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Winner Takes All Chapter 2273

“I, too, enter the heavens and see!”Rumble!With a determined hiss from Chi You.The death of the human ancestor, as if it had also reached the final stage of the death knell.This instant.Looming like a mountain, Chi You’s demonic body was no longer hunched over, no longer bent over, and no longer concerned about anything else.He is like flat ground pulling up mountains, straight up the spine, the sky and the earth.Majestic and volatile magic gas, all over the world.It even escaped into the heavens after.This is what belongs to the elegance of a great devil.The sky and the earth, unyielding to everything!To go against and kill is to be a devil!As a human ancestor, he has already done everything that a “human ancestor” should do.Even after his defeat in the Three Ancestors Battle, he has never given up on the people of his descendants, and is still taking on the responsibility and bearing of being a Human Ancestor.He had never even complained about the thought of the two of them before.Always move forward.Chen Dong was now carrying all beings on his back.This Human Ancestor, over the long years of standing in the long river of time, how had he not been carrying all beings on his back?Chen Dong’s trekking on the Heavenly Path this time was also him counting the long river of time and protecting the path for all beings.And now, at the final moment of the Human Ancestor’s death, the death knell rang.He was no longer a Human Ancestor.Rather, he had returned to the posture of a great devil that should have belonged to him.It was only after losing his responsibility and bearing that the Great Devil Reversal and Killing could be completely vented.In the violet vortex.The voices of the distant ancestors were suddenly magnificent.But the magnificent cries, after being linked together, actually gave birth to a sense of sadness.It seemed that one could clearly feel.In the ancient flood wasteland, one human ancestor after another felt that this original human ancestor great devil’s great limit was approaching,.They stood on the Great Floodlands, shouting and also sending off Chi You.Across the long river of time, through the violet vortex will be that extreme sadness, thoroughly sprinkled every place on earth under the sky.Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom …… Chi You s demonic body, under the impetus of the demonic qi, surged madly.His figure is also getting taller and stronger.In the void and chaos, surpassing any great mountain in the world.It was unattainable and mighty and domineering.”Doll, please prosper for the Humanity, prosper for the world, I, the Devil, will go!”A thick voice echoed in Chen Dong’s consciousness.It was less domineering and disdainful, but it was more like the pampering and exhortation of an elder teaching his juniors.Without waiting for Chen Dong to respond.”Ow roar!”An explosive roar resounded through the heavens and earth.Everything in the void chaos stopped.Even Chen Dong felt that the Heaven Tilting Killing Force on his body had suddenly reduced sharply.Chi’s huge body, instantly transformed into a vast demonic energy, like a mountain pushing horizontally, domineering and disdainful blast stirring the void chaos, pushing horizontally towards that line of white light.Boom loud sound.The void stood still.A sad send-off from the distant ancestors.This Human Ancestor, in his final dying moments, was using the most domineering gesture to charge horizontally into the upper heaven behind the line of white light.The sky from the sky after shooting out of the countless beams of white light, this moment in the face of Chi You completely transformed the devil, but no longer prevail, but in the moment of collision, is down to the state, and even difficult to have a block of power.The earth chicken tile dog, a touch is collapsed.Countless beams of white light in the vastness of the demonic gas collapsed and annihilated.More white light beams, but also by Chi completely illusion of the devil, rampage, long drive directly into the heavens after the advance.And build wood tree branch, also from a line of white light after revealing the tip of the iceberg.Just in the moment of revealing, will be directly by Chi completely illuminated magic gas along with countless white light beams, all crashed into the upper heaven.Rumble …… horrible impact sound, straight into the depths of the soul.This impact sound, not only into the depths of the souls of all living things in the world, but also into the depths of Chen Dong s consciousness.The loud roaring sound still echoes.However, the Chi Daemon figure was no longer visible.This collision, however, was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Chen Dong to take the final step to win.The Heavenly Tilting Killing Force weakened.The white light dissipated.The collision flew through the building wood.Compared to the perilous situation just now, Chen Dong’s final step at this time was a straight path.The Human Ancestor, Chi You, on his deathbed, was still using his last strength to protect the path for all beings in the world, crashing out a straight path for Chen Dong’s last step into the heavens.It is now!This last step, the Ascension stepped in!The blood aura in Chen Dong’s eyes shot out, and his ink-jade bone body shook violently, but his left foot stepped forward.White light had already enveloped his Ink Jade Bone Body.The smell of decay that came from after the Ascension was also getting stronger and stronger.Close!It was getting closer and closer!Even his “line of sight” became clearer and clearer after the white light enveloped him.He saw much, much more.Mountains, swamps, woods, white bones, dead graves …… dead, desolate, eerie ghosts …… which is very different from his imagination of the heavens.He did not see the figure of Chi You.Also did not see before show Herculean ferocity of building wood.Even more did not see, after the heavens, the one has been instead of the heavens, dare to break everything, ignore the existence of the Avenue.Why?A trace of doubt flashed through Chen Dong’s mind.Suddenly.The blood aura in his eyes flickered.In the field of vision.The dead and desolate earth.A familiar silhouette suddenly appeared.Chen Daojun!Great Uncle!He stood there.Yet it seemed as if he was out of place with his surroundings, clearly abstracted and divided., but he was just able to stand there, glowing with white light, illusory and uncertain, giving off reality at times and blurring at others.And just as Chen Dong saw Chen Daojun.Chen Daojun seemed to have sensed something, and finally at this moment, slowly turned around.A white blur of light enveloped Chen Daojun’s body.His body was illusory and bright.His face was still indifferently expressionless.However, it was when he met Chen Dong at eye level that a ripple was finally set off.He laughed.The smile was very pleased, very spontaneous, and very gratifying.”You …… came?””I’ve been waiting for you …… for a long time, and I can barely hold on.””If it were not for conforming to the Dao and standing here with the Great Dao, I would have been annihilated by that one.””The Chen family is glorious with you, and the eldest uncle …… should also be annihilated in the Dao!””Good boy!You …… have suffered!”When the last sentence was exited.Chen Daojun’s smile was completely fixed.The white light on his body rapidly dimmed.And it was as if his entire person had lost everything in an instant.The figure shook, twisted, and rippled, and then it was directly collapsing into pieces of dim white light, rapidly shattering, pieces drifting and disappearing into oblivion.”Elder Uncle, Old Ancestor!”The blood aura in Chen Dong’s eyes shook dramatically.An unspeakable grief thumped up.If the Human Ancestor was like this, how could Chen Daojun not be like this?Xu Qingfeng, Master Kongkong, and Huo Zhenxiao, how could they not be like this?It was also the moment when the grief suddenly arose for a moment.Chen Dong’s left foot had already stepped into the heavens, only waiting for his foot to hit the ground.A sudden change occurred.Buzz!In the withered and obscure woods, a strip of greenish emerald green leaves passed through the woods at great speed and swept towards Chen Dong, with the foremost piece of light green leaves acting more like it was capable of cleansing everything.At the same time.A large hand, also under Chen Dong’s gaze, coalesced and took shape at the same time, and came alongside the leaf strip.