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Never Say Never Chapter 767-768

Chapter 767

It seemed impossible to pretend, raising my eyes to look at him, I raised a hand to rub my eyes and said awkwardly, “When you opened the ai, were you bent on continuing the R&D after you bought Gu?”


He raised an eyebrow, pulling the blanket that had slipped down on my lap over me and nodded, “Part of the reason, but not all.”


After a pause, he spoke, “How do you know it’s ai?”


I shrugged, “She came in earlier and I saw the papers she was carrying in her arms.”


He curled his lips and leaned slightly closer to me, his voice low and introspective, “So, you also asked Chen Yi what her name was?”


I didn’t avoid it, it’s always this kind of thing and it’s not a crime, nodding, “A girl that pretty should be scandalous to any woman, let alone, a pretty and talented one.”


He smiled lightly and reached out to put his arm around me, “If I’m so unsettling to you, why aren’t you still attached to me?”


I raised an eyebrow, “Not bothered?”


His gaze went to his desk and landed on the broccoli, his thin lips lifting, “Is broccoli all I deserve?”


I ……


“Would you believe me when I say it was something I casually picked up in pa*sing?” I originally a Chen Yi would casually take it home to eat, I did not expect him to really bring it to Fu Shen Yan, really is a straight man.


Fu Shen Yan’s smile thickened a bit, “Casually?”


The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.


I can’t continue this conversation, after a pause, I said, “I’ll give you a new bouquet of flowers later. It’s getting late, we should go to the supermarket, if it’s too late, we’ll be unhappy again when we get home to the Four Seasons.”


He raised his hand and scraped my nose, his words were helpless, “Perfunctory.”


When I left the office with Fu Shenyan, I coincidentally ran into Zhou Ranxi who was discussing work with Chen Yi.


A woman is beautiful and attractive anywhere, and when he sees me and Fu Shen Yan, Chen Yi nods his head in greeting and continues to read the information in his hands.


The first time I saw him, I was able to get to him.


I returned the smile and went into the lift with Fu Shen Yan.


The first time I went to the supermarket, I drove Fu Shen Yan’s car was too flashy, so I drove my car.


I looked down for my keys and subconsciously looked at my wrist, which was empty, as if there was nothing there.


I couldn’t help but wonder if, as a girl, I should also bring some decorations like Zhou Ranxi.


“Thinking about what?” Fu Shen Yan spoke, naturally taking the keys from my hand.


Getting into the car, he started it.


I sat in the pa*senger seat and said after a pause, “I’ll have to take the car in for maintenance in a couple of days.”


He nodded and drove the car out of the underground garage, “This car has been replaced, there are a few in the garage that haven’t been driven yet, so you can try them all out in your hand.”


I nodded.


After half a day of shopping in the supermarket, I chose a whole bunch of things I should and shouldn’t buy, Mo Zhi Zhan said they were coming over tomorrow, I didn’t know if they would be able to use these things I had bought.


When I got back to the villa, the Four Seasons were already asleep, and Sister Fen had prepared a meal, because there was something going on at home and she said she had to take a day off.


After half a day of torment and tidying up, it was already midnight. I came out of the bathroom and saw Fu Shen Yan holding a calendar and drawing in circles.


I wondered what he was doing.


“When do you take your annual holiday?” I asked as I sat down at the dressing table and spoke up.


“Soon. Ten days or so, it’ll be over after the annual meeting.” As he spoke, he closed the calendar and got out of bed, walking towards me.


Smoothly taking the hair dryer and blowing my hair for me, his voice was low and introspective as he said, “Jun Yu called to say that he could take a few days to Huadu for the winter break for the four seasons?”


Chapter 768

I frowned, subconsciously wanting to object, but thinking that I had also said that if Cheng Junyu wanted to spend time with the Four Seasons, I was agreeable to it.


After a pause, I said, “How many days to go?”


“More than ten days!”


I frowned, the total winter vacation was just under a month, Cheng Junyu wanted to take her away for most of the month, which made me a bit unhappy.


When I didn’t say anything, Fu Shen Yan stopped the hair dryer and smoothed my long hair, “I have more time this year break, I was thinking of taking you to Russia before, but I haven’t had time, so this is the right time to go together.”


I looked back at him, “So, you’ve promised Cheng Junyu?”


He shook his head and smiled lightly, “I didn’t say anything.”


After thinking about it, I still nodded, “Well, it’s not appropriate to take the four seasons to a place that cold after all.”


Noticing that he had placed something on my wrist, I looked down and saw an emerald bracelet had been placed on my wrist.


Tilting my head to look at him, I wondered, “Why are you suddenly bringing me this?”


I have a lot of jewellery at home, but I don’t usually wear it, so it looks a bit shabby when I go out from time to time.


He smiled lightly, “Jade nourishes the heart, it doesn’t hurt to carry it.”


I nodded my head and didn’t say much more, I just looked down at the bracelet and couldn’t help but say, “The bunch of jade bracelets that Third Uncle gave me were so precious that I didn’t dare to wear them after wearing them once, where did you get this bracelet?”


He pursed his lips and smoothed my long hair, “Chen Yi bought them on the way to Myanmar on a business trip last time, they weren’t expensive.”


I didn’t know anything about jade, but I knew in my heart that it couldn’t be as simple as he made it out to be. The colour and texture of the water, the way it looked, it looked so good, how could it have been bought on the road?




The next day.


The sun was out in the capital and hazily I heard a doorbell ringing downstairs.


After half a day of reprieve, I reacted that today’s New Year’s Eve, aunt and Mo’s family will come.


I sat up violently from the bed, Fu Shen Yan was already up.


After a brief wash, I went downstairs and saw Fu Shen Yan and Mo Zhi Zhan drinking tea in the living room.


The four seasons were sitting next to Mo Zhi Zhan with a snowball in their arms and a bunch of new toys in their hands.


In the kitchen, Ivana Lin and Fu Qingyin were cooking and the two seemed to be chatting.


Almost instantly, a word suddenly came to my mind, fireworks.


Fu Qingyin was the first to see me and smiled lightly, “Awake?”


I blushed a little, nodded my head and went downstairs.


Fu Qingyin came out of the kitchen with a portion of shrimp congee in her hand and said, “We’ve all eaten, eat something first, we’ll be a little late for lunch.”


I nodded and subconsciously took it, she turned around and went back to the kitchen to get busy.


Looking over to Fu Shen Yan, I was still a little lost in thought when he beckoned towards me, “Come here!”


I sat down next to him before I looked at Mo Zhi Zang as an afterthought and said, “Have you been here long?”


Mo Zhi Zhan smiled lightly and shook his head, “No, I’ve just been here for a while.”


He then looked at me with a thick gaze and said, “You should eat more, you’ve lost weight again.”


I pulled out a smile, not worth saying anything for a while.


After a few shallow bites, Fu Qingyin came out of the kitchen and looked at Fu Shenyan and said, “Shenyan, you can come over and wrap the dumplings later.”


Fu Shen Yan nodded and got up to go to the kitchen.


Mo Zhi Zhan and I were left behind, and although we were father and daughter, we seemed to have nothing to say.


He seemed to notice the bracelet on my wrist, and after a slight pause, he said, “This bracelet is made of good material.”


I froze for a moment and spoke, “En, Fu Shenyan’s subordinate brought it back from Burma.”