All For You Chapter 710

“You’re just too timid, you won’t fight back when you’re bullied, you don’t dare to chase after someone you like, you all delay like you do, how many infatuated men and women must there be in this world?”

Top Heart:”……”

I don’ care if I like someone, if I like them or not, I’ll do it first! It’s best if I can get him, but if I can’t, at least I’ve tried, so I won’t regret anything!”

It was her encouragement that gradually made Shang Xin bold.

No more fear and avoidance.

Whether it was learning to protect herself at school, or going back to Tang Yuansi to reveal her heart …… after she returned to China, everything was inseparable from that girl called “Liu Liu”.

They are obviously the same age, but Liu Liu’s domineering attitude makes her look like a big sister.

“You mean, you only know me as Rurouniu, but not my full name? What about the name of the school!” The loss under Nian Xiaomu’s eyes flashed, and then, another crucial question came to mind.

Since Shang Xin was an alumna with her, as long as she knew the name of the school, she would be able to find out information about her studies there back then.

And perhaps, find other people who knew her ……

“Angel, the school’s name is angel, and it’s internationally known as an aristocratic closed school.”

It’s also known jokingly as the devil’s school with the name ‘angel’.

Most of the people who come out of there are elites.

“Angel.” Nian Xiaomu silently recited the name once, and a faint sense of familiarity rushed to her mind.

If Shang Xin was not mistaken and she had really studied at this school back then, then the teachers at this school, should have met her family ……

Are they, all right?

“Little Mumu, are you alright?” Shang Xin saw that she didn’t look right and couldn’t help but be concerned.

“Coffee for the two of you.” The waiter brought up the coffee and snacks, temporarily interrupting the conversation between the two.

Ushin picked up the coffee and took a sip.

The taste, which he had originally liked, always turned his stomach a little when he drank it today.

Thinking it was because of her own intestinal discomfort, she put the coffee down, thought of something and looked at Nian Xiaomu again.

“Speaking of your name, I only know you as Liu Liu, rather your family …… I remember once I happened to see someone come to pick you up, only that person’s dress code looked, unlike your parents, meticulous, rather like a butler, and respectful to you. ”

“……” Hearing Shang Xin’s words, Nian Xiao Mu oohed and aahed and looked up.

“I don’t remember the look very well, only that it was a foreigner, in a very formal suit, with a black bow tie, a little gray at the temples, and looking, well, in his fifties.”

“A foreigner in his fifties ……”

Nian Xiaomu immediately associated with something, and his soulful eyes, floated a bright light.

Hastily looking down and flipping out his phone, he handed the picture he got from the Xing family, Mr. Cadi, to Shang Xin to look at.

“Take a good look, is this the man?”


Shang Xin was taken aback by her reaction and quickly took the phone.

The photo on the phone was taken from the old photo of the Xing family’s second uncle, and the old photo, which was already a bit yellowed, was taken in a way that was even more blurred than the photo on the film.

However, the person on it could still be roughly visible.

Shang Xin quickly looked up, “It’s him! When I was at the school gate, the person I saw coming to pick you up was the old man in the photo!”