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Never Say Never Chapter 761-762

Chapter 761

Fu Shen Yan nodded and spoke, “You look at getting it, as long as it fits.”


The courtyard is large, and the front yard is almost always kept with flowers and plants for aesthetic purposes, which are changed once a quarter. The back yard was deliberately left, just to think of what could be planted.


Seeing me dazed, Fu Shen Yan gave me a dish and spoke, “Don’t wander off when you’re eating, like a child.”


Four Seasons giggled, “Mum is the big kid, I’m the little kid, Uncle Fu is so hard, having to take care of two little kids.”


My face burned a little, and in front of the children, I just gave Fu Shen Yan a secret glance, sulking in my heart, this man is doing it on purpose.


He smiled lightly, “En!” Turning to Four Seasons, he said, “Your mother will always be Uncle Fu’s child.”


Four Seasons giggled, looked at me and then at Fu Shen Yan, and said to him, “Then is Uncle Fu my father? Our regular cla*smates said that mum and dad live together, and mum and Uncle Fu live in the same bedroom, so are you Four Seasons’ mum and dad?”


There is nothing wrong with childish talk, the world of children is mostly innocent.


I stiffened slightly and subconsciously looked at Fu Shen Yan.


Seeing Fu Shen Yan give Four Seasons a dish to eat, he spoke, “Does Four Seasons want Uncle Fu to be your daddy?”


The four seasons were a little confused, but still nodded seriously and said, “Yes.”


After thinking about it, the little one added, “Then is my real father also Uncle Fu?”


Fu Shen Yan nodded, his voice gentle, “When Four Seasons was very young, Uncle Fu was already your father, but then Uncle Fu didn’t know any better and P*ssed off her mother, so Four Seasons has been living with her mother in Huai’an for many years, and only now has she returned to her own home.”


Four Seasons thought about it and nodded, “Then why has Uncle Fu never come to us?”


The world of children is always strange, I opened my mouth, gave her a bowl of food and said, “Four Seasons, there are not so many reasons, have you forgotten what your mother taught you? Eat without saying anything and sleep without saying anything.”


“Oh!” The little one shut up, winked mischievously towards Fu Shen Yan, and then lowered her head to eat.


The night came in a tH**ny rush to put the four seasons to bed, and when I returned to the bedroom, Fu Shen Yan had just come out of the shower.


Blocking the doorway, still dripping with moisture, his voice was low and dark, “It’s safe today.”


I didn’t react at first, looking into his obscure eyes, and snapped to attention.


All at once, my face flushed furiously and I looked at him, “The doctor said you can’t mess around, it’s not good for recovery.”


He reached out, holding me against the wall and between his chest, his voice low, “But it’s been a long time since I recovered.”


His eyes, his thin, cool lips fell to my ear, his thin lips taking a shallow breath on my earlobe.


I jerked my body out of shock with goosebumps, subconsciously tugging tightly on his bathrobe, “Fu Shen Yan, I’ll take a shower first.”


“Wash later!” His voice was extraordinarily low, with a vaguely suppressed tone.


Before I could make any reaction, he had already picked me up horizontally and placed me directly on the bed.


The familiar scent of aggression and restraint washed over me and I was lost in thought for a moment.


Breath was cut off by him and the man’s voice was hushed, “Still wandering off at a time like this, it seems my usual behaviour has left you dissatisfied.”


“No …… mmm!” The man’s kiss came in an almost overwhelming stream.


The ** that was pulsating could only be allowed to flood in.


This night, Fu Shen Yan almost swallowed me alive, if not for the second half of the night I cried and begged to come around, only, there was no way to sleep this night.


Chapter 762

In the early morning, the second I woke up and saw Fu Shen Yan, my first reaction was to hide away.


But it was too late, the man had already reached out his hand and pressed me to his side, “What are you hiding from?”


I ……


gave him a look, my throat hurt uncomfortably, but I still spoke, “Fu Shen Yan, we should sleep in separate rooms.”


If this continues, I will die under him sooner or later.


He raised his eyebrows, his male colour confusing, “Is there a world where couples sleep in separate rooms?”


I nodded, earnestly, “Yes, and there are many.”


He enthused and took me in his arms, smiling, “We don’t, ever.”


I closed my eyes and reminded him kindly, “You should go to work.”


“There’s no rush, you can lie down a little longer.” With that, he was already starting to light a fire in me.


I ……


pressed his hand and looked at him, I was a little embarra*sed and said, “Fu Shen Yan, I’m a little tired.”


But the words, as it were, were not spoken.


Hot dominant kiss, embracing and intertwining, compared to the cold deep winter outside the window, the temperature in the bedroom is extra warm now.


If he could not restrain himself in bed, I suspected that he would really lose his life in this way.


Luckily, with work on his mind, he refrained.


It was a morning of tossing and turning.


Fu Shenyan came out of the bathroom, the smile on his lips hard to restrain, and looked at me and said, “Are you going out this afternoon?”


As he spoke, he took the bathroom and wiped his body.


I flopped down on the bed, a little tired, “Hu Ya is out of the month and wants to go out for a stroll.”


He nodded, “I’ll have Chen Yi take you there later.” He rubbed his hair, the muscles in his abdomen were extraordinarily visible and inviting.


I looked at him and thought to myself, if he wasn’t the chairman of Fu’s, he could be a model, he would surely charm a huge audience.


Coldly, I saw him throwing the towel at me and spoke, “Still want it?”


I ……


Was the look in my eyes that obvious?


Climbing up from the bed, my body a little soft, I couldn’t help but glare at him, “Fu Shen Yan, sleep in a separate bed.”


Then without waiting for him to say anything, I met the bathroom.


The sound of low, introspective laughter came from outside.




The four seasons had already been sent to school, Sister Fen made lunch straight away, looking at me and Fu Shen Yan with a somewhat ambiguous smile, “I came over this morning and toned up the ribs, you guys eat more, to nourish your bodies.”


This is not a big deal if you usually listen to it, but today, you always feel a little extra hot in the face.


I coughed a little awkwardly and couldn’t resist glaring at Fu Shen Yan.


The man returned my smile with a warm one.


It was hard to finish the meal, Fu had a lot of things to do, and before he left, he urged, “Don’t shop too late, come back early and have dinner together.”


I nodded and stood at the door to see him off.


Chen Yi stayed behind and looked at me, “Madam, I’ll see you off later.”


I shook my head and sincerely refused, “No, I’ll drive there myself later, you go ahead and ignore me!”


He was a bit embarra*sed, “But Mr. Fu has ordered to take you there.”


I sighed, “I know, but I think I can go alone, you’re such a good a*sistant, it’s a waste to leave me as a driver, go ahead and help him at the office.”


Seeing that he was still a bit hesitant, I thought for a moment and found a handful of broccoli in the fridge and handed it to him, “Tell Mr. Fu that I asked you to bring it to him.”


The corner of Chen Yi’s mouth twitched, “Broccoli?”


I nodded, “Go ahead!”