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Never Say Never Chapter 785-786

Chapter 785

Mo Fei Lin looked at me, holding his forehead, a little helpless, I raised my hand and touched my nose, for a moment I couldn’t really think of anything that could comfort someone.


The good thing is that Hu Ya did not seem to continue to fall into emotion either, ate a few bites of dessert, looked at me and said, “It does taste good, I’ve been learning how to make desserts these days too, I’ve been eating too much and I’ve gained weight.”


Mo Fei Lin froze, but followed the conversation, looked at her and said, “Are you afraid that you have not seen my obesity, it is visible to the naked eye, you are so good, one by one you have all given birth, the baby is also big, just me, this is just less than four months, still have to boil for six months, I do not know how fat I will become.”


Hu Ya smiled, “In fact, it is not that exaggerated, usually the child is about six pounds, you do not need to can eat a lot, as long as to ensure good nutrition for the baby on the line, and after the birth slowly diet conditioning, slowly thin.”


The two people did have something in common and chatted for a while, I pinned my chin and looked at them, really feeling that the years were quiet.


“Shen Shu, are you and Fu Shen Yan planning to have a second child again? I even heard my brother say the day before yesterday that the four seasons are going to Huadu with Cheng Junyu, aren’t you worried?” Mo Fei Lin steered the conversation back to me.


I froze for a moment and said as an afterthought, “It’s fine, Cheng Junyu will take care of her.”


Hu Ya got serious and looked at me, “Didn’t you think of having one yourself? Four Seasons is five now, if you’re worried about her thinking too much about it, you can ask her opinion, maybe she wants a playmate too?”


I smiled and spoke, “It’s something Fu Shen Yan and I are going to wait until after the New Year, it’s a busy time with lots of company stuff to think about.”


The two of them smiled at each other, Mo Fei Lin suddenly remembered Lin Ivana and looked at me, “By the way, I only found out when I got back that my sister-in-law was hospitalised with appendicitis, so I have to go and see her later.”


Hu Ya nodded and said, “En-uh, she’s been resting for a few days now, she should be almost recovered.”


She looked at me and spoke, “After the stitches are removed, you should be able to leave the hospital, right?”


I smiled and didn’t say much when my phone rang, it was the Four Seasons calling with Cheng Junyu.


The little one was getting ready to get on a plane and called to check in with me.






Fu’s annual meeting, the four seasons away from the capital for a few days, although the evening will call to talk to me chat.


The actual fact is that you can’t hold and touch the child that you have raised for four years, and at this time you are suddenly away for so long, your heart is always hung up on.


In the afternoon, when Fu Shen Yan saw that I was distracted, he pulled me along and said, “It’s the company’s annual meeting tonight, will you go with me?”


I chilled and shook my head almost instinctively, but he cut me off, “Go, it’s hard to be bored when you’re at home with it all the time.”


Tilting my head at him, I smiled lightly, “You know, I don’t like busy places?”


He smiled, “Then I’ll stay home with you?”


I froze, but I went with him.


The annual party was held at the hotel by the open-air pool, and everyone seemed to like the atmosphere, the wine, the exquisite pastries, the brightly lit lobby, and the azure pool.


It seemed to be all about opulence and elegance.


I don’t have many hobbies, except for food, and I don’t seem to have much else to do.


I grabbed a plate of pastries and found a quiet place to eat.


I didn’t notice when Liu Yue approached, and if she didn’t speak, I wouldn’t have noticed.


“Mr. Shen, you still like to be quiet as usual.”


Chapter 786

I glanced sideways and saw that she, like me, had a plate of pastries in her hand, looking like she was looking for a quiet place to eat properly.


I smiled lightly, “They say women need to eat less sweets or they’ll get old easily.”


She laughed and stuffed a bite of cake into her mouth, enjoying it, and looked to me and said, “What defines old for a woman?”


She had me stumped with that question.


She smiled lightly and continued, “Old as I understand it, is losing motivation for life, a body in its twenties that has run out of expectations and joy for the future, that’s old, true old age is the soul, not the a**, some people are still exquisitely active and motivated even when they are eighty, is that old?”


I shallowly smiled, but somehow could not answer her question, laughed and said, “Not really!”


Shallow chat for a while, because Fu Shen Yan want to summarize Fu’s year, for recognition and surprise session, so, she left first.


I had nothing to do after eating, so I simply walked around the hotel freely.


Listening to Fu Shen Yan’s low, mellow voice, I had unknowingly walked outside the hotel’s lobby.


Fu’s employees are many, so it looked a bit dense, and also invited some business leaders and people of prestige in the capital.


It was said to be a thanksgiving giveback, with some of Fu’s newly developed ai intelligent machines given out, and by the way, Zhou Ranxi’s contribution to Fu’s ai was also announced.


What could not be denied was that Zhou Ranxi was indeed an excellent researcher and deserved to be looked up to.


After going through a series of procedures, Fu Shen Yan finished his business and walked straight from the stage to me.


Without the slightest regard for the gaze of the crowd, he pulled me along and said, “How was the pastry tonight?”


“It was delicious!” This rating was definitely high.


He smiled lightly, “If you want to eat it later, have the pastry chef come to your home and make it for you.”


I laugh.


As we chatted shallowly, the couple inevitably looked close to each other.


Originally, Fu Shen Yan and I were planning to find a place to sit, but to our surprise, before we could leave, we heard the sound of fluttering.


When I looked back, a group of people were already gathered around the pool, and someone shouted, “Someone has fallen into the water, go down and save them.”


Some people who knew how to use water jumped in.


After all, he was the chairman of the Fu family, so Fu Shenyan pulled me along and came over.


Making me stand some distance away from the pool, he looked at me and said, “What’s going on?”


Someone came forward and answered, “Mr. Fu, it’s Director Zhou, she seems …… to have been pushed down.”


When Fu Shen Yan looked over, Zhou Ranxi had already been rescued, the water temperature in winter was very low, Zhou Ranxi was lying on the ground, her clothes were thin and she was freezing and shivering in a wretched state.


A gentlemanly man took off his clothes and covered her legs, and then someone gave her first aid.


It was a while before she woke up, extraordinarily weak.


Fu Shen Yan half-crouched next to her, had someone pour her a gla*s of water, then someone brought her a blanket, and looked at her and said, “Is everything all right?”


Zhou Ranxi, probably a little stunned, looked at Fu Shenyan for a moment and stared at him, then flung herself into his arms and cried out in pain.


For a moment someone in the air drew a cold breath, someone stole a glance at me, and someone whispered.


“Usually when I look at Superintendent Zhou’s thunderous appearance, I thought she was a Vajra warrior, but now it seems that she is also a soft and sticky little woman.”


“That’s not true, when she pounces like this weak and uncontrollable, Mr. Fu’s heart will probably be in turmoil.”


“Don’t talk nonsense, Mr. Fu is even married, although it’s not public, but he has brought Mrs. Fu to the company several times, that’s also considered a declaration of sovereignty.”