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Never Say Never Chapter 771-772

Chapter 771

He raised an eyebrow and didn’t say anything, obviously waiting for my next sentence.


“Mo Fei Lin is a lot like Muzi, she has Muzi’s naivety, brightness and pa*sionate straightforwardness in her, with her I sometimes have the illusion that Muzi is still around and we are still as we were before.”


Tilting my head to look at him and seeing that he was listening to me very carefully, I continued, “And Huya she’s more like me, humble and stubborn, probably the same kind of person, I can empathise with her situation and condition, so I can’t help but want to take care of her.”


To be precise, Hu Ya is more like the me I used to be, I know the pain of waiting, moreover I know that I obviously love head over heels, but still want to hold on for a while.


Half a dozen times, when I saw that Fu Shen Yan did not move, I raised my eyes to look at him and saw his dark, night-like eyes staring at me motionlessly.


The black eyes were penetrated with faintly glowing star fire, I froze for a moment, “Fu Shen Yan ……”


“I’m sorry!” He reached out, pulling me closer into his arms, his voice low and introspective, “There are some things that I won’t let happen a second time.”


Lying in his arms, listening to the rhythm of his heart beating, I reacted with the hindsight that he was blaming himself.


I couldn’t help but sigh slightly, “Fu Shen Yan, I didn’t mean to blame you for what I just said, don’t think too much about it.”


He gave an encore, his voice low, “I know!”


I couldn’t help but sigh, the point of memories existing is probably to remind us to cherish and live in the present moment.


Fu Qingyin looked in our direction, the corners of her mouth rising, obviously smiling.


Her movement drew in Ivana and Mo Zhi Zhan who had been chatting, so all three looked over at once.


I couldn’t help but feel a little embarra*sed for a moment and moved my position, distancing myself from Fu Shen Yan.


I lowered my voice and said, “You should be more restrained.”


I heard Fu Shen Yan’s voice in my ear, “You and I are husband and wife, how can we be more restrained?”


I got up and went into the living room, it was always a bit awkward to be looked at like this.


In the kitchen, I walked around, thinking of what I should send over to Hu Ya.


Since I didn’t walk around much, I naturally didn’t know what she liked to eat.


With that in mind, I took out my phone and dialled her.


Her voice was a little hoarse, “Shen Shu, happy New Year’s Eve!”


I froze and said, “It’s only the afternoon, not yet the early morning, what do you like to eat?”


She was a bit surprised, “Eh?” She said, “Why are you asking me that all of a sudden?”


I looked at the things in the kitchen and said, “I bought a lot of health supplements at home, you just came out of the month and are still breastfeeding, so it’s useless for me to supplement so much.


The other end of the phone was silent for a while, and it took a few moments before it arrived, “Shen Shu, thank you, you are the first person to call and care for me.”


I pursed my lips, a little heartbroken, and couldn’t help but say, “Was Shen Yu with you today? Has the baby’s fever gone down?”


“Yes, it’s gone!” She answered, her voice light, “Third Uncle sent some tonic products just now, I’ll ask Fu Shen Yan to bring some back when he comes over.”


I smiled lightly, “No, there’s some here too, you can keep it to tonic your body.”


Lest she go on, I said, “By the way, you haven’t told me what you like to eat? I’ll bring you some more later.”


“Anything, I’m not a picky eater!” She said, “But don’t bring too much, I won’t be able to eat it all.”


I smiled lightly and said yes.


Chapter 772

After hanging up the phone, I searched around the kitchen and there didn’t seem to be any boxes that could be packed.


I couldn’t help but call out to the outside, “Fu Shen Yan, come here for a minute.”


Not long after, I heard footsteps coming in, I didn’t look and concentrated on looking down for a lunch box, “Does Fu Shen Yan have a packing box at home? I’ll get the stuff done first, and you can send it over to Hu Ya later.”


He didn’t answer me for half a second, I frowned and looked up to see that it was Ivana Lin, who was squatting down to find a box from under the cupboard.


With a surprised smile on her face, she couldn’t help but turn around and say, “I found it, here it is ……”


Turning back to see me looking at her quizzically, she froze and smiled a little awkwardly, “Mr. Fu accompanied your …… father for a walk around the neighborhood.”


I nodded, got up and took the box from her hands, and spoke lightly, “Thanks!”


Then he began to match the meal himself.


“Can I help you order something?” She asked as she stood next to me and spoke.


I shook my head, somewhat coolly, “No! Thanks!”


The overly rusty tone of voice silenced her.


After loading the food and seeing her still standing behind me, I froze, didn’t speak to her and went straight out of the kitchen.


Her wrist was tugged at.


I frowned, slightly displeased, “Something wrong?”


“Shen Shu, can we talk, please?” Ivana Lin’s eyes were on the verge of tears, and although she was older, the skin of a beauty was still clear and moving.


I turned back to look at her, my eyes fell on her somewhat vicissitudes of painful face, my heart suddenly began to ache, like someone had pinched my heart, it hurt even to take a breath.


Why was this happening?


I don’t know.


Finding my voice with difficulty, I looked at her with some indifference, “It’s better not to talk about it.”


Picking apart the wounds of what once was and then starting to analyse why it once hurt, it was a feeling I didn’t want to bear anymore.


The sound of her choking sobs came to my ears as she said, “Shen Shu, I know, you hate me!”


I lowered my eyes and looked at the wound on my hand that I had been guessing to cut when I was a child because I had been naughty. It had been on my body for years and if I didn’t look closely, I wouldn’t have noticed it, but I knew that it had always been there.


Without bothering to look at her, I just raised my eyes to the door, the sun was nice and vaguely warm, and there was the sound of the four seasons laughing outside.


When I think about it now, all my memories before I was ten have become a bit fuzzy, but there are some moments that I still remember, I went to school at the age of seven, there was no kindergarten in Huai’an at that time, there was only pre-school, when my grandmother sent me in, the teacher said that I was a bit old, so I should follow the first grade directly. learn, do not need to go to preschool, grandmother said, as long as I study hard, later on the examination on the big snow, you can see mum and dad, I thought at that time, I must study hard, as long as I go to university, see mum and dad, Huaian alley those children will not chase me called me wild child …… ”


These memories are very green, there is very pain, I slightly pressed the emotion, pulled a smile, “in fact, it is not that grandma did not give enough love, I just do not want to be a wild child in the mouth of others, later I got into the university, the night of the application, I and Muzi in the courtyard holding the phone to analyze our scores can apply for which school, I originally wanted to go to Huadu, then grandma said , go to Jiangcheng, where maybe we can find mum and dad.”

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