All For You Chapter 707

“……” Nian Xiaomu lifted her head for a moment and looked at her with some surprise.

How did she not expect that Shang Xin’s answer was the same as what she guessed.

They had, most likely, known each other before ……

Nian Xiaomu’s heart lifted for a moment, her throat tightened, “Who is it?”

“A friend of mine, a classmate to be exact.” Shangxin’s eyes hesitated a little when he said this, and he pondered for a few seconds before slowly opening his lips.

“I haven’t told you about this, I didn’t dare to ask you if you know me because I’m hiding something else from you, I’m not actually called Shang Xin, my real name is Shang Moxin.”

Shang Xin said, gripping Nian Xiao Mu’s hand, a little tighter.

It was wrong of her to hide her true identity.

But she was the only heir of the Shang family and had experienced countless kidnappings since she was a child.

Concealing her identity was to just be herself, and to keep her family from worrying.

“Shang Muxin ……”

Nian Xiaomu read her name once, something flashed through her mind and her eyes widened in some surprise.

“You’re Shang Ling Si’s daughter?”

That was a business tycoon of the previous generation, an industry legend.

Even if Nian Xiaomu didn’t know it, she had heard of the name.

How could she not expect that Shang Xin was actually Shang Ling Si’s daughter, the Shang family’s eldest miss ……

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to hide it from you, I just didn’t know how to tell you.” Shang Xin looked at her apologetically.

Nian Xiaomu quickly recovered from her surprise and spoke indifferently.

“No need to apologize, I can understand, I am friends with you because you are Shang Xin, it has nothing to do with whether or not you are the Shang family’s eldest lady.”

“You even talk the same way as she does.”

Shang Xin froze for a few seconds and opened her lips in a sultry manner.

As if caught in a memory, even her eyes became a little misty ……

Children of top families, from the moment they are born, receive an elite education.

She was the only heir to the Shang family.

Her mother almost died trying to give birth to her, turning into a vegetable and lying in bed for many years.

Her father waited for many years for her mother to wake up and be happy together.

Although no one ever told her that she would have to carry everything for the Shang family in the future, Shang Xin knew in her heart the responsibility she had on her shoulders, so when she learnt that she would be sent to an aristocratic closed school to study, she agreed without any resistance.

It was also there that she met her first friend, in her life.

“My father is a daughter control and spoiled me from a young age, I was particularly petulant when I was small, and just when I understood, I was sent abroad for a closed education. Although I agreed to it, I was still very bad at adapting, and when I first arrived there, I was ostracised, and there were always a few blonde foreign girls who liked to stop me in the canteen and not let me eat ……”

A somewhat embarrassed smile appeared on Shangxin’s face as she recalled that time of her life.

She was particularly wimpy back then, growing up, she was good at everything but fighting.

Plus she had little brother Si to protect her.

The first time she left home, away from Tang Yuan Si, she simply had no ability to defend herself.

When she was bullied, she would just stand still and cry.

It was at that time that a young girl, also with dark eyes and dark hair and a pretty face, suddenly appeared in front of her.

Reaching down, she picked up the dinner plate in front of her and snapped it handsomely at the men.

She was already stunned.

Frozen in place, her eyes were wide and staring straight at the pretty girl.