All For You Chapter 706

“Nothing to do with him, it was my own decision.” As soon as Shang Xin heard that name, she quickly denied it.

The more she did, the more it proved that she was in a hurry to leave because of Tang Yuan Si.

Two people, who obviously both cared for each other, had to hurt each other.

Nian Xiaomu sat down and took a sip from the glass of water in front of her, unable to understand what they were all thinking.

According to her, if she liked a man, she would first look at him, find an opportunity to abduct him home, eat him up and then pat him on the cheek and tell him that he had to be responsible for his mother ……


Although she was with Yu Yuehan and had a little accident.

She didn’t have time to ask him to be responsible and Yu Yuehan was already looking for her to be responsible.

But that didn’t affect the goddess’ dominance at all.

Tang Yuansi is Yu Yuehan’s friend, and as a rule, her personality should be similar, not a matronly person.

Why did he keep holding back when he clearly cared about being attached?

She still couldn’t figure out what he was suffering from that he had to push the person he liked away.

It was so unmanly!

“Two cappuccinos, and a dim sum platter, please.”

Shang Xin finished his order and closed the menu and handed it to the waiter before looking over at her with a smile.

“I don’t have many friends here, and I wanted to meet you before I left, so I didn’t hold you up by asking you out unexpectedly, did I?”

Shang Xin spoke, straightforwardly, “I’ve heard all the rumours on the internet before, to be honest, I asked you out today, apart from saying goodbye to you, there’s another thing that I want to tell you.”

Her serious tone caused Nian Xiaomu to faintly stare.

When it came to the online comments, the first person that flashed through her mind was Xing Li.

Originally, this morning, she was going to go to the police station to ask Xing Li about her parents, but Yu Yuehan had an emergency meeting at the last minute and couldn’t get away, just as Shang Xin was leaving, so she rushed over to meet with Shang Xin first.

I didn’t expect that she would suddenly bring up this matter.

Thinking that she was trying to ask if the online comments were true, she subconsciously opened her mouth to explain, “Shang Xin, actually I’m with Xing Li ……”

“I’m not asking you about this, I certainly believe that the Xing family couple’s death has nothing to do with you, moreover, I already know that you are just the Xing family’s adopted child, the media’s news spreads very fast, the news about Yu’s mysterious fiancĂ©e these days never breaks, your life is really more exciting than the one made up in the TV series.”

Shang Xin said, reaching out to take her hand in his.

He pursed his lips, as if hesitating about something, for a long time, before speaking.

“Do you still remember, when we first met?”

“…… outside the show, the time when you pretended to be a fan?” Nian Xiaomu was stunned and smiled in response.

Thinking about that time, she felt a bit silly.

Trying to go and convince Shang Xin to work with her, only to have Shang Xin stand in front of her and she actually didn’t even recognize it.

At her words, Shang Xin nodded, her eyes becoming complex.

“Well, that time, I would talk to you, including later, I chose to trust you and work with you, besides because of brother Xiao Si, there is actually another reason that I have never told you.”

“What?” Nian Xiaomu met her gaze and a sudden sense of familiarity welled up in his heart.

It was just like this now.

They had obviously known each other for a short time, but it was like they had been friends for many years.

She would even drop everything nervously to rush over to see her because she was on the verge of leaving.

“Little Mumu, from the first time I saw you, I thought you were a lot like someone ……”