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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2108

Young Master Su is gone.

Shang Wuhen stood at the entrance of his house and watched Young Lord Su dashing away for a long time before he turned around and went back to his house.


After Hai Ling had invited Lu Dongming to dinner, the two of them chatted for a while longer before she left the hotel with Yang Yang and headed to Avenida Villa.

On the way, Hai Ling received several phone calls.

They were all calls from the elders of the War family, asking when she would send Yangyang over, they missed him.

Hai Ling replied to everyone that she was on her way, and only then was she able to block the calls from the elders to hurry up.

Lu Dongming because of mobility problems, he did not want to affect the good mood of the weekend rest of everyone, so did not follow the oat lodge.

He stayed and sat for an hour before letting the bodyguard send him back to the Lu Family Mansion.

Before he even entered the house, he heard the sound of laughter coming out of the house, it was the sound of laughter that had been missing for a long time.

From his car accident, his family are all dead, encounter worthy of happy things, the family are avoiding him, behind the back secretly happy happy just good, do not dare to come openly, for fear of stimulating his sensitive soul.

Lu Dongming felt that his family was too cautious.

He admitted that he was once self-loathing, and his temper became particularly bad, and he wanted to scold people when he caught them.

His parents had cried many times because of his violent temper.

But after he was discharged from the hospital, he got over it and regained his confidence in life.

He worked very hard on rehab and smiled very hard at life.

The family really didn’t have to be afraid that their smiles would irritate his sensitive nerves.

“Don’t go in for a while.”

At the entrance of the house, Lu Dongming whispered to his bodyguard, “I’ll just sit here for a while and go in later.”

He heard Yu Yinyin’s voice speaking, and also heard his mother’s laughter, it should be because Yu Yinyin’s arrival and saying something funny made her laugh.

After Lu Dongming’s accident, Yu Yinyin came to visit a few times, and when Lu Dongming saw her in the hospital, he would say that it was fortunate that she didn’t stalk him, and it was also fortunate that the two of them weren’t together, or else Yu Yinyin would have jumped into the fire pit.

Because he became an invalid.

When Yu Yin Yin consoled him, he even scolded Yu Yin Yin for being a sycophant, saying that Yu Yin Yin might be very happy in her heart, saying something about how if he had listened to his mother’s arrangement and stayed with Yu Yin Yin, he wouldn’t have been in a car accident and turned into a cripple.

During that time, he even hurt Hai Ling, let alone Yu Yin Yin.

Thinking back, Lu Dongming blushed.

Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that the always brash man would one day turn into a brutal and unreasonable person.

Lu Dongming sat at the door of the house for a while before letting the bodyguard push him in.

Yu Yin Yin was planning to leave.

She had come to Guancheng because she needed to work, and had come to see Mrs Lu as well as Lu Dongming.

Even though Lu Dongming liked to talk nonsense and curse indiscriminately during the time he was mad, Yu Yin Yin didn’t bother with him.

She did understand and appreciate Lu Dongming’s despair.

Just now, Mrs Lu said, “If Dongming had accepted you and stayed with you, this wouldn’t have happened, alas, it’s all fate!”