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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2113

Helling stopped the car in front of the lodge.

“Yangyang, get up, we’re at sister-in-law’s house.”

Hai Ling twisted her head and called out to her son.

The little guy got in the car and went off to dream about Zhou Gong, sleeping the whole way.

Yangyang slept so soundly that his mother’s shouts failed to wake him up.

Hai Ling had to get off first.


Hai Tong’s smile was as bright as the sun in the sky, and War Yin also came over and called Hai Ling a sister.

“The weather is so hot, you two are still standing here waiting for me? It’s hot as hell, get in, I’ll drive in.”

War Yin laughed: “Your sister heard you coming over and started counting the time, thinking you’re almost there, had to come out and wait.”

Hai Ling lightly reprimanded her sister: “Come out and wait and don’t bring an umbrella to cover the sun.”

“It’s okay, we just sat in the security room for a while, there is air conditioning inside, it’s me who saw that it was almost time before I came out with War Yin to have a look, and then I saw sister’s car.”

Hai Tong asked her nephew: “Where is Yang Yang?”

“Fell asleep in the car, called him can not wake up.”

“Let him sleep first, sis, you drive in and park.”

Saying this, Hai Tong pulled open the passenger door and got into the car.

War Yin, on the other hand, sat in the back seat of the car, and seeing Yang Yang leaning on the car seat and sleeping sweetly, he wanted to pick up Yang Yang and let him sleep in his arms, who knew that as soon as he touched Yang Yang, Yang Yang woke up.

Opening his eyes and seeing that it was War Yin, the little guy grinned and softly called out, “Auntie uncle.”

“Well, yangyang woke up, still want to sleep, or else, sleep some more, aunt uncle hold you sleep.”

Yangyang leaned his head on War Yin’s chest, then closed his eyes again.

The soft and adorable appearance made War Yin’s heart soft, and he couldn’t help but lower his head and kiss him on his little face.

It was no wonder that when the elders saw that the couple had come back for the weekend without Yangyang, each one of them gave the two of them a shrug.

Hai Tong said privately to her husband: “In the future, we come back without Yang Yang, I guess your parents will not let us enter the mountain village, Yang Yang is a knock on the door, can not see Yang Yang, we come back to have no good face.”

War Yin also a little bit of tears and laughter.

Not only his parents, his uncles and aunts are also like this.

When they heard the couple come back, they first asked for news about Yang Yang, and knowing that they didn’t bring Yang Yang with them, his uncles and aunts twisted around and left.

The main reason was that there hadn’t been such a young child in the mountain village for a long time, the youngest Laojiu was sixteen or seventeen years old, and everyone couldn’t help but like Yangyang when they saw him so young again.

Yangyang was cute and sweet-talking, coaxing his grandparents into a state of bliss.

Hai Ling followed in the car, the security guard had long opened the gate of the mountain villa, allowing Hai Ling to drive into the mountain villa.

“Yangyang is still sleeping, sis, drive and park at the entrance of the main house in the centre, so that you don’t have to carry Yangyang that far.”

The person who spoke was War Yin.

There was a large open air car park as soon as you entered the lodge, usually everyone parked their cars there, and if you were too lazy to walk that far, you could also drive to the entrance of the house and park.

The mountain manor is so big that several brothers of War Lirong have their own small homes, independent and connected.

Each house has a small car park in the yard.