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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2127

After a pause, War Hao Yu said in a low voice: “You have a secret passageway, I have one too, and I can also guarantee that no one will find out that you followed me to the hotel.”

Qiao Han’s womanhood, War Hao Yu hoped that she would one day, voluntarily announce it to the public, that would mean that she accepted him and was willing to restore her womanhood for him.

Therefore, even if War Hao Yu had long known that she was a woman, in front of people, he still helped her to cover up and not let people suspect that she was a woman.

“If you want to go, we’ll leave now.”

“You let me think about it.”

It would be a lie to say that Qiao Han wasn’t moved.

She also wanted to enjoy the coolness in the hot weather.

It was just that if she let herself go into the water for a while, when she got up, she would have to spend a lot of time dressing up to go back to being a man again.

Usually, it was only when she arrived home every night and ensured that she didn’t have to go out anymore that she would remove her false manly skin and resume her womanly identity, taking a painful soak in the large bathtub in her bathroom to relieve her fatigue from the whole day.

Then, every morning, she would have to get up early, without going through anyone’s help, and re-disguise herself as a man, making sure that there were no cracks before she would walk out of her room.

Days like this were actually quite tiring.

But she was used to living like this.

“I’ll guarantee that you won’t be found out and that’s it, no need to reconsider, reconsider, the night is getting late, by then we’ll have to stay in the hotel for the night.”

Qiao Han asked him back, “Are you planning to stay at my house tonight?”

“Uncle Qiao invited me to accompany him to play Tai Chi first thing in the morning, I said that I was staying at the hotel and might not be able to come over early in the morning, so Uncle Qiao let me stay over tonight.”

Qiao Han’s face darkened.

War Hao Yu said with a low smile, “I am staying in the guest room, don’t worry, I won’t take advantage of you. How about this, if you don’t welcome me to stay over, let’s go for a swim, after that, I’ll send you out of the hotel, you’ll come back by yourself, and I’ll stay at my family’s hotel for the night.”

After thinking about it, Qiao Han said, “Let’s go.”

She also did want to indulge in a bit of coolness.

War Hao Yu said as he rose to his side: “It’s not easy to have a chance to stay at your home for a night, but it turned out to be given up by me just like this.”

There will be a long time to come.

When he took Qiao Han and they became husband and wife, in the future, when they returned to their old husband’s house, they could stay as many days as they wanted.

A few minutes later, War Hao Yu drove Qiao Han out of the Qiao family mansion.

There was no bodyguard group with Qiao Han.

The housekeeper as well as the bodyguard group all saw their young master being stuffed into the car by War Hao Yu without any reluctance, and knew that it was War Hao Yu who had the means to get hold of the young master.

The butler sighed to himself after seeing War Hao Yu’s car leave, “Our Young Master should have beaten up the Third Young Master of the War, and if the Third Young Master of the War suffers, he won’t come back to pester the Young Master in the future.”

One of the bodyguard group said: “The eldest young master doesn’t even allow us to make a move against the third young master, but the third young master’s punching and kicking skills are very powerful, we’ve tested it out, and we’re not even a match for him in a real fight, so there’s even less of a need for the eldest young master to say anything.”

The eldest young master also knew boxing and kicking kung fu, but it wasn’t great.

All of the War Family men’s boxing and kicking kung fu was very powerful, none of them, the professional bodyguards, were opponents.

“It seems to me that the eldest young master against the third young master seems to be a bit …… too.”

Bodyguard Two didn’t say any more after speaking halfway.

The eldest young master is so cool and collected, but he repeatedly tolerates the entanglement of the third young master of the war family, tolerates the other party’s brazenness, even though the eldest young master also has the intention of not wanting to feud with the war family, and truly wanting to get rid of the third young master of the war is not without its own means.