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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2111

Mrs Lu answered, “It’s good that he woke up, so that Yangyang still has a father, at such a young age, if he loses his father, it’s still pathetic.”

Lu Dongming said, “Yangyang and his father’s feelings are not deep, Zhou Honglin used to throw the child to the Hailing sisters to bring, he as a hands-off, on a whim to tease the child to play, but also often make the child cry.”

“His parents are also like this, to Yangyang are face love, and did not pay much sincere, the child is whoever brings with who pro, Yangyang with his sister-in-law pro as mother and son, but with his grandparents and aunts just not pro.”

“It’s also thanks to Hai Ling who fought for Yang Yang’s custody in the first place, it’s best for Yang Yang to follow her.”

Mrs Lu hmmmed.

“Now the Zhou family is desperately trying to cultivate a relationship with Yangyang, even though it’s not too late, looking at them makes you want to make a few sarcastic comments.”

Lu Dongming actually had a strong opinion of the Zhou family.

He was very disliked by the Zhou family.

Especially that Zhou Hongying, mercenary and brazen, who had treated Hai Ling so badly in the past, but now that Hai Ling had made money from her business, she wanted to stick it over and bite Hai Ling to suck her blood.

“Yangyang’s aunt is the most shameless person I’ve ever seen.”

Lu Dongming couldn’t help but spit at his mother.

Then he told his mother what he had seen and heard in Zhou Honglin’s ward.

“That’s shameless enough, that family are all extremely good, Hai Ling was right to reject her, this kind of extremely good, hide as far away as possible, it’s also that Hai Ling’s heart is good, she didn’t cut off her son’s dealings with his former in-laws, if it was an ordinary person, after the divorce, she would have already taken her son far away from her, and no longer come back to each other.”

After Lu Dongming fell silent, he said, “Their divorce agreement states that the Zhou family can see Yangyang at any time, and Zhou Honglin also paid out alimony, the child is after all innocent, Hai Ling did this all for Yangyang.”

Zhou Honglin and Yangyang’s father and son feelings are not deep, but Zhou Honglin still loves his son, often come over to see his son, buy things for his son, but also take his son out to play, giving Yangyang fatherly love.

Hai Ling did everything, is for Yang Yang, want to let Yang Yang healthy and happy growth, do not want to want to divorce like others tear each other, that hurt is always the child.

Because of the mutual tearing, always with the other party’s resentment to face the child, in front of the child scolding the other party, complaining about the other party, to bring the child a negative impact.

Yangyang has a lot of love and affection, but even if they love him, it can’t replace his father’s love.

Hai Ling just doesn’t want her son to be deprived of his father’s love.

“I’m just worried that their family will take advantage of Yangyang and set up a remarriage between Zhou Honglin and Hai Ling.”

“Mum, this is nothing to worry about, the woman that I, Lu Dongming, have decided on, no one can snatch her away, don’t worry, one day, Hai Ling will become your youngest daughter-in-law, as long as mum doesn’t mind and doesn’t oppose it.”

Mrs Lu laughed, “Worthy of being my Lu family’s son, he has a domineering spirit. Mum doesn’t mind or object, this is between you and Hai Ling, just cheer up.”

Lu Dongming also laughed, he had always tried to cheer!

Now he has more time with Hai Ling, with him, Zhou Honglin has no chance, besides Hai Ling clearly said that she does not eat back grass, not to mention that Zhou Honglin also does not have the intention to remarry with her, even if Zhou Honglin really wants to remarry, Hai Ling will not accept it.

In her words, it was not easy to jump out of the fire pit, her head was caught by the door, before she would jump in again.

The Zhou family was now treating her well, but only because they saw that she was doing well, had opened two shops, and had unlimited money.

It was also because they wanted to ask for some favours from Hai Tong through her.

Hai Ling didn’t want to drag her sister’s leg yet, much less let the Zhou family drag her sister’s leg.


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