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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2107

While Mrs Shang’s mother and daughter were talking, Young Lord Su didn’t say a word.

After the mother and daughter stopped discussing the topic of who would take over the Feng Clan in the future, Young Lord Su once again got up to take his leave, “I won’t bother you all, I’ll leave first. I’ll invite you all to dinner some other day when I’m free.”

The merchants did not stay any longer, and Mrs Shang asked her son to send Young Lord Su out.

Shang Wuhen got up to see him off.

Young Lord Su did not stop.

After leaving the main house, Shang Wuhen asked Young Lord Su, “Young Lord Su doesn’t have that kind of intention towards my sister, how long do I have to act? Who asked Young Lord Su to act?”

Shang Wuhen was curious to know who was so capable that he could ask Young Lord Su to act in a play.

“It’s not easy to say, don’t want to say, shame on you.”

Shang Wuhen: “……”

Young Lord Su had made a bet with Tang Yongan, lost the bet, and had to help Tang Yongan unconditionally.

Tang Yongan’s condition is that before Jun Ran and Shang Xiaofei are engaged, Young Master Su has to compete with the promise of “pursuing” Shang Xiaofei.

The first thing I want to say is that I don’t want to be a part of it, but I want to be a part of it.

Young Master Su is close enough, isn’t he?

But would Mrs Shang dare to let her daughter marry Young Master Su?

Obviously, Mrs Shang wouldn’t dare.

With Young Master Su as a comparison, Mrs Shang looks at Jun Ran much more favourably.

“Mr Shang, I heard that your mother is hitting on other people again, wanting to set up your sister with the person she likes, is there such a plan?”

Shang Wuhen: “…… There is such a thing? I don’t even know.”

His mother can really toss it around too.

At this time, it was quite appropriate to leave the matter of his mother’s birth to his mother to slowly investigate, that way his mother would not have as much time to toss his sister and Junran around.

“Whether there is or not, please Mr Shang tell your mother, if she introduces Miss Shang’s boyfriend again, I will go and find the other party and tell them that Miss Shang is my girlfriend, who dares to steal a woman from me, Su Teng?”

Shang Wuhen: “…… Young Master Su, you will harm my sister that way.”

“It’s not that I want to harm your sister, it’s that your mother doesn’t want to make your sister feel better, I just don’t understand, in what way is Jun Fifth Youngster your sister unworthy? The other Jun Fifth Young Master is also a young master in a hundred billion dollar mansion, whose family is much stronger than your Shang Clan.”

“Your sister in our Guancheng high society circle, not pleasing to the eye, although it is others who are jealous of her mostly, but she was once obsessed with the war Yin for many years, this no one knows no one knows, whoever is with her, will worry about being used by her to compare with the war Yin.”

“Who likes to be used to compare with others all the time, not to mention that the one who compares is still war Yin.”

“Not afraid of your anger, I think your sister’s marriage is difficult, it’s not easy to have a man does not care about her past, but also her character is also compatible, to her all kinds of tolerance and doting, you know how to cherish, you should hurry up to your sister packaged, sent to the Jun family to go, urging the Jun five young and her marriage, only is the serious thing.”

“Think the family is far away? How far away? Compared to those who married abroad, A City is very close, okay? Besides, Jun Fifth Shao has been working in Guancheng for a long time and has property here, so the young couple will definitely be living in Guancheng after marriage.”

“Occasionally returning to a-city, that’s normal, it’s not like they’re living in a-city for a long time.”

Shang Wuhen smiled sardonically, unable to speak well.

He made a please gesture towards Young Master Su, inviting Young Master Su to get on the car.

Before Young Lord Su got on the car, he still didn’t forget to urge, “Don’t let my old man know that I’ve come here, otherwise if I really let me marry your sister and go home, she’ll have to stay a widow for the rest of her life.”

“Young Lord Su don’t worry, we are more afraid than you are that the Su family head will know about this.”

“Alas, it’s all because Grandma Battle pitched me ah.”

Young Lord Su sighed once again.