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Never Say Never Chapter 787-788

Chapter 787

“What do you know? It’s not only beautiful, but also talented, so it’s a perfect match for Mr. Fu.”


I looked at Fu Shen Yan, who was being hugged by Zhou Ranxi, and thought to myself, “The two of them are actually quite a good match.


It is said that an evenly matched marriage can only last, but when you think about it, the difference between me and Fu Shen Yan seems quite big.


As I froze, I coldly saw Lin Ivana’s sullen face, pulling away Zhou Ranxi who had flung herself into Fu Shen Yan’s arms, and spoke, “The 120 people should be here, one of the hotel paramedics is coming to help take this young lady to the hospital.”


Lin Ivana was definitely not one to mind her own business, and she suddenly rushed out and pulled Fu Shen Yan and Zhou Ranxi away, obviously wanting the two to pay attention.


Luckily, the hotel staff were quick and carried Zhou Ranxi out.


The staff were re-arranged and the annual meeting continued.


Fu Shen Yan was called away by Ivana Lin, who looked like she was planning to say something.


I found a place to sit, ate something and got a bit sleepy.


After waiting for a while, it was a good thing that Fu Shen Yan came back.


Seeing me yawning straight away, he smiled lightly, “Sleepy?”


I nodded and looked at the still dense crowd in the hall and couldn’t help but say, “Is it going to take long to get home?”


He smiled lightly and reached out to pull me in, “I’ll be home soon.”


With that, he pulled me, handed me a gla*s of milk and said, “Come on, I’ll show you some people to meet.”


In fact, they were all people who had cooperation and dealings with Fu in the mall, and they were all people who had made a good living in the capital.


Fu Shen Yan was not a man of many words, so he pulled me in to introduce me one by one, almost always with the same sentence, “This is my wife Shen Shu.”


After the introductions, Fu Shen Yan pulled me along and prepared to go back, but we met Liu Yue in the crowd preparing to go back.


Although there were many employees from Fu’s, I always felt as if Liu Yue had barely said hello to anyone the whole evening.


It was either drinking or eating.


When she saw me, she smiled faintly as a greeting.


After walking a few steps, I stopped and looked at her, “Going back?”


She nodded, “Soon!” The words were faint and the nature was light.


“Come with us? Where do you live, we’ll take you back, it’s not a good place to get a taxi.” It wasn’t that it wasn’t good for a taxi, it was that it was almost impossible to get a car.


She froze, her eyes looking at Fu Shen Yan, clearly puzzled.


I tugged on Fu Shen Yan’s shirt, and Fu Shen Yan nodded, saying indifferently, “Let’s go!”


When we got into the car, Fu Shen Yan and I sat in the back seat, while Liu Yue and the driver were in the front.


There was hardly anything to say, she gave her address and the driver took her back.


When she was about to get out of the car, she looked back at me, smiled and said, “Thank you!”


I nodded my head, not really taking it to heart.


After she left, Fu Shen Yan looked at me, “When did you become so kind?”


I froze and said, “We’re on our way, aren’t we?”


He smiled lightly, “Shen Shu, that’s no excuse.”


I thought for a moment and gave a more pertinent answer, “How can I put it? She’s a bit of a heartbreaking woman.”


Counting her age, she should also be forty, the ancient saying is thirty and not confused, according to her age, even if the salary in the capital is higher, she has a house, a car and children in Jiangcheng, it is impossible for her to come to the capital for the salary, I think the most likely thing is that there is a change in her family.


I could tell that she seemed to have become even more silent than before.


Chapter 788

Fu Shen Yan hmmed, instead of continuing the whole topic, he looked at me and said seriously, “What just happened, you’re not jealous?”


I didn’t react to what he was saying, but seeing him staring straight at me, I did.


I froze and said, “I can understand, even if Zhou Ranxi is strong, she is still a woman, when she encountered that kind of situation, I guess a person would be scared to death, when she suddenly saw you when she returned to her senses, she would inevitably lose control, it’s nothing, any other person would be like that.”


Noticing that Fu Shen Yan’s mood was not right, I froze and looked at him, seeing that he did not look too good, I could not help but say, “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing!” Just two simple and clear words.


I was a bit dumbfounded, just a moment ago he was asking me nicely, why was he suddenly so cold again?


I didn’t know what he was angry about, so I knew better than to say anything else.


The driver drove the car outside the villa, stopped the car, and Fu Shen Yan went straight into the villa.


I followed him and saw that he went straight to his bedroom when he got back to the villa.


It was getting late, the Four Seasons had gone to Huadu, and Sister Fen was not staying here at night, so the empty villa looked a little cold.


Seeing Fu Shen Yan go straight to the bedroom, I also followed nimbly.


“Fu ……” The words didn’t even come out, he threw his jacket on the bed and went straight into the bathroom.


“Bang!” The bathroom door was slammed with a thief’s thud.


I was speechless and had to go into the dressing room to find sleep, but luckily when I came out he came out too.


A bath towel was all that was wrapped around his robust body, and the man’s low, cold gaze just faintly glanced at me and misplaced itself.


Then he took the towel and went straight to the study.


I ……


Sure enough, even at sixty, men still have childish temperaments.


I took a shower and when I saw that he hadn’t returned, I couldn’t help but change my clothes and go straight to the study.


When I went in, I didn’t knock and pushed the door directly in. I was surprised that he wasn’t reading a book or working on company business, but watching a Korean drama.


When I entered, all I heard was a Korean phrase and he turned it off.


I looked at him a bit puzzled and said, “Fu Shen Yan, it’s getting late, it’s time to go to bed.”


He didn’t say anything, he stood up from the computer and went straight to the bed in the study, then laid down without saying a word.


I ……


tsked and huffed, I had to take out my phone and said into it, “Hu Ya, are you home? Can I come and stay at your place later?”


After a pause, I added, “The house here is too big for me to live alone, so I’ll move over and stay with you for a few days.”


Then, without looking at Fu Shenyan who was lying on the bed, he directly prepared to leave.


As soon as I entered the bedroom, I was picked up by Fu Shen Yan, and I exclaimed, “Fu Shen Yan, what are you doing?”


He pinned me to the bed, grabbed my phone from my hands, looked at the screen and frowned, “You lied to me?”


I shrugged my shoulders and bristled, “Who made you angry! It’s not like I’m to blame.”


He didn’t catch his breath and laughed out loud, “I’m angry? Shen Shu, why am I angry and you don’t know?”


I looked at him, nodded my head seriously and said, “I really don’t know why you’re angry.”


He was a bit speechless and threw the phone aside, then without saying a word he ripped the clothes off my body.