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Never Say Never Chapter 783-784

Chapter 783

I looked at her and couldn’t help but say, “I’ve noticed that you’re really good at primping for food.”


She gave a tsk and said, “That’s for sure, when I used to go to university, I ate in all the alleys and high-end restaurants up and down the capital, I rarely came to the restaurants around here, not because they were expensive, but mainly because almost all the people who came to this area were a bunch of rich wives in the capital, who came here to drink afternoon food and engage in some kind of climbing activities, which was particularly annoying, so I rarely came. ”


I smiled, “The spending in this neighborhood is, indeed, very high, but most of the rich wives have almost nothing to do, and come here except to find someone to show off their husbands and children, that is, the jewellery and bags on their bodies or whatever.”


After chatting for a while, an argument came from outside, which sounded a bit familiar to me, and after a moment’s hesitation, I looked to Mo Fei Lin and said, “Why does this sound a bit like Hu Ya to me?”


She froze and jerked up from her seat, then took a few steps out.


Sure enough, several women in the corridor were arguing and blocking Hu Ya’s way.


When I looked at the woman who was counting out Hu Ya, I saw something familiar and frowned, why did she look so much like Wang Yan Yao?


When I got a better look at the person, I was sure that it was indeed Wang Yangyao.


It’s been a long time, this girl has changed quite a bit.


“The clothes on your body are Versace’s new models this year, or vip custom models, about 100,000, and the bag she’s carrying in her hand is Prada’s new model, at least half a million, shoes are four days custom, about 50,000, this accessories and wear, no relationship money is hard to customize, also on her wrist that Bulgari’s small skirt bracelet to be a little more common , fifty thousand dollars, anyone can buy it, it seems to have met a rich person.”


Mo Fei Lin leaned into my ear to analyse, and after a pause said, “This girl is not bad, she’s all walking with people in the capital’s rich wife circle.”


Seeing a few women pushing and pulling around Hu Ya, I was a little annoyed for a moment and quickened my pace, peeling a few away.


Coldening my voice, “You all dress like human beings, whatever is going on, it’s not so rough, is it?”


Seeing me and Mo Fei Lin, Hu Ya froze and whispered in my ear, “I just walked too fast and touched Wang Yan Yiu’s watch to the ground, it seems to have smashed.”


The first time she said that, I just glanced at the watch in Wang Yangyao’s hand, looks like Hermes, seems quite expensive, millions of watches, this girl’s body configuration are catching up with a suite.


“The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you’re talking about.


The one who spoke was a wealthy lady beside Wang Yan Yao, who looked a bit like a rich man.


Several other people did not speak up, and when she spoke, someone even secretly cornered her, signalling her to speak less.


The circle of rich wives, big or small, more or less should have someone who knew Mo Fei Lin.


The girl is less than 30 years old, but she looks a bit incongruous when she is so flamboyant.


Seeing me looking at her, the young girl’s face immediately brought a smile and spoke, “Miss Shen, what a coincidence, I didn’t expect you to come here too.”


I didn’t answer, but just reached out my hand towards her, she hesitated for a moment and said, “Miss Shen, this watch was given to me by Young Master Shen a few days ago, I have always treasured it very much, today she touched it, I am very heartbroken, I didn’t mean to make things difficult for her.”


Able to bend and stretch, this woman’s ambition was visible to the naked eye.


Chapter 784

I nodded and just spoke, “Let me see this watch! Is that okay?”


Although she was reluctant, she gave me the watch in her hand and I took a closer look at it, not having studied that much about luxury goods.


It was Mo Fei Lin who spoke up, “Shen Yu can do it, something that costs millions is a gift, and by the looks of it, it’s still high quality!”


Hu Ya slightly bowed her head and clenched her hand, hiding the despondency in her eyes.


I didn’t say much, just fished out my phone and called Shen Yu.


The caller picked up, his voice warm, “Xiaoshu, what’s wrong?”


I looked at Wang Yan Yao’s somewhat nervous face and smiled lightly, “Last time you said you wanted to give me a birthday present, saying it was a custom-made watch, is it still there?”


Shen Yu gave an enunciation and said, “I left it at home, I’ll send it to you some other time!”


I shook my head, “No, I don’t like things that other people have used, so next time when you send something, be more thoughtful.”


He was probably a bit confused and said after a moment, “I’ve always kept that watch at home, I’ve never given it to anyone, Shu, what are you talking about?”


I shrugged my shoulders, “Last time you took a picture and showed it to me, I saw it on Miss Wang’s hand at the golf villa today, Shen Yu, next time don’t bring me anything you’ve used for someone else, it’s too dirty for me.”


The other end of the phone was silent, Wang Yan Rao’s face was pale, and everyone understood what my conversation with Shen Yu just meant.


A few rich wives around Wang Yan Rao looked at her and their faces changed.


A voice came from the other end of the phone, somewhat grim, “That thing is dirty and throw it away, brother promise that next time it will not happen.”


I hung up the phone and looked at Wang Yan Yao, smiled lightly, handed the watch back to her and said, “Miss Wang, let’s not say that the Shen family already has a daughter-in-law, even if the Shen family does not, with the Shen family’s door style you were born like this, you can’t enter the Shen family’s door, when my brother and I helped you, it was sympathy, nothing else, my brother does like to play sometimes, but he hates it when women don’t ask to take such behavior from themselves.”


Pulling Hu Ya, I looked towards several rich wives and smiled lightly, “Excuse me everyone.”


Afterwards, not bothering to look at Wang Yangyao, I directly pulled Hu Ya into the box.


When I entered the box, Mo Fei Lin gave a tsk, looked at me and said, “You’re good, you can fight, I thought you were just a gentle housewife!”


I looked at her, “How about next time you’re in trouble, I stand by and do nothing?”


She laughed and shook her head, “No, that’s not going to work, everyone picks up the pieces!”


After a pause, she looked at Hu Ya and said, “Don’t keep everything inside you, you don’t know how many women like Wang Yan Yao you’ll meet in the future, so you’re just going to let others bully you?”


The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.


Mo Fei Lin frowned, “Shen Yu is blind, even this kind of woman can enter his eyes?”


“Shen Yu has a cleanliness fetish and basically doesn’t bring women back to his villa, he can take Wang Yan Yao back, more or less he is interested in her.” When Hu Ya said this, the light in her eyes darkened, a shallow smile, making extra heartache.


I frowned and wanted to say something, but it seemed that I couldn’t find any words to comfort her for a while.


So, I had to push the dessert to her and said, “This dessert is delicious, try it.”