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Never Say Never Chapter 793-794

Chapter 793

She snorted coldly, “I’ve heard that you are an orphan, and that you married Fu Shen Yan because of your grandmother’s connections. A man like Fu Shen Yan needs a partner who can match him, and besides, you seem to be mentally ill.


Once upon a time, hearing those words would have made me feel inferior and uncomfortable, but not now.


I was calm, looked back at her and smiled lightly, “So, Miss Zhou, may I ask what you can bring to him?”


She was condescending, that much was undeniable, “My education my ability, and my beauty can bring him so much, I can walk with him on equal footing, his footsteps I will always keep up with, you, on the other hand, are merely a housewife, the rest, you know nothing.”


I nodded and smiled lightly, the woman’s arrogance was admirable, but that was all.


Looking over at her, I didn’t say anything to strike her down, or anything else disrespectful, I just smiled lightly and said, “Then Miss Chow, I look forward to the day when you can take my place.”


No longer looking at her, I smiled lightly and went out of the ward, Liu Yue was at the door and froze slightly when she saw me suddenly open the door.


Her face looked a little different, so I guess she basically heard it all.


She opened her mouth, wanting to say something, I smiled lightly and took a step ahead of her, speaking, “Go in!”


She nodded and after a pause said, “Miss Shen, can you wait for me downstairs for a while?”


I froze, nodded, and answered, “Yes!”


She went in and I went downstairs.


The sky in the capital was always cloudy, the sun was shining in the morning, but in the afternoon it started to cloud over, and it looked like the next big snowstorm was starting again.


The heating was on in the car and I was a little drowsy when Fu Shen Yan called.


“Still at the hospital?” The man’s voice was low and magnetic, as nice as ever.


I nodded, answered, and spoke, “How’s it going at the company?”


It was so easy to get ready for the annual holiday and then to start tossing and turning because of this.


He seemed to have just finished a meeting and after a pause said, “The PR department will take care of it, what do you want to eat later, I’ll pick you up and have dinner together.”


I thought about it, I guess I’ll have to talk to Liu Yue later, and I guess it’s almost time to eat after that.


I couldn’t help but say, “Mr. Fu, I have an appointment, so I guess ah, I might not be able to go with you.”


He hmmed, his voice slightly averted, “I know?”


Thinking of teasing him, I nodded and smiled, “Yeah.”


“Liu Yue?”


I froze and bristled, “Fu Shen Yan, you’re having someone follow me again?”


He smiled lightly, “Don’t be angry, there are not a few people watching Fu now, make sure you’re safe so I can feel comfortable with you going out.”


I was speechless, but said, “I’m not a child.”


“Good boy!” The man’s voice was low and nice, with a touch of indulgent pampering that was extraordinarily touching.


I pursed my lips and went quiet.


Looking at Liu Yue coming out of the hospital and standing at the hospital entrance looking on, I raised my hand and pressed the horn.


Then I said into the phone, “Fu Shen Yan, I still have something to do, I’ll hang up first.”


I didn’t wait for Fu Shen Yan to say anything, so I hung up the phone.


When Liu Yue heard the horn, she looked sideways and got into the car, and saw that her eyes were red and swollen, she had been crying.


Chapter 794

I didn’t know what kind of relationship she had with Zhou Ranxi, but it didn’t look as simple as I thought.


After a pause I said, “Let’s go and have something to eat later, it’s dinner time.”


She nodded, raised her hand and rubbed her face, pulled a smile and looked at me, “Thank you!”


I nodded and started the car.


There are some things that have been pressed into your heart for a long time, and even if you don’t ask, she will still run out of your eyes.


I didn’t open my mouth to ask, but Liu Yue said it herself, somewhat self-deprecatingly.


“In the 80s, the country planned births, my mother was born in the countryside, an authentic rural woman, she had no schooling, could not read or write, and her relatively primitive education made her also feel in her bones that a woman must have a son in her life to be considered a real woman, so after she gave birth to me, she began to have another child desperately, in order to want a son. ”


She sighed slightly as she spoke, somewhat helplessly, “She had seven or eight children, some boys too, but as if by a curse the sons she gave birth to were always unable to be raised and died at a very young age, more than ten years later she gave birth to another daughter, Zhou Ranxi, because it was a daughter she did not want it and thought of throwing it away, fortunately Zhou Ranxi was lucky enough to be picked up and adopted, the The couple then went into business, got rich and never had any children, so they decided to raise her and let her study abroad to learn the ropes.”


I frowned, “Isn’t that good?” How could an unpopular daughter, adopted and raised rich, be considered extraordinarily lucky and good, how could there be so much hatred with her?


She smiled to herself and sighed, “Well, that’s excellent, my mother then went on to have another daughter because she always wanted a son, after Zhou Ranxi she had another daughter, but that child wasn’t as lucky as she was, after birth my mother put her in the mountains, it snowed a lot that winter, so the child stayed in the mountains for seven days with no one to hold her, and still froze to death. ”


It was cruel!


I frowned and subconsciously my body shivered a little, ignorant mothers are terrible.


Seeing me like this, she pursed her lips and blamed herself somewhat, “I know all these things too, it was my mother’s fault, her ignorance, harming so many children, Buddha said cause and effect, where there is a cause there is a wrap, after a few years of suffering, my mother finally gave birth to a son and raised him too, a lifelong wish, at the expense of so many children, she got what she wanted.”


“Well!” I spoke, unable to help but sigh, “It’s a pity about those few innocent children.”


She nodded and broke her fingers, “It wouldn’t have been bad if things had gone on peacefully like this, but there must be a cause and a consequence, she spoiled so many lives and ended up with a son, she must also bear the consequences. She took the pesticide paraquat to force my father to break off his relationship with that woman, but she survived because she got to the doctor in time, but her body was already spoiled.”


Having had so many children one after another, I suppose it has more or less taken its toll on the body.


She continued, “At the end of last year, my brother was suddenly diagnosed with blood cancer. The family was not rich all these years, and my mother has been tossing and turning for years, and there is not much left in the family.