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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2100

Holding the TV remote control, Mrs Shang kept changing the channels and said to her husband, “I really can’t get into the TV dramas nowadays, they don’t look as good as the ones in the past, and those actors all feel pretty much the same, am I not keeping up with the times, and my aesthetic concepts don’t work anymore?”

Mr Shang laughed, “You’ve never been a fan of TV, and you don’t have the time to watch TV, when have you ever been able to watch TV?”

“Play music and listen to it.”

His wife is a strong woman, before retirement, work-oriented, busy with business every day, how can she have time to watch TV?

In the past, the children were small, busy with business matters, the wife also has to spend effort to manage the three children’s schooling, until the children are asleep, already late at night, which still have the mood and time to watch TV, the next day still have to get up as usual, to start a new day’s work it.

That is, the eldest son has the ability to take over the Shang Group, the couple retired home, no longer in charge of the company’s large and small matters, the old wife only idle.

Mrs Shang recalled the first half of her life and said, “It’s really like this, from young to now, I rarely watch TV, it would be better to create a few plots of land in the backyard for the two of us to grow some vegetables and fruits.”

“You want to plant, wait for the evening, when the sun goes down and it’s not that hot, we’ll go turn over the soil, create a few plots, plant some vegetables and fruits, and plant some of your favourite flowers and plants in the front yard, and tending to them every day, it won’t be boring.”

After withdrawing from the centre of power of the Shang Clan Group, the couple rarely attended banquets again, unless they were invited by people with very good friendships, the couple would only show their faces and show up.

Hearing the sound of steady footsteps, Mr Shang said, “Wuhen is back.”

Mrs Shang gave a hmmm and looked towards the doorway of the house.

Soon enough, she saw her eldest son’s upright figure appear within her line of sight, striding towards them.

The bag of papers held in Shang Wuhen’s hand reminded Mrs Shang of what she had asked her eldest son to investigate, she switched off the TV and waited for her eldest son to get closer before asking, “Wuhen, have you checked it out?”

Shang Wuhen handed the file bag to his mother and said, “Mum, take a look, Hai Tong said those things, the older generation in Jiangcheng knows about them, it’s not hard to enquire about them, it’s just hard to find evidence.”

Mrs Shang took the file bag and opened it, taking out a few sheets of a4 paper from the bag.

Shang Wuhen sat down opposite his parents and said, “Mum, this is the information of those who can speak for the Feng family in Jiang Cheng.”

Mrs Shang gave a hmmm and stopped talking.

She read through the information of those Feng family members, one by one, the information of the current head of the Feng family, there was a mention of the accidental passing away of the head of the family’s eldest sister and younger sister, but there was no mention of the two nieces.

Presumably, he didn’t want people to find the two nieces and his own daughter to compete for the position of the family head.

“Is the current Feng Family Head’s death of his eldest sister and younger sister all a rumour?”

“The people of the older generation in Jiang Cheng, all say that she killed her eldest sister and younger sister, but those people also have no evidence, after all, at that time, the family of the Feng family head died, the mother’s family is the current Feng family head, although the pretence of investigating a little bit, the result of the announcement to the public is an accident.”

“Other people, even if they felt that it was the current Feng family head who killed the eldest sister and younger sister, because they were not relatives of the previous Feng family head, they would just discuss and discuss with their mouths and would not pursue the truth, now that things have been over for decades, and they want to track down the truth, it’s a lot harder to do so.”

After Mrs Shang was silent for a long time, she said, “Slowly investigate, as long as she did it, one day, she will reveal the cracks and find evidence for us. Mum believes that the net of heaven is wide open.”

Her parents’ family, all said that they died in a car accident.

Car accidents can be man-made.

The main thing is that her sister-in-law also died in a car accident, her son sorted out the cause of death of the previous Feng family head, her sister-in-law was received her parents and family members in a car accident, drove to the scene of the accident, but ended up halfway there, also had a car accident.

Mrs Shang always felt that it was too coincidental.

Concerning the cause of death of her parents’ family, Mrs Shang would definitely want to trace it to the end.

“Wu trace, this matter, mum and your dad take their time to investigate, both of us are now retired at home and idle, this is something related to mum’s birth, mum definitely wants to find out clearly.”

“Mum, we can help you too.”

Mrs Shang said gently, “You are in charge of the company, Ah Ching is pregnant and needs you to take care of her, even though mum is retired, in fact, mum is not so old that she can’t walk, mum believes that as long as we don’t give up, we will always be able to find out what happened back then.”