All For You Chapter 709

“Six-six? You mean, the girl you know, called Liu Liu?” Nian Xiaomu froze, looking at Shangxin with disbelief.

At first, when Fan Yu told her the name “Liu Liu”, she was actually somewhat unsure of it.

But to her surprise, the second person who had an impression of her had also said the same name.

“Is it just Liu Liu? Do you remember my surname?” Nian Xiaomu came back to her senses, her expression changed at once, and somewhat nervously backhandedly grabbed Shang Xin’s wrist and opened her mouth to ask.

At those words, Shang Xin’s face showed a difficult expression.

After thinking for a long time, she shook her head and said, “I don’t know.”

What they were in, was a private, aristocratic, closed school abroad, and those who could appear there were, basically, children from uncommon families.

In order to ensure that everyone would not be disturbed by other people after they left the school, in the school, almost all of them used aliases.

That day, after that pretty girl had saved her, she had been gangly, obviously not looking like a bad person, but always speaking with a bit of spontaneity, and with a noble air that was a bit stronger than hers.

As he walked out of the teaching office, he even reached out and patted her head.

“Little cutie, I’m leaving, don’t miss me, next time someone bullies you, remember to do what I taught you before and just punch them back!”

The pretty girl said, and was ready to leave.

Shang Xin came back to her senses and hurriedly rushed to her back and asked, “I don’t know your name yet.”

“Liuliu, you can just call me Liuliu.”

Without turning her head back, Rurouniu waved her hand in a very dashing manner and walked away.

Then later, they saw each other several times at school.

Although they were not in the same class, they got along quite well.

As they got to know each other longer, Shang Xin gradually realised that Liu Liu was very different from the first time she met her.

She was quick-witted and had a sense of justice.

She knows a lot too.

Except for …… fighting a bit mean.

But according to her own words, the goddess is driven to teach those who do not know any better a lesson.

Usually, there is no fighting, after all, fighting affects the image of the goddess.

Well, a goddess who can fight also takes her image very seriously.

If someone else said something like that to her, Shang Xin would probably have to spit in the other person’s face, but coming from Liu Liu’s mouth, it was surprising that it didn’t feel half out of place.

Perhaps, it was because of her beauty.

Perhaps it was because of her queenly aura.

Or perhaps, it was her cynical tone ……

Anyway, how they came close, Shang Xin no longer remembered.

All that is known is that later on, she came to think of Rokuroku as a friend.

The closed school was heavy with schoolwork, and they were faced with a lot of classes every day, with very little private time, and when they did see each other once in a while, it was almost always Shang Xin spilling her guts to her.

It was a young age, a time when love was in its infancy.

That Shang Xin, who already knew she liked Tang Yuan Si, was always thinking about how to trick someone into taking her.

Speaking of which, stalking this trick, or at that time Liu Liu forcefully pushed to her.

“I’m telling you, a woman chasing a man is separated by a veil, if you pierce that veil, you’ll naturally get him, and if he still doesn’t comply, you’ll bully him, in short, if you can’t do it once, sleep with him a few more times and convince him!”

Thinking back to the conversation between the two of them at that time, Shang Xin’s cheeks, were still a burning red.

On the contrary, Liu Liu, who had said this to her, could still educate her in a serious manner.