercely hugged her son in her arms, tears rustling down her face.

The suffering and hardship of the past ten years had finally been rewarded at this moment, and Xiao Su Mei felt extremely satisfied. Even if life was hard, having such an obedient and filial son was worth it!

Snuggling in his mother’s arms, Ji Feng said to himself firmly in his heart, “Ji Feng, from today onwards, forget about Hu Xuehui and be a new you, because, you still have a mother to be filial to!”

Mother and son embraced each other, and a strong warmth and affection filled the ward.

But at that very moment, the door of the ward was pushed open with a strong bang.

The mother and son turned their heads to look, only to see a fat nurse full of disdain walk in and say indifferently, “Xiao Su Mei, your three-day stay expires in twenty minutes, if you still want to stay, go and pay, otherwise, pack your things and leave immediately!”

Xiao Sumei hurriedly stood up and said, “This nurse, my son has just woken up, his body is still very weak, can you hold off for an hour at most and we will leave, do you think it’s okay?”

“Humph!” The fat nurse said disdainfully, “Take a break? We are a regular hospital here, not a small clinic in the countryside. If you can’t afford it, don’t stay here, don’t pretend to be a big spender!”

Xiao Su Mei’s face was red with anger and rage, but she could not say anything. Thinking that her son’s body was still weak, she could only clench her teeth and said, “I’ll pay the money!”

“Mom!” Ji Feng called out to Xiao Sumei with a grim face, looked coldly at the nurse, jerked off the hospital bed, and asked coldly, “Our ward is not due for another twenty minutes, is it?”

“That’s right!” That nurse said disdainfully, “What, look at you still want to beat me up? Hmph!”

“Good, how nice!” Ji Feng smiled back in anger and said coldly, “Since we still have twenty minutes left in the ward, then, within those twenty minutes, this ward still belongs to us, right?”

“What are you trying to say? I don’t have time to fool around with you, so get out of here!” The nurse said impatiently.

“Get out!” Ji Feng said with a gloomy face.

“What did you say?” The obese nurse didn’t react for a moment.

“I said, let you, get out! Out! Go!” Ji Feng said word by word, “During these twenty minutes, we are still the owners of this ward, now, I’m telling you to get out!”

“You ……!” The nurse glared angrily at Ji Feng, but had no way to retort, because within these twenty minutes, Ji Feng did have the right to dominate this ward, as long as it did not exceed the hospital’s rules!

In the end, the obese nurse could only say fiercely, “Wait until twenty minutes later, if you don’t leave, I’ll have security throw you out! Hmph!”

After saying that, she walked out without looking back.