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Never Say Never Chapter 773-774

Chapter 773

Watching her tears hit the floor, I misplaced my eyes to look at her and continued, “Maybe it was wrong to decide to go to Jiangcheng in the first place, I shouldn’t have gone there so I wouldn’t have met Fu Shen Yan, much less Lu Xinran, and then I would have met you guys even less.”


“Shen Shu ……” she spoke, her voice choked, probably because the pain was pulling at her body, she was holding onto the cupboard and sobbing slightly.


I sighed and smiled faintly, just looking at her indifferently as I continued, “As long as I didn’t meet you guys, I might have had a less difficult life, falling in love with Fu Shen Yan, I didn’t know if it was right or wrong, because I loved him, so, everything that happened afterwards, I hinted to myself that I loved him and could forgive everything.”


“Knowing that you are my parents, I only feel that fate is ridiculous, I can’t resent you openly, let alone keep my hatred for you in my heart, I don’t even dare to hate, because you are my real parents, just like I love Fu Shen Yan, because of love, I can tolerate everything, but, can I really tolerate? I can’t do it.”


Looking at her, I smiled, with some pain, “You just said that I hate you, but, the moment I knew everything four years ago, the choice I made was to leave everyone, and all reason told me that I couldn’t hate you, because you are my mother, a relative with whom I have blood ties.”


At this point in the conversation, she fell silent, probably because the words were too heavy, she turned pale and half-crouched on the floor, her tears hitting the floor tiles, her voice soft but extraordinarily loud.


I turned and went out of the kitchen, still aching inside, but able to bear it.


The life of a person is too long, we follow our own path down the road, when it hurts to add to your wounds, after healing, start again is.


In the courtyard, Fu Shen Yan and Mo Zhi Zhan, who had gone out for a stroll, came back.


When he saw my face was not well, Fu Shen Yan came forward and took me by the hand, his voice warm, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”


I shook my head, looked up at him and smiled, my eyes were watery, what does it matter if it hurts, the baby is gone, we can have it later, right?


Seeing the tears in the corner of my eyes, his face sank and he pulled me into his arms, his voice low, “What happened?”


I shook my head, my heart aching so badly that I didn’t want to talk.


Mo Zhi Zhan, who hadn’t seen Ivana, stood to the side, worried but from speaking, and went into the living room to look for Ivana.


Ten minutes later, he helped Ivana out, her face was pale and her forehead was stained with sweat.


Fu Qingyin opened her mouth coldly, “What’s wrong? Your face is so white and you’ve sweated so much, go to the hospital and have a look.”


Lin Ivana shook her head and waved her hand, “No, it’s fine, it’s just a stomach ache, it’ll be fine in a while.”


Mo Zhi Zhan was worried, looked at her and still spoke, “Let’s go to the hospital first.”


“No need!” Lin Ivana held him down, her voice a little painful, “I’ll be fine in a while, we’re all going to celebrate New Year’s Eve together tonight.”


Mo Zhi Zhi frowned, his face was full of worry.


Looking at Ivana, I was silent for a moment and spoke, “It’s better to go to the hospital, if it’s appendicitis, something could happen.”


Mo Zhi Zhan looked at me, then he didn’t think too much about it, picked up Lin Ivana and went out of the villa.


Fu Qingyin followed him out.


Looking at their anxious backs, I subconsciously clenched my hands as a pair of large hands enveloped me.


I raised my eyes and saw Fu ShenYin looking at me, his dark eyes low and introspective, his voice low, “Don’t worry, this is not far from the hospital.”


I nodded my head, but my heart was always uneasy.


After all, I followed them.


Chapter 774



The doctor found out that Ivana Lin had appendicitis and needed an operation, so Fu Qingyin went back to the villa to take care of the four seasons, while the rest of the people stayed at the hospital.


In the hospital corridor, the wind blew through the hall, and the beam was so penetrating.


Looking at a place for a long time, it was inevitable that my eyes would hurt, I huffed and averted my gaze, the three subs of the emergency room were too blinding.


“Don’t worry, it’s okay!” Fu Shen Yan’s voice was soft, even with a few subdued notes.


I nodded and leaned against his heart, my body cold and stiff as he tried to transfer all the warmth from his body to mine.




The emergency room door was opened and the lead surgeon came out, taking the gloves off his hands.


Mo Zhi Zhan rushed forward and asked, “Doctor, how is my wife doing?”


“The operation was successful, she will be fine after a few days of hospitalisation, don’t worry.” Having said that, the doctor still had the operation to do and left.


I breathed a sigh of relief and my tightly wound nerves slackened.


It didn’t take long for a few nurses to push Ivana out and send her straight to the ward.


Mo Zhi Zhan followed, and I stood in place for a long time and said, “Let’s go!”


Seeing me heading towards the lift, Fu Shen Yan spoke up, “Aren’t you going to take a look?”


I shook my head, “No, I’m not going, the four seasons are at home.”


Seeing this, Fu Shen Yan stopped talking.


When I got into the car, there was silence all the way, looking out of the car window at the twinkling lights, I couldn’t help but sigh, it was already dark.


I thought about the dinner I was going to give to Hu Ya, but I’m afraid she had already eaten by now.


I called her from my mobile phone, but somehow it was switched off. I activated it and dialled her number. Are you okay?”


I froze and couldn’t help but say, “How do you …… know?”


She spoke, “You just finished calling me, I called you back, but your phone was always off, I was worried that something had happened to you, so I called your home landline, it was Four Seasons who got through, she said there was an old grandmother who was sick, I thought it should be Auntie, so I knew about it.”


I nodded and apologised a little, “I was supposed to send something over, but things got busy and I forgot, have you eaten?”


She gave an encore and said, “Such a big deal and you’re still thinking about it, I’m at home, I have a nanny to take care of it, don’t worry about it, it’s good that auntie is okay.”


I nodded, thinking of Shen Yu, I couldn’t help but say, “Is my brother here?”


Probably too sensitive a question, she was silent for a while and said, “I think he’s busy!”


It looked like Shen Yu hadn’t been to see them lately, so I pressed my emotions and spoke slightly, “Take care of yourself.”


After the greeting, I hung up the phone.


The man’s voice was low and soothing, “Don’t worry too much, go home and rest.”


I nodded, looking at him sideways, and somehow spoke up, “The book says that a man who loves someone to death will crawl to her side, but why is that not what I see?”


It wasn’t that Shen Yu didn’t have feelings for Hu Ya, after years and years of companionship, he had already gotten used to Hu Ya’s presence, but why did he have to cold shoulder her like this when she was at her most vulnerable?


The wounds of the heart were far more painful than **.


Fu Shen Yan held the steering wheel with one hand and looked at me sideways, his gaze as warm as jade, “There are ghosts and gods in books and other worlds, but are there any in reality?”