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Never Say Never Chapter 789-790

Chapter 789

He k i s s e d too hot, with punishing l i p s and teeth, and bit down hard on my mouth.


I grunted in pain, and he lowered his voice, grunting, “You still know it hurts?”


Glaring at him, I moved my head away, not wanting to pay attention to him.


He broke my head and forced me to look at him, his gaze burning with brilliance, his voice low and magnetic with a touch of helplessness, “Shen Shu, only someone who doesn’t care will not care, I am your husband, what does it mean when other women throw themselves at me and you don’t care? You don’t love me, or you just don’t care at all.”


I froze, gazing at him, blinking a little and smiling, “So, you’re angry with me because of this?”


He looked down and nibbled on my l i p s, “What else could I be angry about?”


I smiled and met his gaze, “I don’t mean I don’t care, I’m your wife, how can I not care that you’re cuddling with another woman, it’s just that I understand the situation, not her, but you, you invited him back from the UK, that means she’s worth it. I’m not sure if I’m too ignorant if I get angry with you over something like that. In the future, for so long, there will still be more or less women around you, after all, you are so good.”


His eyes sank slightly and his thin lips parted lightly, “So, what are you going to say?”


I laughed, “I was going to say that my husband is brilliant, that he’s a dragon among men, and that it’s hard for a woman in the world not to fall in love with you.”


His mouth was gagged, deep and shallow, and after a moment of k i s s i n g, his eyes deepened and he looked at me and said, “One more word.”


I froze and smiled extraordinarily brightly, “Husband!”


That night, I took extra initiative, and in the second half of the night, Fu Shenyan increased his movements and his breath was heavy.


I was in a trance, clutching the sheets, my breath unsteady, and whispered, “Fu Shen Yan, give me a child, I want a child of you and me.”


In the midst of the tide of emotion, Fu Shen Yan suddenly stiffened his body, and his eyes were cold for a moment.


I froze and looked at him, unsure, “No?”


He reeled in the coldness in his eyes, smiled lightly and shook his head, “Yes, as long as you want it, no matter how much, I will give it.”


I smiled, my mind ringing with bits and pieces of that child, my heart and body beginning to ache slightly.


He took me in his arms, his voice low and magnetic, “Shen Shu, let’s all be good.”


I nodded, exhaustion hitting me, and in my sleep I was vaguely aware of him wiping my body.


But it was only an awareness, and it was the next day when I woke up again.


Sunlight poured through the window in the bedroom, the dappled light swaying noisily.


Fu Shenyan was no longer in the bedroom, and I lay quietly for a few moments, vaguely aware of some dampness under my body.


I got up and lifted the covers, and there was a smear of b l o o d staining the sheets.


I was a bit dazed, counting the time, it shouldn’t be this time of year. In the past four years, there were occasional inaccuracies, and occasionally more blood, but never twice a month.


I got up and changed my clothes, gathered up the sheets and threw them in the washing machine.


I’m afraid that if I want to have a baby now, I’ll have to take care of my body.


Chapter 790

When she washed up and left the bedroom, Fu Shen Yan was in the living room and Sister Fen had left after making breakfast.


When I heard the movement, Fu Shen Yan turned around, his eyebrows rose and he smiled lightly, “You’re awake?”


I nodded and walked over to him and sat down against him, my voice soft, “Don’t you have to go to the office today?”


He nodded, “You can take two days off for now, go make arrangements tomorrow and you can take your annual leave.”


As he spoke, he had put down what he was holding and k i s s e d me lightly on the cheek.


Rather, I remembered the sandalwood box I got back from Ivana Lin’s side, and I couldn’t help but speak up, “Fu Shen Yan, should we go and open that sandalwood box?”


The box had been at home for a long time and I hadn’t had time to open it.


There was always nothing to do, so he nodded and went into the study with me.


Finding the sandalwood box, I looked to him, “You’ve opened it before?”


He took the box, looked at it for a moment, and after a pause said, “I didn’t actually intend to last time, Ivana Lin knew this box, it seemed to belong to the Mu family back then.”


How did it come back to the Mu family?


I pursed my lips, somewhat puzzled, “Grandma this box seems to have been worn all the time, why would it be involved with the Mu family?”


Fu ShenYan shook his head and looked down at the box’s switch, tossing it around for a while before he looked at me and said after a moment, “I guess we’ll have to find a special craftsman to open this box.”


“You don’t have the key on you?” Didn’t Grandpa say that Fu Shen Yan had the key on him, so how could he not?


He nodded and sighed slightly, “What grandpa gave me back then wasn’t a key, but instructions, he wasn’t worried about you, so he asked me to take good care of you, this box, in fact, is a front.”


I froze, looking at the box a little lost in thought, it didn’t matter that there was no way to open this box, it was just that I always had a feeling that Grandma might not be the same as I thought.


Originally, it wasn’t overly important that Zhou Ranxi fell out of the pool, and a few days in hospital to recuperate would have been all right.


But somehow, the next day, the headlines in the capital suddenly broke out, saying that staff within the Fu family were fighting fiercely and jealousy had become hatred.


Someone almost killed someone since it meant jealousy, and the direction of these rumours almost named a certain person.


When Fu Shenyan received the call, he and I were still working on the secret of the sandalwood box.


When I saw his expression go cold, I couldn’t help but look at him, “What’s wrong?”


He put the box aside, looked at me and spoke, “Something has happened to the company.”


I had never been in the habit of asking for details, so when I saw his brow furrowed deeply, I opened my mouth, “What happened?”


“Something happened at the annual meeting last night and someone caught on and made a big false accusation about it.” He got up, ready to go and change his clothes.


I followed behind him. Although I was not involved in all this, Fu had been suppressing and driving Gu out of business lately, and Gu Han was no slouch. Last night’s banquet was not a private one; Zhou Ranxi had fallen into the water, and someone had deliberately caught on to it, just to direct the discussion towards problems in Fu’s management.


Once it is established that Fu’s employees are fighting with each other internally, then what will follow is bad management at the top, and once the problem expands, the name and image of Fu’s will become a topic of discussion, and it will be natural for the stock to fall.