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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2126

That wild girl admires his sister. Think he doesn’t know?

Unfortunately, his brother wasn’t really his brother, it was his sister, haha, Feng Qing was doomed to be lost.

Qiao Dong suddenly got up and said to his children, “Ahan, Qiao Xuan, you guys keep Hao Yu company, I’ll take your mother out for a night drive.”

“Dad, I’ll go along too.”

Qiao Xuan didn’t want to be a light bulb.

Qiao Dong glared and said to his son: “I’m going for a drive with your mum, why are you following? If you want to go for a ride, go for a ride yourself, don’t follow us.”

Qiao Xuan:”…… Dad, I’m your son, biological son.”

Qiao Dong grunted: “You’re my own son, I’ll only talk to you, if it were someone else, I’d directly kick it to the side.”

Qiao Xuan:”……”

He’s definitely a gift from his parents charging his phone bill.

In less than ten minutes, Qiao Dong and his wife left, and Qiao Xuan found an excuse to slip out the door.

Qiao Han saw her family creating opportunities for her and War Hao Yu to be alone, and also sighed like Qiao Xuan, was she born to her parents or not? They casually handed her over to someone else, not afraid that she would suffer?

She glared at War Hao Yu.

War Hao Yu innocently said, “I didn’t sell your parents, it’s that they like me a lot and treat me as a son-in-law, creating opportunities for the two of us to be alone.”

Qiao Han said indifferently and coldly: “War Hao Yu, I’ve told you many times, we are not suitable and I don’t want to marry.”

“How do you know we are not suitable without trying? On the contrary, I feel that the two of us are very suitable, who sees the two of us together and doesn’t boast about it? You don’t want to marry, are you trying to recruit a son-in-law?”

War Hao Yu laughed: “This is not difficult, my parents have three sons, they don’t care about me being a door-to-door son-in-law, as long as their son can get a wife, they’ll be Amitabha’s.”

Qiao Han had a black line on her face.

It was useless to reason with this thick-skinned one.

He could talk a lot, and often in the end, it was her who was rendered speechless by War Hao Yu.

War Hao Yu asked her: “Do you want to go out for a stroll? Let me take you out to the night market, you definitely haven’t been to the night market, if you’re worried about being recognised, we can disguise ourselves.”

Qiao Han was a bit moved.

“How to disguise yourself? You are now a celebrity in Jiangcheng, you can be recognised when you go out.”

“I’ll put on big sunglasses, as well as a black mask, change my clothes, and people won’t be able to recognise me, you’ll be better disguised, and resume your identity as a woman, and make sure no one can recognise you.”

Qiao Han was black again.

“It’s so hot, I want to go swimming so badly, even though it’s getting late, you can take a dip in the private pool. I guess you haven’t gone swimming since you grew up, have you?”

After a moment of silence, Qiao Han said, “I swam when I was a child, and that’s when I learnt how to swim.”

Before puberty, she still often swam, then when she entered her teenage years, she never went into the water again, and in a flash, more than ten years had passed, and she didn’t even know if she would still be able to swim.

“Want to relive the cool dream of your childhood?”

Qiao Han didn’t say anything.

On a hot day, it would be a lie to say that you didn’t want to swim.

She also had a pool at home, due to the fact that none of the workers in the house knew about it except for her parents and brother who knew that she was actually a woman.

So, she never went down to the pool at home.

The workers always thought that the eldest youngest was not able to use the water.

But they didn’t know that she didn’t go down to the pool in order to hide the truth that she was dressed as a man.

“There is a small swimming pool on the top floor of our Fengze Hotel, I let people build it for my own enjoyment, the water quality of the pool, I guarantee that it is qualified, and no one can go there to swim without my consent, if you are willing to do so, let’s go for a swim now.”