All For You Chapter 704

In time, she would forget about him, and the death of an insignificant person would not upset her too much.

She could remain in the Shang family, as her carefree young lady.

But what he didn’t expect was that she would follow him and come to H City.

Changed her stage name and entered the modelling world.

Perseveringly following him around ……

No one knew how much of a shock he felt inside when he received the news.

If he could, he would have given everything for a chance to be with her.

But how was he going to tell her that the man she loved didn’t even have the ability to promise her a lifetime.

And to make her live in daily fear that she could lose her lover at any moment ……

He couldn’t do it ……

And hated himself for being so impotent.

“I will consider your proposal, but you have disappeared for too long, the Tang Group has already seen changes, if you don’t show up again, I’m only afraid that Shang Xin will soon notice the abnormality.” Yu Yue Han slyly opened his lips.

The dignified body, leaning back slightly, leaned into the back of the chair.

“I will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.” Tang Yuan Si quickly opened his lips.

It looked like he knew everything.

Seeing this, Yu Yuehan didn’t say anything more.

Putting down the medical record book in his hand, he stood up from the chair.

He was ready to turn around and leave.

Just as he reached the door, he happened to bump into the doctor with the nurse about to come in.

He subconsciously swept a glance at the tray in the nurse’s hand and recognised the medicinal water in the tray, and his eyebrows twisted slightly.

He had been suspicious when he was reading the medical record book just now, but he hadn’t expected that Tang Yuansi had really started using special drugs in order to be discharged from the hospital as soon as possible.

It seemed that he really didn’t care about his own life in order to let Shang Xin leave in peace ……

The actual fact is that you will not be able to get a lot of money for your own personalized products.

The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of the hospital.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

Little Liu Liu is a restless one even when she is asleep.

One minute he was sleeping in Nian Xiaomu’s arms, the next, he was on her chest.

Her little head was on her soft chest, like a little hamster, arching forward and arching forward.

Finally, the little face flopped down and rested directly on Nian Xiaomu’s chest, baring her little mouth and continuing to sleep ……

The two mothers and daughters slept soundly, as if no one cared at all that he, the head of the family, was missing.

Yu Yuehan took off his jacket and casually threw it onto the sofa.

He reached out and tugged at his tie and paced over to the bed.

Looking at the little glutinous dumpling that had seized his territory, his dark eyes flashed as he picked her up and placed her next to him.

In light of the lessons learned from the last time little Liu Liu fell off the bed and ruined his good deeds.

This time, Yu Yuehan very kindly carried a thick quilt and spread it on the floor.

He made sure that even if she fell off the bed, she wouldn’t wake up.

Only then was he satisfied to lie down next to Nian Xiaomu and take her into his arms.

In the position of little six six, also rubbed against her chest, heart that pleased ……

“Pa–” a hand, caught off guard, slapped his head away.

Accompanied by Nian Xiaomu’s disgusted ravings, “You get up, don’t affect my sleep ……”

Yu Yuehan: “???”

It must be an illusion, she must have thought it was Little Liu Liu.

Yu Yuehan reclined next to her, his low voice, with compulsion, “Nian Xiaomu, it’s me.”

The next second, another hand was pushed away without hesitation, “It’s you I’m talking about.”

Yu Yuehan: “……”!!!