All For You Chapter 1282

One hundred percent ……

Is it true what he said?

In Mo Chengliang’s eyes, apart from surprise, there was more disbelief.

Qi Yan, however, ignored Mo Chengliang, he was concentrating on feeding Tan Bengbang, concentrating his gaze as if there was nothing more important in this world than feeding his woman.

So, everyone watched, and amidst the nervous excitement of a living room full of people, Qi Yan was the only one, with an innocent face, carrying a plate of cut apples, and came up to Tan Beng Beng in front of him to ask.

“Avalanche, is the apple not tasty anymore, why aren’t you eating it?”

Tan Beng Beng: “……”

Tan Avalanche was not quite used to crowded situations and was originally a little uncomfortable.

But watching Qi Yan and Nian Xiaomu dig a trap for Mo Kun in unison, she couldn’t help anything, she could only cooperate with his acting.

So she had been very cooperative, eating whatever he fed her.

But she had eaten two plates of fruit, and a bowl of dessert, and she was bursting with food, and Qi Yan was still feeding her.

When he said “100 per cent”, not only was Mo Chengliang shocked, but Tan Bumpy himself was also surprised.

She was about to ask him if he was telling the truth, but he was still feeding her apples, so it would be strange if she could eat them!

“Qi Yan, Elder Mo is the elder, you answer his question first.”

Tan Beng Beng tugged at the corner of his shirt and lowered her voice to remind.

Hearing her words, Qi Yan seemed to remember that he was talking to Mo Chengliang, and his evil eyes lifted slightly.

The corners of his mouth curved like a smile.

“I haven’t even seen the patient until now, do you think what I said is true or not?”

Mo Chengliang: “……”

Mo Chengliang: “Butler, you personally take the Pill King to see the old family head!”

“I still have to take my fiancée with me, the n-city is too dangerous, I’m afraid that once I walk away, someone will hit on her again.” Qi Yan’s gaze, if anything, swept over Mo Kun.

This time, before Mo Kun could say anything against it, Mo Chengliang had already agreed.

“Then let’s go together!”

Hearing that he could follow Qi Yan to see the old family head, Tan Beng Beng stood up without hesitation and reached out to take his arm.

Qi Yan: “Tsk, this is the first time you’ve been so actively clinging to me, with ‘take me, take me, take me’ written all over your face, if you usually clung to me like this, I guess I’d have to give you my heart and liver!”

Tam Bam Bam: “……”

The butler walked at the front of the line to lead the way.

Qi Yan was not idle in the back and kept finding various reasons to take advantage of Tan Beng Beng.

With their sticky look, anyone who saw them would not suspect that they were an unmarried couple.

Spreading dog food in broad daylight!

The butler led them, all the way to Mo Chengxian’s ward before stopping.

There were bodyguards guarding the door.

There were also bodyguards patrolling not far away.

Looking at the location and the surrounding arrangements, it was obvious that Mo Chengliang had gone to a lot of trouble.

Without his orders, no one would be able to enter the ward silently, let alone harm the old Mo family head.

“Here we are, this is the old family head’s ward.”

The butler stopped at the door and admonished again.

“The doctor has explained the need to recuperate, and the old family head usually spends most of his time in a coma, rarely waking up, so please be careful when the Medicine King sees the patient, lest you wake the family head.”


Qi Yan nodded, but didn’t care much to push the door in directly.

Just as he stepped into the ward, he smelled a familiar scent.

It was the smell of antidote.

It seemed that Mo Eternal had just been here, only now the person was no longer in the room.