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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2117

Hai Tong thought about it and felt that her sister’s words made sense.

She was very busy right now, busy with her own business and helping War Yin with his private property, and then she had to take over some small things from her mother-in-law and learn to deal with them.

It takes a lot of hard work to become a qualified house wife.

The main thing was that she belonged to an ordinary family upbringing, if the Hai family and the War family belonged to the same family, she wouldn’t have to work so hard and the pressure wouldn’t be too much.

Hai Tong also could not have imagined that her great-aunt had a plan to push her sister towards the position of the Feng family’s head of household.

This side of the Oat Villa hot and bustling, far away in the Jiangcheng Qiao family, can not say lively, but compared to the usual cold, today is also considered lively it.

Qiao Han siblings are at the request of their parents to come back for the weekend holiday.

Qiao Xuan came back a long time ago, and then also went to Guangyuan Hotel to pick up Qiao Han together with War Hao Yu.

The sunlight at four in the afternoon wasn’t as poisonous as it was at midday, it was a few points softer, but it was hot, and even if the sunlight wasn’t as poisonous as it was at midday, everyone didn’t want to leave the air-conditioned room.

Qiao Han was trying to sleep all afternoon.

That murderous bast*rd, War Hao Yu, however, did not allow her to sleep for that long, but it was only three in the afternoon when he started to come knocking on the door of her room.

She does not take care of him.

Ten minutes apart, ten minutes or so, he came knocking on the door again.

Either that, or he calls her and has to wake her up.

After an hour of this back and forth, Qiao Han had lost all sleep and piled on the fire.

She ended her lunch break, tensed her handsome face, pulled open the door to her room, and saw War Hao Yu standing at the door of her room, holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand, which was not wrapped, and at a glance, it was clear that he had picked them from the yard of her house.

Seeing that she opened the door, War Hao Yu grinned.

Qiao Han, however, wanted to kick him downstairs.

If he didn’t sleep, he wouldn’t let her sleep either.

Last night, they had clearly both gone to bed late, she was sleepy as hell, and he was still glowing.

“War Hao Yu, do you know how to be polite? You’re now a guest in my home, you’re the guest, I’m the host, you as a guest come knocking on my room door every now and then, affecting my lunch break, don’t you know that this is very rude?”

Qiao Han accused the piece of cowhide.

There really was nothing to do with him.

I don’t know what his parents did to raise him to have such a thick skin.

War Hao Yu laughed: “I’m the guest, you’re the host, the guest is up, you still have the nerve to sleep? You don’t have to entertain guests ah, I am a bit rude, you are no better, just as rude.”

Qiao Han was speechless.

The next moment, War Hao Yu shoved the bouquet of flowers into her arms.

She instinctively hugged the bouquet.

“The flowers that are still blooming in your yard are too few, I cut them all down, and it’s only enough to make up such a bouquet, so you’ll have to make do with what you’ve got.”

Qiao Han’s face darkened, “Those flowers were planted by my mother, her favourite flowers, and you cut them all?”

“Auntie’s favourite flowers? She asked me to cut them? I said they were for you, so she let me cut them.”

Qiao Han:”……”