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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2118

As long as she went home, as long as War Hao Yu was also in her house, she had the feeling that she was being teamed up by her parents to be sold to War Hao Yu.


War Hao Yu reached out and took one side of Qiao Han’s hand, pulling her along.

Qiao Han reflexively shook off his hand, not letting him touch her, and coldly warned him, “War Hao Yu, please respect yourself, don’t move your hands, don’t think that I won’t dare to make a move on you just because my parents are towards you.”

War Hao Yu laughed and said in an explanatory manner: “I’m not taking advantage of you, I just want to take you downstairs.”

“I have feet, I can walk by myself, I don’t need you to pull.”

Qiao Han stuffed the bouquet of flowers back into War Hao Yu’s arms and said indifferently and coldly: “I said, I don’t like flowers, I don’t like things that girls like.”

After saying that, she crossed over to War Hao Yu and went downstairs.

Holding the bouquet of flowers, War Hao Yu followed her, saying as he walked, “What about me? I have an arduous task, Qiao Han, General Qiao, on the basis of our relationship being so close, you have to help me with this big favour ah, I have boasted in front of your parents.”

“If I don’t complete the task they gave me, my rating with them will be greatly reduced, originally they gave me a hundred points, if you don’t help me, they will only give me fifty points, not qualified.”

Qiao Han paused in her steps and asked him vigilantly, “What did my parents ask you to do?”

“Uncle Qiao and Auntie are counting on me to get you back on the straight and narrow, so that you can resume your status as a woman, and then, like a normal person, marry and have children.”

“Qiao Han, don’t you think that’s a daunting task? I was also unaware of the sky and thought that this matter was easy to do, so I patted my chest and promised to complete the task.”

Qiao Han:”……”

She stares at War Hao Yu for a long time, then asks him: “Did my parents say what to do if you couldn’t complete the mission?”

“Uncle Qiao said that if I can’t get back on the straight and narrow, so that you’re always in man’s make-up, the odds are that my marriage to you is going to be a sensational two-city, unprecedented existence, with two large men equally dressed in handsome suits, walking into the wedding hall together.”

Qiao Han gritted her teeth in exasperation, knowing that she couldn’t count on her parents to give up on this piece of bullsh*t.

She once again left War Hao Yu behind and headed downstairs, hitching a ride with this man always pissed her off.

Her patience was also strong and she never made a move on him.

It should have beaten him to death.

Still on the stairs, Qiao Han heard Feng Qing’s gentle voice, and when she looked over, she was seeing Feng Qing sitting on a single sofa in the hall, her parents and brother were there, accompanying Feng Qing and talking.

The coffee table was full of gifts, without having to ask, she knew that they were sent over by Feng Qing.

Feng Qing would come over, causing Qiao Han to have a few surprises.

She had reminded Feng Qing’s last time not to hit on her, it was impossible for her to respond to Feng Qing, but she did appreciate Feng Qing as a person.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, everyone looked up and watched as Qiao Han and War Hao Yu walked downstairs one after the other.

When Feng Qing saw War Hao Yu, who was holding a bouquet of flowers and following behind Qiao Han, there was a bit of flirtation in the bottom of her eyes, but she quickly restrained herself.

Whether the Third Young Master of the War Family liked men or women was his freedom.

He wasn’t the kind of person who would joke about it either, so he thought that his sexual orientation was really different from ordinary people.

As long as the elders of the Battle Family didn’t have an opinion, what did they, the spectators, have to say?

What made Feng Qing a little surprised was that War Hao Yu had chased him to the Qiao family, pestering Qiao Shao in front of Qiao Dong and his wife, and the parents who were the parents weren’t angry at all?

Feng Qing thought, if she liked the same sex like War Hao Yu and dared to chase into someone else’s house to pester them, her family head’s own mother would definitely be furious, and might even jerk her heirship all around.

Feng Ruo was eyeing her with a tiger’s eye, just waiting for her to step down as the real Phoenix family’s daughter.