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Never Say Never Chapter 765-766

Chapter 765

Solitary spoke up, “Just don’t think it’s worth it.”


“Whether it’s worth it or not, you don’t get to say.” He spoke, with a bit of harshness in his voice, “One has to let go of what one is clinging to, and when one loses, I suffer.”


I sighed, not knowing what to say for a moment, there was nothing I could do about his obsession.


I didn’t need him to see me off, and seeing that the rain drops were much smaller, I went straight into the rain, and he followed me down, still saying, “I’ll see you off.”


“No!” The refusal was forceful, but men are so stubborn that they don’t let me.


“Even if I don’t have to give you a lift, you can take the umbrella, right?” He reached out and handed me the umbrella in his hand with some forcefulness.


When I didn’t take it, he pulled me right in and made me hold the handle of the umbrella, his thin calloused hand wrapping around me as he gripped it.


I stopped and looked at him sideways, my face already sunken, “If the photos are posted to Hot Topic, Fu Shen Yan will intensify, and you’ll face not only the collapse of Gu, but also a possible jail sentence.”


He sneered, “So what? In the business world, it’s just a matter of life and death. Since I can’t play him, I’ve lost, but Shen Shu, I never admit defeat to you.”


I stiffened, a little angry, “Gu Han, I know you have your persistence and pursuit, but I am the same, I have my own pursuit, what I want I will also try to get, I really do not know what you want to do, but I know, what I want.”


He looked at me with a heavy gaze, his deep black eyes showing a few moments of depth, “What do you want?”


“A home for me and Fu Shenyan!” I said this without any hesitation.


A gust of wind blew and the umbrella was blown away.


The wind was bitterly cold and he laughed, with pain, “Shen Shu do you know what heartache feels like?”


I didn’t say anything and took a step back, pulling away from him towards the car.


The trajectory of everyone’s life is set from the moment they are born.


I’m not greedy, all I ask for is a Fu Shen Yan.


Fu Shen Yan’s car, which met me at a junction in the city centre, showed signs of being deliberately sought out.


When I saw the black Maybach, I pulled over to the side of the road.


In the Maybach, Fu Shen Yan got out of the car. Although the rain was light, he was still more or less drenched when walking on the road.


He got into the car and I handed him a tissue, “Came here to pick me up on purpose?”


Those bodyguards arranged by Fu Shen Yan did not follow me blatantly, but I knew that they all followed me secretly.


Although meeting Gu Han was an accident, I think the bodyguards had also reported everything to Fu Shen Yan.


I didn’t mean to hide it from him. Even if the bodyguards didn’t report it, the media has such sharp eyes that even if it doesn’t make the news, there will always be photos or videos that fall into Fu Shen Yan’s hands.


He wiped the water stains from his body and his gaze fell on me, as warm as ever, “If I said I was pa*sing by, would you believe me?”


I shook my head, “No!”


He smiled lightly, “What do you want to do later?”


I thought about it and said, “Hu Ya’s baby has a fever, so it’s useless for me to go there, I was planning to go back to the villa, but I thought tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, so I’m going to go to the supermarket. Are you done with work?”


He reached out and naturally pulled me in his hand and spoke, “Let’s go shopping together in the evening, it’s raining and cold outside, accompany me to the office?”


It would probably be useless to refuse, so I nodded, started the car and drove straight to Fu’s underground garage.


If he is not there, I will not easily park the car in the garage, one move is bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of the well rope.


Chapter 766

Fu’s staff was huge, so it was a good thing that Fu Shen Yan and I were taking the president’s lift up.


Fu Shen Yan had a meeting to discuss a proposal, so I had nothing to do but hang out in his office.


I found a magazine and just sat down when I saw someone knocking on the door.


The person who came in was a young woman, looking about twenty years old, looking very young, with a good posture and a fine figure, a beauty among beauties.


When she saw me, the woman was slightly stunned, her words were gentle, “Hello, I’m looking for Mr. Fu.”


I smiled lightly, “He’s in the conference room and probably won’t be out for a while.”


She nodded, her gaze fell on me, not moving as she surveyed me for a moment, still polite, “Yes, thank you!”


And then, out she went.


I looked at the magazine and couldn’t help but purse my lips and smile lightly, Fu Shen Yan’s charm, it really wasn’t small.


Chen Yi came in to deliver the documents, and when he saw me reading the magazine, he spoke, “Madam, let me pour you a gla*s of juice.”


I smiled lightly, “Thank you!”


Looking at him as he reached the juice, I closed the magazine, looked at him and spoke, “Is Fu also planning to develop ai technology as well?”


“Yes, the current international trend, now Fu has engineering and technology to support, look like it is growing, but no one can guarantee when, these seemingly will not be replaced, will be suddenly replaced, all ai Fu also invested part of the money, just in case.”


I nodded and after a pause said, “Who is currently in charge of the ai piece? I’ve been with Gu for a while before, and I’ve dealt with Wang Shi of Huayao, I know some of it.”


Chen Yi placed the juice in front of me and spoke, “It’s a senior student who just returned from the UK, has had in-depth research on ai, and is considered a professional tech talent.”


I lifted the gla*s of water, took a shallow sip and said, “Then this senior student should be relatively young, the future is promising.”


Chen Yi nodded, “En, it’s a twenty-five year old girl, with good working ability and attitude, she was personally invited back from the UK by Mr. Fu, and has dealt with her several times, she is decisive and competent, a talent.”


A woman who can make Chen Yi praise her like that is really good.


I couldn’t help but say, “So impressive, what’s her name?”


“Zhou Ranxi, Chinese American.”


I smiled lightly and looked over at him, “Go ahead, I’ll read the magazine.”


Zhou Ranxi.


When Fu Shen Yan came out of the conference room, it was already an hour later.


I was a little drowsy.


Noticing something covering my body down, I faintly froze, opened my eyes and met all four eyes.


He curled his lips into a light smile, “Sleeping now, and still sleeping at night?”


I sat up straighter and slumped over his shoulder, closing my eyes and faking sleep, “Yes!”


A low chuckle came from his ears, “It’s not good to be so sleepy.”


I enthused and leaned against him without making a sound.


He didn’t move either, allowing me to adjust to a comfortable sleeping position and go back to sleep.


“Knock, knock!” There was a knock on the door.


Fu Shen Yan’s voice, which had been lowered by a few decibels, came to my ears, “Come in!”


The sound of high heels came, followed by a woman’s sweet voice, “Mr. Fu, the first draft of the new product is ready, I need you to take a look at it, if there are any problems, I will continue to revise it.”


Fu Shen Yan’s movements were so light that I could barely feel him moving before I could already hear the sound of flipping through a book in my ear, obviously reading a document.


“There are no more major problems, you can let the other engineers look at it, you can discuss it, and then you can put it into processing.”


Fu Shen Yan’s voice was not loud, obviously afraid of waking me up.


“En, I’ll go ahead and get busy then.” The woman’s voice.


The sound of high heels disappeared and I leaned against Fu Shen Yan’s shoulder, not moving.


But the man’s low, magnetic voice rang out, “People are gone, not going to wake up?”


I ……