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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2101

As soon as Mrs Shang’s words fell, Shang Xiaofei and Junran hurried in.

The housekeeper went over to the two of them and said that the eldest young master had asked the two to come back, thinking that something had happened, and that the two should hurry back.

“Mum, big brother, what happened?”

Shang Xiaofei asked as she walked over.

Seeing the serious expressions of her parents and elder brother, and her mother holding some kind of information in her hand, Shang Xiaofei walked straight to her mother’s side and sat down, then took those information from her mother’s hand, and on her mouth, she continued to ask, “Mom, what are these?”

Junran also looked at Mrs Shang with concern.

He sat down not far from Shang Wuhen.

There was still one more person to sit next to Shang Xiaofei, considering that Mrs Shang did not mean that she accepted him, she just treated him slightly better.

Jun Ran did not dare to get that close to Shang Xiaofei in front of Mrs Shang.

“It’s okay, your big brother investigated the Jiangcheng Feng family some people, sorted out some information to bring back to let Mom look at just, you are not in Junran side, how is the decoration?”

Mrs Shang looked twice at Jun then, before asking her daughter.

Shang Xiaofei looks at the information while answering, “Big brother asked the housekeeper to notify me and Jun Ran to come back, I thought something had happened, so I hurriedly came back with Jun Ran.”

Mrs Shang smiled and said, “That’s so, I was wondering how the two of you came back together.”

Suddenly, she felt that agreeing to have her daughter and Junran together was actually very good, even though Junran was from A city, he had properties in Guancheng, and this villa that he was now focusing on renovating was even more of a neighbourhood with their merchant.

This is not the case, there is something going on at home, say something to the two of them, and in less than five minutes, they are back.

If the two are really married and live together, Xiaofei can go back to her mother’s house dozens of times a day.

“The decoration is not yet finished, I’m not in a hurry, let them take their time, as long as the quality is good.” Answering Mrs Shang’s question that was related to the decoration, it was Jun Ran.

That was his and Shang Xiaofei’s future small home, it must be the best, every place, how to decorate, what materials to use, he discussed with Shang Xiaofei, where to plant trees in the yard, where to plant flowers, he also sought Shang Xiaofei’s opinion.

In short, everything is arranged in accordance with the preferences of Shang Xiaofei.

This is the home he built for her.

For her to like it, for her to live comfortably in the future.

Mrs Shang gave a hmmm and said, “Renovation is a troublesome thing, you are redecorating inside and out, even the scenery in the yard has to be redone, it takes a bit longer.”

She hadn’t been over to see it.

But glancing next door from the top floor of her house, she could see the layout scene in the courtyard.

She knew that the original layout of the yard had been altered, except for the trees that had not been removed.

“Big brother, these are all personal information, did not say that mum is a Feng family ah, also did not mention the cause of death of grandparents and theirs.”

After Shang Xiaofei finished reading the information of the important people of the Feng family, she looked up at her big brother, a little puzzled.

She thought that her big brother had investigated the cause of death of her grandparents, and could also prove that her mother was the eldest daughter of the previous head of the Feng Clan.

Shang Wuchen said, “Is only checked their information, the cause of death of grandparents, just the old generation mouth, but no one has evidence in hand, everyone is suspicious, speculation.”

“Things have passed for decades, we now go to trace the cause of death of grandparents, hope is not big, unless there is a person who knows, but also the person who knows the hands of the evidence, otherwise we can only take the cause of death of grandparents as a rumour, to take the current head of the family can not do anything about it.”

“Whether or not mum is a member of the Feng family, this is easy to do, as long as mum goes to Jiangcheng and does a blood relationship appraisal with the current head of the Feng family, then we can determine whether or not mum is a member of the Feng family.”