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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2116

Hai Tong comforted: “Auntie, don’t say that, people can’t have smooth sailing in their life, there will always be some setbacks, I have talked to war Yin, let him help to investigate, there are many people, maybe we can find a little evidence.”


Mrs Shang is just a momentary moody, only to say some demoralising words to her niece.

“Your sister went to your house, right?”

“Just arrived not long ago, my sister is here, does great aunt have anything she wants to say to my sister?”

Mrs Shang said, “Give your sister your mobile phone, I’ll have a word with her.”

Hai Tong then gave her sister her mobile phone.

“Great Aunt.”

After Mrs Shang answered, she said to Hai Ling, “Hai Ling, have you been able to spare some time recently?”

“Yes, whatever Great Aunt wants me to do, just say so.”

“Then you spare a week’s time and go to Jiangcheng with Great Aunt, and we’ll go together to meet the current Feng Family Head.”

Mrs Shang didn’t bring Hai Tong with her because she felt that Hai Tong was busier and Hai Ling was a lot easier compared to her sister.

Coupled with what Shang Xiaofei had said, Mrs Shang thought deeply and felt that what her daughter had said made sense.

Once it was proven that the previous Feng family head was killed by her second sister, and that Mrs Shang’s sisters were really the daughters of the previous Feng family head, then she was trying to reclaim the position of Feng family head.

But as she was getting older, she would not consider being that family head.

How much her own daughter weighed, Mrs Shang also knew very well.

Hai Tong was now the eldest young grandmother of the War family, and with her eight faces, she was suitable, but she was also under a lot of pressure.

Still, Hai Ling was a bit more suitable.

Hai Ling was her sister’s eldest daughter, and Mrs Shang thought that if her parents were still alive, they would probably have chosen Hai Ling as their successor as well.

Therefore, Mrs Shang wanted to take Hai Ling to Jiangcheng to meet the people of the Feng Clan.


Hai Ling knew about her late mother’s life from her sister, even though her mother had long passed away more than ten years ago, if she could find out, she and her sister were eager to help her mother find out about her life.

She did not refuse Mrs Shang’s request.

“Auntie, do I need to prepare anything?”

“Just bring a few sets of clothes to change into, nothing else.”

Hai Ling smiled, “Good. Is it leaving tomorrow?”

“We’ll leave again on Monday, tomorrow is Sunday, Yangyang is still at home, he’ll cry if you leave him behind and go away.”

Yangyang went to kindergarten, Hai Ling went away, he didn’t watch his mum go out, he wasn’t that sad.


“Bring Yangyang over for dinner tomorrow night and call Tongtong and her husband and wife.”


Hai Ling smiled and answered, Great Aunt loved Yang Yang the most, always saying that Yang Yang looked like her sister when she was little, often asking Hai Ling to bring Yang Yang over for dinner.

Hai Ling is also used to it now, unlike before, when she went to the business, she always felt constrained.

After ending the call, Hai Ling said to her sister, “Great Aunt asked me to spare a week’s time to accompany her on a trip to Jiangcheng, to meet the current Feng family’s head of the family.”

“Why didn’t Great Aunt call on me.”

“You are busier than me, Great Aunt probably took that into consideration.”

Hai Ling was unable to imagine that Great Aunt wanted to push her into the position of the Feng family’s head of household.