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Never Say Never Chapter 759-760

Chapter 759

Looking at the disheveled Lu Xinran sitting on the ground, Fu Shen Yan spoke, “For the sake of Lu Yan, how much money you want, I can satisfy you, but today you hurt my wife, I must pursue the matter, you came in with a knife, burglary, you stay in prison for three years at most, of course, you can also take the money I gave you and leave the capital, do not appear in our life as a couple. ”


Killing people to death, Fu Shen Yan’s ruthlessness was silent and unmistakable.


Lu Xinran had long since collapsed and was paralyzed on the floor without the slightest movement.


Chen Yi did bring the police over, there was no surveillance installed in the villa, Lu Xinran still had the knife in her hand, if it was concluded that she had burglarized the house, with Fu Shen Yan’s ability, she could do it for real.


But Fu Shenyan said nothing, and the police just took Lu Xinran away for interrogation.


In the car.


I looked out of the car window and wondered, “When did he come here? How much of what I had said to Lu Xinran had he heard?


I suddenly remembered the desperate words that Fu Shen Yan said to Lu Xinran.


The love you ask for is cheap.


The car pulled over and I froze, looking back at him, “Not home yet?”


He nodded and got out of the car, his slender figure walking down the other junction of the unravelling road.


When he came back, he carried a box of desserts in his hand and handed it to me, his voice warm, “Try it!”


I didn’t take it, I just looked at the box of delicate desserts and got a little lost in thought.


His hand was pulled into his palm and the man’s voice was low, “You can scold me, but you can’t stay silent.”


His hand was warm, or maybe it was because my hand was too cold.


Tilting my head to look at him, I spoke, something hoarse in my voice, “She wasn’t a burglar or breaking and entering, I took her in.”


He started the car, placed the dessert in my hand and nodded, “I know.”


“Why did you let the police take her?” I spoke, not having the stomach for food.


He sighed slightly and looked at me sideways, “One must always remember, Shen Shu, I can’t stay by your side to protect you at all times, I’m the one who came today, what if I hadn’t? What would have been the consequence?”


“She stabbed me!” I spoke, answering truthfully.


He sneered, “Just a stabbing?”


“It could have killed me.”


He sighed, “So, you want me to spend the rest of my life remembering you after waiting four years for you?”


I fell silent.


He sighed slightly, “We’re not going to find out how bad human nature really is, but I can’t help but take precautions, there’s no way I can guarantee that I’ll be there in time if she comes after you next, and there’s no way to anticipate the next accident, so all I can do is cut it off once and for all.”


After a moment of silence, I spoke up and looked at him, “What are you going to do next?”


He held onto the steering wheel, his eyes a little cold, “Either she leaves the capital and never comes back, or I sue and put her in jail for three years.”


I frowned, “But have you thought about it, people’s resentments build up, she was wrongly accused, we can’t force things on her that she didn’t do.”


He looked at me sideways, his face serious, “So, I’m going to force her to leave.”


I ……




That was the best way to go.


Back at the villa, it was a little late and I wasn’t hungry anymore after eating at the mall.


Chapter 760

Sister Fen had made food and the Four Seasons were eating bread, when she saw me with dessert in my hand, her big innocent eyes looked at me and her voice said weakly, “Mom, dessert.”


I sighed and handed her the dessert, instructing, “Don’t eat too much, it’s not good for your teeth.”


She nodded and got the dessert, already smiling.


Fu Shen Yan looked at me and smiled lightly, “Looks like the baby will steal a lot of my love.”


Ignoring him, I sat down on the sofa and looked at him, “How much of what Lu Xinran and I said did you hear?”


Everyone’s soul on display was made up and couldn’t be seen close, once they were, they were all disgustingly unpleasant.


He sat back on the sofa, his eyes falling on me, “Not much, a few words.”


I smiled lightly, “Is it because you think I’m quite bad.”


He curled his lips and moved closer to me, “You want to let her bully you? Humiliated?”


I shook my head, “No.”


He enthused and said, “You’re protecting yourself, why should you care if you’re good or bad? Two simple words to categorise people?”


He paused and spoke, “Humanity takes away in the grey most of the time, it’s not a black and white world, it’s impossible to separate black from white, don’t separate people good from bad and don’t compartmentalise them.”


Yes, indeed.


Well, I admit, he was right.


Getting up, I looked at him and said, “I’ve eaten with my aunt at the mall, you’ll eat with the Four Seasons later.”


He frowned, “Even if you’ve eaten, it’s still noon, so we’ll eat together later.”


There was a commanding tone in those words, somewhat forceful.


I had originally stood up, but after hearing his words, I couldn’t help but look at him and frown, “Fu Shen Yan, you’re being mean to me!”


He faintly froze, reached out, pulled me back to the sofa and sat beside him, his eyebrows rising, “Dinner only smells good when you eat together as a family, doesn’t it?”


What theory?


I deflated and looked at him, still saying the same thing, “You were just mean to me.”


The smile at the corner of his mouth thickened, “Why don’t you make me mean again?”


I glared, “Not interested!”


“So, what do you want me to do?” He couldn’t stop smiling as he spoke.


I thought about it and said, “Then don’t go to your room at night.”


He froze and leaned close to my ear, “Can I change it? This punishment is too heavy for me to take.”


The man’s voice was low and husky, magnetic and extraordinarily S*xy.


I shook my head and said with certainty, “No.”


Four Seasons ate the dessert, her face full of it, crawled over and climbed onto Fu Shen Yan’s lap, saying softly, “Uncle Fu can’t just hug mommy, he has to hug me too!”


The little one’s presence intended our words, I moved over to make way for Four Seasons and coughed dryly, “It’s almost New Year’s Eve, when will your company be on holiday?”


Fu Shen Yan freed his hand and placed himself on his lap, pulled a tissue to wipe her mouth, and spoke, “It’s almost time after the annual meeting.”


I nodded and didn’t ask any more questions.


The four seasons were wrapped around Fu Shen Yan, somewhat dependent after being together for so long.


Sister Fen made the food and set it out while saying, “Madam, sir, the food is ready to eat.”


Four Seasons was the most diligent and had already run over, looking at the delicious food on the table, calling Sister Fen by the name of aunt, her mouth was exceptionally sweet.


Sister Fen had gotten to know her well and hugged and kissed her, and after giving her the dishes, she said, “Sir, the snow in the backyard has melted, and I see that the flowers have withered, so I thought we should finish the winter vegetables, so that when spring comes, we can also eat the vegetables we have grown.”