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Never Say Never Chapter 763-764

Chapter 763

I couldn’t find any flowers at home for a while, and broccoli wasn’t too bad.


The broccoli was in my hand, and Chen Yi pressed the corners of his mouth that were twitching a bit, and hesitated for half a second before leaving.


When I saw him leave, I went back to the bedroom to find some clothes and cleaned up a bit before going to the garage and driving the car out.


The appointment with Hu Ya was at 12 noon, so I arrived early and found a restaurant to wait.


The waiter recognized me when he came up to greet me, and looked surprised, but with restraint, he just looked at me and smiled.


A polite greeting, “Would you like to order now, miss?”


I smiled lightly, shook my head and spoke, “A gla*s of water first, I’ll order when I get here, thank you.”


The waiter smiled lightly and brought a gla*s of warm water, still politely speaking, “If you need anything, feel free to call me.”


I nodded and said, “Thank you.


He turned to leave and walked to the bar to whisper to his colleague, his eyes occasionally glancing in my direction, obviously discussing me.


I pursed my lips and sipped my water shallowly, my eyes looking out of the window. Fu Shenyan had driven Gu out of business and now the hot spots were all over Gu’s faltering stock market.


Although I know, but also can not say anything to Fu Shenyan, Gu Han heart is buried with the seeds of hatred, the pain of many years ago by him day by day to enlarge, grow into a demon, resentment and pain wrapped, I hope he release, but have no right to blame him.


The fact is that there are many things in life, and who can determine who is wrong and who is right, Lu Xinran to Fu Shen Yan, whether it is obsession or true love, but now this, it is difficult to go back.


Some people are just pa*sing through, and it’s useless to be infatuated with them, so letting go is the best way to comfort yourself.


I don’t know, a gla*s of water is at the bottom, I don’t see Hu Ya arrive, the time has pa*sed 12 o’clock.


The phone rang abruptly and it was Hu Ya.


She was very apologetic and said, “Shen Shu, the child suddenly had a fever and I just brought her to the hospital, so I can’t come over for now.


I nodded, “It’s okay, the baby is important.”


I hung up the phone and looked at the gla*s of water that was already at the bottom of the table.


I couldn’t just have a gla*s of water and leave, it was too much to ask.


While I was eating, a phone call came in. It was an unfamiliar number, with no notes, and the destination was Beijing.


I tapped on it and picked up.


A polite greeting, “Hello, who’s this?”


“Shu, it’s me!” The middle-aged man’s voice was low and magnetic, thick and strong.


I could hear it, it was Mo Zhi Zhan.


I tightened the chopsticks in my hand slightly and spoke, “Hello!”


The person on the other end of the line seemed to be deliberating his words for a moment before saying, “Are you busy these days? Tomorrow, New Year’s Day, your mother and I thought we’d come over to see you and the Four Seasons and celebrate the New Year as a family, do you think that’s okay?”


The old man who had come over half a hundred years ago, who was so well versed in the mall mafia, had become cautious when facing me, his daughter.


I took a sip of water to moisten my somewhat dry throat and nodded, “Yes, yes!”


The old man on the other end seemed to be surprised or unexpected, and he breathed a shallow sigh of relief, and his voice was filled with a bit of joy, as if he were a child, “Good, good, then your mother and I will come over early tomorrow, what do you like to eat? Tomorrow your mother and I will cook together, and what do the four seasons like, is it okay if you look at Barbie dolls? Or ……”


Too excited, he was a bit unlike him.


Chapter 764

I spoke, “No, we have everything at home, you can just come over, you don’t need to bring anything.”


“That won’t work, ask, what does she want to eat, I’ll go over and make it for her tomorrow.” The words were from Ivana Lin’s voice, obviously the two were together.


I sighed slightly and spoke, “No, what’s missing Fu Shen Yan will order someone to buy it.”


A low battery reminder came from my phone, I looked at it, and without waiting for them to finish, I spoke, “The phone is almost out of battery, I’ll hang up first.”


When I was young, Muzi and I used to lie on the same bed and say, “We must not get married in the future, when the time comes, we will work hard to earn our own money and buy a big house, and the two of us will live our own little life in the villa, without having to deal with any of the seven aunts and uncles, it’s actually quite good.


When I think about it now, the corners of my mouth can’t help but rise. People think differently at every age, and when you reach a certain age, having children at your side is happiness.


Suddenly, I thought of Fu Qingyin, because my phone was running out of battery, I sent a message to Fu Shenyan, asking him to pick up Fu Qingyin tomorrow.


The future is so long and there will be many bumps and bruises, but we are always a family.


After sending the message, the phone was completely switched off.


The waiter served the food, and there was a strange noise in the restaurant, caused by the person who came in the door.


I instinctively raised my eyes and what I saw was Gu Han walking in front of me, looking like he should be talking about something, Gu’s ups and downs had left him a bit haggard.


His long, cold body was still straight, and his hair was a little unkempt, probably because he hadn’t taken care of it on purpose.


Even when he was walking with a group of people, he looked a little cold and handsome.


I was sitting by the window, and if I hadn’t been reminded, he wouldn’t have looked at me so precisely.


So, I guess it was the restaurant manager standing next to him who reminded me.


After all, it was someone who had been rumoured, and it was inevitable that people would notcher together and compare them.


Looking at each other, I lowered my eyes, ate my meal indifferently and thought, I should have gone back earlier.


It was a good thing he didn’t come forward, just looked and found a seat with his companion.


I had no appetite, and at this point, I didn’t want to eat much.


When I put down my chopsticks, it started to rain outside, a winter rain, mixed with cold.


I was in such a hurry to get out that I forgot to bring my umbrella.


When I stepped out of the restaurant, it was still raining, and it would have been possible to rush into the car in the rain.


But the winter rain was freezing and I was wary of it, so I stood at the door and paused for a moment.


An umbrella was raised above my head, and I didn’t have to look sideways to see who it was.


“Come by car? Or did you take a taxi?” The man’s voice was cool and bland, and his slender body stood beside me to block most of the cold wind.


I tilted my head to look at the rain that didn’t seem to be stopping and spoke, “Driving!”


He nodded, “I’ll drive you.”


“No!” I spoke, refusing dryly.


A laugh came from my ears, tinged with self-deprecation, “Even if you’re disgusted, you don’t have to be, I’m not a jackal or a tiger, you don’t have to avoid it.”


I pursed my lips and stared at my shoes that were wet from the rain, “I didn’t mean to give you that money, you and Fu Shenyan are both dragons among men, there’s no need to hurt each other for someone who doesn’t deserve it.”


Between shopping malls, it is best if they can make profits together


He laughed coldly, “Are you heartbroken for me? Or are you heartbroken about Fu Shen Yan?”


He is stubborn, I know.