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Never Say Never Chapter 769-770

Chapter 769

He was stunned for a moment, nodded his head, and didn’t say much more.


Four Seasons tilted her head and looked at me, then at Mo Zhi Zhan and said, “Old grandpa, what holiday is today?”


Mo Zhi Zhan looked at her with a soft gaze, “New Year’s Day, it’s the last day of the year.”


The Four Seasons said, “Does the family have to spend it together then?”


Mo Zhi Zhan nodded.


The four seasons looked at me and thought, “Mum, why didn’t Grandpa and Uncle come?”


I froze and smiled lightly, “Grandpa and Uncle have something to do, and Auntie has a little baby and can’t go out, so they have to spend it at home.”


“So when are we going to see the little baby?” Four Seasons talked a lot and asked a lot of questions, a whole lot of questions.


Mo Zhi Zhan patiently answered her questions, and I got up and went to the kitchen, where Fu Qingyin was rolling out the dough, Fu Shen Yan was wrapping the dumplings, and Lin Ivana was washing the vegetables.


Seeing me, Fu Shen Yan smiled lightly, “Will you?”


I nodded, walked over to him, washed my hands, wrapped them with him and said, “Grandma taught me when I was little.”


Fu Qingyin looked at me, “Didn’t you grow up in the south? Few girls in the south know how to make dumplings, and so do the older generation, not many of them do, I remember my mother didn’t either after I was a child.”


“Maybe my grandmother had been to many places, she would roll out her own dumplings every New Year, she would wrap a lot of them, and she also liked ton hot, she didn’t really like the hard dishes in the south, so what she ate was basically the stew from the north.”


Fu Qingyin smiled lightly, “From what I hear, how come I think your grandmother is a real northerner!”


I smiled and lowered my eyes to wrap the dumplings, “She never seems to have told me any stories about her younger days, all I remember is the time she took me to live in Huai’an.”


Lin Ivana heard our conversation and came over, looked at me and said, “Shen Shu, have you ever thought about it, your grandmother, an old woman, has no relatives or friends in Huai’an, but instead she knows the richest man in Jiangcheng, Master Fu, and is comfortable leaving you to him, has your Grandpa Fu told you how they met?”


I hesitated for a moment and shook my head slightly, “No.” I had never thought about these things seriously.


Grandma really didn’t have any family or friends in Huai’an, and was also very good at getting close to her neighbours in the lane.


I heard from Muzi’s mother when I was young that Grandma came to Huai’an in her fifties, a middle-aged woman who bought a small yard in Huai’an and lived there on her own, then accidentally picked me up and brought me up, and after a long time, the people in the alley weren’t very curious, and no one ever asked her where her exact home was!


“Do you know what your grandmother’s name was?” Fu Qingyin spoke, with a bit of curiosity.


I thought for a moment and said, “Shen Yulan, I’ve always followed her surname.”


Thinking about it, I couldn’t help but think of Shen Yu, why would Shen Yu’s father entrust Shen Yu to an old man to raise back then?


There were so many families in Huai’an, rich and well-off, why did they choose Grandma?


Lin Ivana paused and looked at me, “In that sandalwood box, your grandmother left you a piece of Hetian jade with a very good texture, have you opened it and seen it?”


I shook my head, my eyes unconsciously looking at Fu Shen Yan, “I can’t open that box.”


Fu Shen Yan froze slightly, “Open it at night!”


I nodded and couldn’t help but be a little curious.


Chapter 770

After lunch, because it was New Year’s Eve, the two of them, Ivana Lin and Fu Qingyin, somehow came to an agreement that we would have a barbecue together in the courtyard in the afternoon.


I had bought a lot of things at the supermarket with Fu Qingyin, and we had enough food.


When it was time to set up the barbecue, Fu Qingyin pulled me and said, “These two big men, you don’t get it, go, walk with me and talk!”


I froze and got up to follow her to the backyard, she had something to say to me.


The backyard had been planted by Sister Fen with some melons and fruits, the soil had just been turned loose and there wasn’t much of a view to see.


Fu Qingyin sat on the swing in the gazebo and looked at me and said, “Are you and Shen Yan planning to have another wedding?”


I froze and shook my head, “No!”


She pursed her lips, but froze and said, “Then he ……” At this point, she glanced at me and stopped the conversation, not continuing.


Sitting back in her chair, she paused and said, “Have you guys been on birth control lately?”


This topic ……


I got a little hot in the face for a moment and froze and said, “No!”


She nodded and said, “Good, you should also plan to have a second child, the four seasons look like they are almost five years old, you have another one, I can also help take care of it, and you can also ease the relationship with the Mo family.”


I was silent for a while and didn’t say anything else.


Somehow, she suddenly brought up Gu Han and looked at me and said, “The Gu family, you must persuade Shen Yan, I have been married to Hengyang for ten years, and during the years in the Gu family, I have more or less feelings for him.


I pursed my lips and spoke, “Aunt, there are some things I can say, but there are some things I can’t say, this Gu matter, once I open my mouth, the consequences will be more serious than we can even imagine.”


She froze, looking at me with a slightly dull gaze, sighing for a long time, “Ai, it’s my fault after all!”


For the sake of the favour I owed Gu Han, I should have advised, but I couldn’t, once I opened my mouth, the nature would be different.


The two of them, who had been arguing for years, had always been on equal footing, but if this suddenly happened, I couldn’t understand what Gu Han had actually said to Fu Shen Yan that day that made him want to drive him to extinction.


When I returned to the front yard, it had already started to roast, Fu Shen Yan brought a side of roasted chicken and vegetables and handed them to me, “You can try it, you can’t eat too much.”


I nodded and smiled lightly, “You roasted it?”


He nodded and didn’t return, instead he spoke, “Try some!”


Finding a seat, I took a bite and thought it tasted good, thinking of the hot morning ton, I couldn’t help but say, “I wonder if Hu Ya’s side is with Shen Yu, Auntie has made a lot of good food, I should send some over.”


Lin Ivana’s cooking skills were very good, so the stews made were very fragrant, and together with Fu Qingyin, the two of them could make a lot.


Fu Shen Yan nodded, “I’ll have Chen Yi send it over tonight!”


I couldn’t help but smile lightly, “I dare say you’re the only one crossing the New Year and the others aren’t. Since the company is off today, you’re not going to let Chen Yi go home to be with his wife and kids?”


He froze slightly and after a pause said, “Then I’ll go and see them off?”


I nodded and smiled, “I’m grateful to Mr. Fu.”


He leaned in close to me and lowered his voice, “Is there a reward?”


I froze and leaned in close to give him a kiss, “Is that okay?”


“Yes!” The corners of the man’s mouth turned up in a nice way.


I looked down to enjoy my food and he spoke instead, “I was originally concerned about Mofilin, after all, she and you seem to go around a lot, I didn’t think you were hung up on Huya.”


Eating the food in my mouth, I faintly stared, put down my plate, took a shallow sip of water and said, “Do you believe there is another you in this world?”