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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2110


Mrs Lu personally escorted Yu Yin Yin out of the house.

She stood at the door of the house and watched Yu Yin Yin go away, such a good girl, but she had no chance with her son.

The fate of people is really strange.

The current Hai Ling was definitely inferior to Yu Yin Yin, but her son just wasn’t attracted to Yu Yin Yin, but liked Hai Ling.

A moment later, Mrs Lu went back inside.

Seeing that her son didn’t need the bodyguard to help him, he slowly stood up on his own, then moved a step and sat down on the sofa.

Mrs Lu was quite excited that her son was able to stand up on his own and walk up a step.

The bodyguard pushed the wheelchair away and parked it aside, then silently went out.

“Dong Ming.”

Mrs Lu walked over quickly and sat down next to her son, her concerned eyes fell on her son’s legs, seeing her son’s legs trembling, her heart ached again and she reached out and gently touched her son’s calves.

“It still hurts?”

Lu Dongming hmmmed, “The pain is a little lighter than the first time I stood up on my own, mum, don’t worry, I will slowly get better.”

“Well, it will get better, don’t push yourself either, take your time.”

Lu Dongming nodded his head.

“Today is Saturday, is Hai Ling busy too? Why don’t you ask her to come over and play a bit? I kinda miss Yangyang.”

Lu Dongming touched his leg, “I haven’t been to Oat Villa for a long time, I want to go, but I’m afraid that if I go, it will affect their mood, they can’t let go of their hearts and play, they don’t dare to overly show their happiness, I’m afraid that I’ll feel bad.”

“Also have to be distracted to take care of me, so that they can’t be reckless, so, I’d better not go.”

He, War Yin and Su Nan, known as the Guancheng Iron Triangle.

In the past, when one saw him, one could see War Yin and Su Nan, and when one saw the two of them one was bound to see him as well.

Nowadays, the three people rarely get together anymore.

“Dong Ming.”

Mrs Lu said heartily, “If you want to go, go, bring a few more people over, they can take good care of you, War Yin and Sunan are both considerate people, they won’t mind you.”

Mrs Lu could only hmmm.

“How is Yangyang’s father doing?”

She staggered the topic, lest her son feel bad inside.

“Recovering, Zhou Honglin is truly blessed with a great life.” Lu Dongming sighed a sentence, many people did not make it through in the end after being admitted to the ICU, Zhou Honglin was injured so badly, he was in a coma for so many days and made it through.