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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2124

She also said that it would be fine to just hang on to an idle post, and that she wouldn’t compete with me for power; I’m not afraid of her competing with me for power, but I’m never going to keep an idle person.”

“But recently my mum seems to want her to come back to the company, even if she comes back, I’m not afraid of her.”

Qiao Han inclined his head and looked at her, she also looked at Qiao Han, after a long time, Feng Qing laughed: “Qiao Shao, I didn’t think that the person who saw through me was you.”

“It doesn’t matter how other people look at you, the main thing is that your mum can understand you and see through you, just do it, in your family, the one who is the head of the family is the one who has absolute power, so your mum understands you, and other people don’t have to care.”

Feng Qing’s smile converged, “My mother, her emotional scale is always biased towards Feng Ruo.”

Qiao Han did not speak.

Feng Ruo grew up beside the Feng family head, without knowing it, the Feng family head’s love for her daughter was poured into Feng Ruo, even if she knew that Feng Ruo was a fake daughter, the Feng family head was unable to part with that mother-daughter love.

To Feng Qing, she is completely treated as a successor, not much mother-daughter feelings.

If it wasn’t for the rules and regulations left behind by her ancestors, there would definitely be no such thing as Feng Qing.

“Qiao Shao, don’t talk about me, I’m just that little thing that everyone knows, can I ask Qiao Shao a question?”

Qiao Han said gently, “You ask.”

“Qiao Shao and Third Young Master War …… will be together?”

Qiao Han:”…… This, I can’t answer you, tomorrow, who knows.”

Feng Qing laughed: “I really appreciate Qiao Shao, and Qiao Shao understands me, if Qiao Shao firmly rejects the Third Young Master of War, I still hope that Qiao Shao will give me a chance.”

If in the beginning, Feng Qing approached Qiao Han, she was deliberately fighting with Feng Ruo, wanting to be angry with Feng Ruo, then now, she was truly appreciative of Qiao Han.

The main thing was that Qiao Han understood her, saw through her, and had appreciation as well as tolerance for her.

Qiao Han did not treat other young women with such gentleness.

She always rejected people.

Qiao Han was silent for a long while before answering Feng Qing: “I’m very happy that Miss Feng appreciates me so much, and I’m also very grateful for Miss Feng’s appreciation, but I’m only purely appreciative of Miss Feng, and have no other intentions, and I can’t cultivate a male-female relationship with Miss Feng.”

“Miss Feng is a dry person, I believe you.”

Feng Qing laughed, “That’s really too bad.”

Qiao Han was silent before adding, “What does Miss Feng think of my brother Qiao Xuan?”

“Second young master Qiao has too many confidants, although he doesn’t have a fixed girlfriend, a look of a hundred flowers passing by, a piece of leaf does not touch the body, that’s because he doesn’t have a girlfriend, if he has a girlfriend, he still treats the opposite sex like this, his girlfriend can stand it?”

“To be honest, I can’t stand it.”

Feng Qing finished evaluating Qiao Xuan, but then sighed: “Qiao Shao and Qiao Er Shao are twin brothers, but your temperament is far from heaven and earth, Qiao Shao such a man, at first glance, is a man with a commitment, it’s just that I don’t have that blessing to be able to conclude a relationship with Qiao Shao.”

Qiao Han:”…… In fact, my brother also treats his feelings very exclusively, he now has so many confidants because he doesn’t really like anyone yet.”