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Winner Takes All Chapter 2272

“Dad, dad …… dad ……” The endless darkness of the deep sea echoed with the cries of his daughter.The faint beam of light enveloped Chen Dong’s consciousness.At this moment.Chen Dong’s consciousness was incomparably awake, and he was even more panicked and anxious.”You En na, daddy is here!””Daddy is here, don’t cry, don’t cry!””Ah!”With a roar of Chen Dong’s consciousness.The cries of his daughter echoed in his ears.It was as if Chen Dong’s consciousness was rejuvenated with the fiercest vitality.Upwards!Go back!You En was still waiting for him!He had promised his daughter that he would prosper for Humanity, and that he would prosper for You En!”Daddy, come back!”Buzz!The golden light that enveloped Chen Dong’s consciousness was a violent burst of light.It was like a golden light pathway, and like a golden light rope, pulling Chen Dong’s consciousness rapidly upwards.The speed was getting faster and faster.Faster and faster.So fast that in the endless darkness of the deep sea, Chen Dong’s consciousness and the golden light directly transformed into a gorgeous golden light residue.At the same time.In the void chaos.The majestic and volatile demonic aura was still enveloping Chen Dong’s ink and jade bone body.However, behind him, the towering mountain-like Chi You figure was already hunched and bent.This human ancestor.Ancient defeat, but still shoulder the responsibility of human ancestor.In the present, every effort is made to shelter Chen Dong.Countless beams of white light, densely shot out from behind a line of white light, and every time they bombarded on top of the demonic aura, they were able to sharply reduce the demonic aura as far as the naked eye could see.These white light beams, gave Chi the most unrecoverable loss.Every impact, are real attrition sharp reduction.Otherwise, based on Jian Mu’s sweep alone, Chi You was still able to dominantly resist.His voice was getting weaker and weaker.The pain roar was also getting weaker.However, interspersed with the roar of pain was the voice that urged Chen Dong to move forward again and again.”Doll, forward.””Doll, forward.”After …… a ray of white light, the Jianmu tree branch seemed to have completely disappeared.Only endless beams of white light stirred out.Even the white light guided by Daolord Chen appeared weak in the beams of white light.If it wasn’t for the ray of white light still existing, the world and the heavens were afraid that they had already lost contact.But as long as the line of white light still existed, it proved that Chen Daojun after the heavens was still struggling.It is just that even the vast land, desperate to the point where it looks like the soul is flying away from him, Jiang Daoyun, at this time, does not understand why the existence after the heavens is able to recklessly disregard the Great Dao and attack Chen Dong with the Jianmu Sweeping to the world, but is unable to directly annihilate Chen Daojun?Chen Daojun is very strong, asking for the first thousand years of the human path.But this kind of existence, even after entering the heavens, is not worth mentioning compared to the existence of the heavens.The human ancestor Chi You were all able to stand up to the world, hard to shake the existence after the heavens.Yet all of them were attacked by countless beams of white light to the point where the Human Ancestor’s Gothic was attacked.That existence after the heavens, if it really wanted to annihilate Chen Daojun, wouldn’t it be just a matter of turning over his hand?Preferably, the other party did not!However, the doubt was only a flash of light.With Chen Dong’s Ink Jade Bone Body standing tall and silent, everything seemed to have drawn to a close.Jianmu’s third strike was the one that completely stopped the Heaven Treading Path this time.Even if the world’s qi had not collapsed.Even if the demonic energy remained.Even if the power of the prayers of all living beings was still unceasingly flowing.Even Grand Master Jiang, who witnessed everything with his own eyes, never gave up his prayers even when he was desperate to the extreme.But that ink and jade bone body just stood there in front of a line of white light, and the golden light of the Human Emperor’s Qi in his chest was rapidly withering away.”Humanity died, the world …… died!”The only remaining thought in Jiang’s mind.But it was all of a sudden.His scarlet, tearful eyes violently tightened their pupils.Was it an illusion?He wasn’t sure if the grief was so extreme that it created an illusion.The moment the thought appeared.He inexplicably saw the Human Emperor Qi in Chen Dong’s ink and jade bone body as if it had vaguely brightened.A very faint change.However, this doubt turned into certainty in an instant.”It’s lit up!It’s really lit up!”Grand Master Jiang’s pupils dilated extremely fast.It was as if he saw hope again when he witnessed the mass of Human Emperor Qi getting brighter and brighter.”Yes, doll, come back, continue!””The devil is a rebel, not yielding and not retreating!””Well well well, the great devil has a descendant!”Chi also perceived the more and more radiant and bright Human Emperor Qi in Chen Dong’s Ink and Jade Bone Body, and for a while, his tone of voice changed, and he even felt that being bombarded by countless beams of white light was no longer such a sharp pain.Click click …… click click click …… As the Human Emperor Qi became extremely bright and splendid at great speed, Chen Dong’s Ink Jade Bone Body was slowly and minutely moving.A crunching sound of bones rubbing together was subtle, yet so melodious.As for Chen Dong’s jawbone, at this moment, it even violently and violently shook and quivered, as if it was about to say something.His consciousness was recovering.But the final blockage was like insurmountable.But his consciousness did not give up.Even though his daughter’s cries were separated by thousands of miles, they still resounded clearly in his consciousness.This was the connection of the bloodline.It was also the last miracle left for this world after breaking through to the Human Emperor bloodline.Buzz!Buzz!Two beams of blood awnings roared out from Chen Dong’s eye sockets.However, they were like two Heaven-Cutting Spears that shot straight into a line of white light.As for Chen Dong’s jawbone that opened and closed, at this instant, it finally issued the most resounding voice of determination that resonated through heaven and earth with the return of his consciousness.”I promised Youn, I must …… go up!”Thud!The roar resounded at the same time.Chen Dong’s right foot skeleton, however, was lifted up with a thunderous momentum at an extremely high speed, and took a domineering and blatant step, ruthlessly falling into the void chaos.This step was unprecedentedly firm and fast.It seemed that all the suppression, in this roaring oath, had dissipated and disappeared.And with this roar.Inside the Tianmen Mountain Villa.Chen You En who was lying in the embrace of the confined Fan Lu.But she stopped crying abruptly, and her hands and feet also stopped struggling and shaking.Her bright star-like eyes, curved into a crescent moon, tears but still hanging in the corners of her eyes, the corners of her mouth is slowly upturned.”Dad ……” Then, she was slowly in the faint golden light shrouded, fell into a deep sleep.At the same time.”Last step!”After Chen Dong’s Ink Jade Bone Body took a step, it was a resolute voice that did not stop, and his left foot skeleton was once again lifted up, forward, and stepped out.A line of white light had completely enveloped his Ink Jade Bone Body.Every bone in his entire body was trembling, was rattling, and was about to fall apart.However, this time, with his consciousness returning, holding on to his oath to his daughter, and carrying with him the three supreme forces of the world, his left foot continued to move as quickly and resolutely as it did just now.Rustling …… Rustling …… fierce ear piercing sound of Jianmu branches, instantly echoed heaven and earth.”I, also into the heavens, take a look!”Has come to the end of the Chi, but at this moment burst out of the unprecedented hissing sound.