All For You Chapter 1283

It’s good not to be there, so as not to upset him and affect his mood for seeing the doctor.

The medical staff in the ward have been asked to leave in advance.

In the large ward, there were only Qi Yan and Tan Bumpy, and the housekeeper who stood at the door, watching them uneasily.

Qi Yan walked up and saw the face of the old Mo family head and wrinkled his brow.

Without delay, he straight away began to examine his body for him ……

A long time had passed even after the examination.

The more he examined, the tighter his brow wrinkled.

Tan Beng Beng was ordered by him to sit in a chair and rest, but he was too anxious to make a sound for fear of disturbing him, so he was about to sit down.

“The examination is finished.”

I don’t know how long it had been, but Qi Yan finally spoke his first words.

Tan Bumpy hurriedly stood up from his chair and walked over to him, asking anxiously, “How is the situation? Can you cure the old family head?”

“Xin ……’er ……”

Tan Beng Beng’s voice sounded like it had irritated the person in the hospital bed.

After Qi Yan had checked for so long, Mo Chengxian did not wake up, and as soon as Tan Beng Beng spoke, Mo Chengxian’s eyelids began to move.

His mouth also followed ……

Soon, his eyes squinted open a slit to see that the person in front of him was Tan Bam Bam, and his emotions followed.

All the time trying to raise his hand, to grab something.

“Don’t touch him! You get out first!”

Tanbaeng was just about to step forward when Qi Yan suddenly reached out to stop her and commanded unexpectedly.

As soon as the words left his mouth, Mo Chengxian’s body twitched uncontrollably.

Qi Yan’s face changed and he hurriedly stepped forward to hold his limbs down, turning his head and instructing Tan Beng Beng to get a sedative.

Looking at the old Mo family head, who had lost control for a while because of his agitation, his voice sank down.

“Miss Mo is fine, so is Tan Beng Beng, they have both returned to the Mo family, if you are really worried about your granddaughter, listen to me, take a deep breath now and calm yourself down, I will heal you and reunite your family!”


When Qi Yan finished speaking, he didn’t know if the old Mo family head heard him or if it was because his body was exhausted, the person gradually calmed down and fell back into a drowsy sleep.

It was only the vicissitudes of his face that became bloodless.

At a glance, it was as if he had lost his breath ……

When Tan Avalanche came back with a sedative and saw this scene, she immediately couldn’t help but redden her eyes and cover her mouth to stop herself from crying out.

Choking on a sob, he spoke.

“The old family head is because he saw me and was anxious to ask me about little Mumu ……”

Qi Yan brought the scene under control, made sure Mo Chengxian was okay, and stepped forward to take Tan Bumpy into his arms.

“Don’t cry, you’re crying and I want to follow, how can I go out and clean up after Mo Kun?”


Tan Beng Beng looked at him with red eyes and a dumbfounded look.

Qi Yan didn’t say anything, told someone to take care of Mo Chengxian, and led Tan Beng Beng back to the living room.

None of the people in the living room had left.

When they saw Qi Yan come out, they all waited for him to say something about Mo Qingxian’s situation.

Mo Kun glanced at Qi Yan’s gloomy face and Tan Beng Beng’s reddened eyes and decided that they had found out about Mo Chengxian’s poisoning, his eyes flashed slightly and the corners of his mouth curled up in a smile, deliberately provoking.

“The Medicine King has been looking at this for so long, I wonder what he has seen?”

“I do see quite a few things!” Qi Yan swept a glance at him.

At those words, Mo Kun was instantly refreshed.

Just waiting for them to open their mouths and accuse him, he lent his strength to get rid of Mo Eternal.

The next second, however, he heard Qi Yan open his lips.

“The old family head is just having an ordinary stroke, take care of it for a while and you will recover!”