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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2099

The Ye family is blaming Ye Jiani for stealing the account book and Zhou Honglin to get a licence, but they don’t want their daughter to die, so they discussed it and finally decided to hire a lawyer for their daughter.

Hopefully, they can make their daughter’s sentence light.

Ye Jiani’s brother and sister-in-law actually didn’t want to care about her, but after being cried and scolded by her parents for a while.

It was only recently that they had to promise their parents that they would all pay for their sister’s lawyer together.

Zhou Hongying and his wife were actually not wrong, that old couple were indeed Ye Jiani’s parents.

They had found their way to the hospital because they wanted to beg their son-in-law to be magnanimous and spare their daughter.

As long as the son-in-law is willing to issue a letter of understanding, their daughter can be sentenced a little lighter.

Ye family parents to find Zhou Honglin begging him to issue a letter of understanding, will certainly be blocked by the parents of the Zhou family insults, these things, Hai Ling do not know and do not want to care, all have nothing to do with her.

Her only involvement with the Zhou family is Yang Yang.


Shang Wuxing, who had been out, returned.

When the car passed by the door of Jun Ran’s villa, he looked twice and realised that his sister was in Jun Ran’s villa, he wanted to stop the car, but in the end he drove back to his house.

Sister and Jun Ran are in love, sister is interested, although Jun Ran’s family is in A city, but Jun Ran also has two villas in Guancheng, is being renovated this villa is also with their businessmen are neighbours.

In fact, Shang Wuhen also recognised Jun Ran.

Feng Chen Group is also now negotiating with Shang’s group about cooperation.

The one in charge of this matter was of course Jun Ran.

This was a chance for Night Junbo to create an opportunity for his own brother to please his future in-laws.

Even if there was no chance of co-operation, Shang Wuhen appreciated Jun Ran.

Mainly, Jun Ran also likes his sister, but right, mother like that can’t let his sister marry far away, Shang Wuhen also a little reluctant, so he didn’t speak for Jun Ran, but also didn’t block, let nature take its course.

Some time ago when the young master of the Su family began to pursue his sister, Shang Wuhen found that his parents’ attitude towards Junran was much better.

At the moment, both parents were at home, and the fact that his sister was still able to be in Jun Ran’s villa, helping to watch the decorations, showed that it was the parents’ tacit approval.

After parking the car, Shang Wuhen asked the housekeeper who welcomed him out as he got out of the car, “Madam hasn’t had her lunch break yet, right?”

“No, Mrs is still watching TV in the house, Mr is accompanying her, Miss has gone to the Jun family next door, only the great young grandma has gone upstairs for her lunch break.”

When Lan Jing was first pregnant, she was sleepy and got used to sleeping, now she takes a lunch break every day at noon.

“Great Young Master, have you eaten?”

The housekeeper asked.

Shang Wuchen got out of the car, then twisted around and took down a file bag from the car, answering the housekeeper, “I ate outside.”

“You go next door and ask Miss and Jun Fifth to come back.”


Shang Wuhen took the file bag and went inside.