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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2119

When Qiao Han came over, Feng Qing got up and greeted him with a smile, “Qiao Shao.”

Qiao Han rarely smiled, she invited Feng Qing to sit down again and asked with a smile, “When did Miss Feng come over? You didn’t give me a call before you came, so I could go to the gate to pick you up ah.”

Feng Qing’s pretty face was slightly red, a little embarrassed as she said, “I don’t work on weekends, and I’m bored at home, and I don’t have any friends, and it’s only Qiao Shao who treats me a little bit better, so I just boldly came over to look for Qiao Shao to have a chat.”

She wouldn’t be liking Qiao Han any more, but Qiao Han was indeed gentle with her, Qiao Han was cold to all other young women, but only three times gentle to her.

And now he was even smiling at her.

Feng Qing felt that this man was particularly good looking when he smiled.

Normally, he rarely smiled.

I guess it was because of the many admirers.

Qiao Han is always cold, a look of refusal, but there are so many admirers, everyone wants to melt him, become a unique existence in his heart.

If he always smiled like a spring breeze, more charming, I guess more women fell under his suit trousers.

Although Feng Qing had only recognised his ancestor for about a year and didn’t know Qiao Han very well, one thing was clear.

Qiao Han never womanised, does not owe peach blossom debt, no matter how many admirers, in the face of their pursuit, Qiao Han never accepted, are rejected.

She doesn’t give anyone hope.

Feng Qing sometimes wondered, what are the criteria for choosing a mate for such an excellent man?

It wasn’t until War Hao Yu openly confessed to Qiao Han, openly pursued Qiao Han, and created all sorts of courtship scenes that could cause an onlooker’s sensation, and although Qiao Han didn’t respond, she didn’t let anyone drive War Hao Yu away.

This, is a bit odd.

Could it be that Qiao Han was really gay?

Feng Qing’s heart was sadly full of pity.

“In the future, Miss Feng can look for me whenever she’s bored, I’m usually at home on weekends and rarely go out.”

Feng Qing looked at War Hao Yu, who sat down next to Qiao Xuan as if nothing had happened, and smoothly placed the bouquet of flowers on the coffee table, touching Qiao Xuan, who looked at him, and he again did not speak.

“Qiao Shao, will I disturb you and Third Young Master War?”

“Will ah.”

The person who answered was War Hao Yu, he looked at Feng Qing, smiling but not laughing, “Miss Feng is aware of my pursuit of Young Master Qiao, if you come over every weekend, instead of disturbing me and Young Master Qiao, you’ll become a third party between us, or a super bright light bulb.”

Qiao Han had a black line on her face.

Feng Qing smiled: “I also feel that it’s not appropriate for me to come over all the time, however, Third Young Master Battle said that I’m the third party, this is something that I do not recognise, Third Young Master Battle’s pursuit of Young Qiao is something that everyone in Guancheng as well as Jiangcheng knows about.”

“But didn’t Third Young Master War not pursue Young Master Qiao? Before you guys even made your romance public, Young Master Qiao was single and a nameless man, so saying that I’m the third party between you and Young Master Qiao is too heavy a hat for me to wear.”

“Miss Feng is right, it’s me who said the wrong thing, I apologise to Miss Feng.”

War Hao Yu apologised right away and did not argue with Feng Qing, Feng Qing met his eyes twice before converging back.

Every time she encountered War Hao Yu, War Hao Yu would look at her a few more times, sometimes he even stared at her so much that he couldn’t stop staring at her, and his attitude towards her was very good.

At first, Feng Qing couldn’t guess what was in War Hao Yu’s mind.

Say war haoyu to her interesting, that is impossible, war haoyu look at her eyes do not mix half a bit of sentiment, he looked at qiao young eyes instead with tenderness, that is the eyes of love.