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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2130

But in the Feng family, it’s the daughters who speak louder.

Feng Qing was the only daughter of the Feng Clan’s head, and was indeed in the capacity of the young master now, and would take over the position of the head of the family in the future, so this family was really up to Feng Qing to speak.

Her brother did not have the right to inherit, sister-in-laws, not to mention, although this family is a woman’s say, but it is a woman surnamed Feng, not an outsider who married in.

“Alright, I’m still catching my breath, what are you guys arguing about?”

Feng family head spoke majestically, “Since I promised to give Feng Qing a new car, I won’t go back on my word, all of you who have opinions swallow them back.”

“No matter what, Feng Qing is also the young master of our family, driving an old car all day long is also a disgrace, she is now representing our Feng family, if she loses face, the Feng family loses face as well, by giving Feng Qing a new car, I am doing it for the sake of our Feng family’s face.”

“Feng Ruo, tomorrow you will accompany Feng Qing to buy a car.”

Feng family head added to Feng Qing: “What car you fancy, just tell mum, mum will send someone over to pay for it.”

“Thanks mum.”

Feng Qing thanked joyfully.

What other people thought in their hearts, Feng Qing was too lazy to care.

After pretending to be a cat for more than a year, she had to occasionally give out, lest everyone think she was a sick cat.

“Where did you go this afternoon? I haven’t seen anyone for an afternoon, and I’ve only come home now.” The Feng family head suddenly asked Feng Qing.

Feng Qing honestly said, “I went to the Qiao family’s old mansion to visit Qiao Dong, Young Master Qiao and Third Young Master Battle were also there, they stayed for dinner, and the hospitality was too much to pass up, so I ate at the Qiao family’s house before I came back.”

Hearing this, Feng Ruo went crazy with jealousy.

She wanted to get close to Qiao Shao, and Qiao Shao wasn’t even willing to talk to her.

The last time she was a beauty saving a hero, instead of saving the hero, she was ordered by War Hao Yu to blow her out, causing her to lose face and be in a mess.

Thinking of how gentle Qiao Han was with Feng Qing last time at the banquet, Feng Ruo became more and more jealous.

In her opinion, Feng Qing was not better than her, and the fact that Qiao Han would be gentle with Feng Qing was because of Feng Qing’s status.

If she was still the successor of the Feng family, Qiao Han would definitely be gentle with her.

Feng Ruo hated Feng Qing.

She hated that Feng Qing had snatched away her successor’s identity, making her a fake Qianjin, an embarrassing existence in the Feng family and even in Jiangcheng’s high society.

“Did Young Qiao invite you?”

Feng Ruo asked with acidity.

“I went on my own, I’ve said I went to pay a visit to Qiao Dong, I didn’t go at Qiao Shao.”

Feng Qing said indifferently and coldly, “I will always have to deal with those bigwigs a lot in the future, when I am free on the weekends, I will go and pay a visit to get acquainted in front of the bigwigs, and it will be good for the future of our Feng Group.”

“Mrs Qiao and I had a great conversation, chatting and time passed, and Third Young Master War and Dong Qiao went fishing and grilled fish for dinner before they stayed for dinner.”

Feng Qing’s own father said his daughter again with a stern face: “Did you actually go to visit Qiao Dong, or did you rush to Young Master Qiao? Feng Qing, a dragon and phoenix amongst men like Young Qiao is not likely to become our Feng family’s door-to-door son-in-law, Dad advises you, it’s best to die of that heart.”

These words were the truth.

But for this old man to say that, he also didn’t want to make Feng Qing feel better